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  1. Check out Zirco Leopard Pics & Stats!!

    Hi everyone! Thank you for all your wonderful comments! I do feel very happy and proud of how far I come. I’m glad I checked back in here because looking at my old posts and threads really does serve as a reminder of just how far I’ve come through my ups and downs, good days and bad days. It really puts everything into perspective and comes full circle. I’m definitely going to keep working at it to get to my goal weight! Everyone’s comments and kind words help keep me motivated to keep moving forward and stay on the straight and narrow!
  2. Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I have been on here. I never got a chance to post any pictures on here yet! I still want to lose a little more weight though. I’m hoping to get it done before my 18 month post op visit with my surgeon this coming March. Here are my stats and my one year post op photos! Height 5 ft 9 in Starting weight 354 lbs gastric bypass 09/12/2016 Surgery weight 328 lbs Surgeons goal weight 177 lbs 1 year post op weight 158 lbs current weight still 158 lbs my goal weight 145 lbs Its been a long journey but only 13 lbs to go! I didn’t get any plastic surgery yet but I sure would like to get some. My arms, stomach, butt, and thighs are ruined with saggy skin. Hopefully I can get plastic surgery soon but if not I just need to remember I’m much better off than where I was! I still sometimes experience issues with vomiting, stomach pains, nausea, and my god awful potassium but I’m doing alright. I love my new tool and lifestyle! I’m very blessed and fortunate to be healthy and I try to remember that every day!
  3. what's your September date and op??

    Hi albagubrath and babykinz53! I had surgery on Sept 12 2016. Our 1 year anniversary is coming up soon! How are both of you doing?
  4. Submitted to Insurance

    Did you hear anything back yet or get approved for surgery, monicaw1127? Wishing you the best of luck!
  5. Come on One-derland! I wanna see you on my scale!!

    Thank you everyone for the kind words! I'll definitely keep you all posted on my progress! karimeaway, let's do it together! We got this! Whenever it happens and I get to one-derland I know I'm gonna scream and jump around from pure joy and hell I think I might cry too and tear up. Lol.
  6. I woke up today and lost another two pounds. I'm at 200 lbs now.. started at 354 lbs. I soon will be 8 months post op. I'm sooooo ready to get to one-derland! I got a lot of goals in one-derland that I want to achieve. Bring it on!! My first goal is to get there - 199 ! The next goal is to make it in the 180s ! then I want to make it to the 150s ! & my final and pretty ambitious goal (for me anyways) is to make it to the 140s where I hope to stay and maintain! I'd love to get lower than the 140s.. idk If my body will take me there though.. but if it does I'll happily tag along. Lol. My weight loss is a little slower compared to like the second or third month post op.. but it's still coming off. When does the honeymoon period end? also, how many calories do you all eat? I'm eating 700 a day and usually it's less than that. Should I pay more attention to calories or ounces or equal attention to both?
  7. Calorie Question??

    Thanks everyone! My goal is 700 calories a day. I typically meet that goal or even fall 100 calories below it making it 600 calories. If I go over the 700 I make sure it's nothing drastic and I will have 800 calories. I have only gone over twice since I starting counting the calories.
  8. Calorie Question??

    How many calories should I be eating at 7.5 months post op from gastric bypass surgery? How many calories do you all eat? I know everyone's body is different and everyone has different levels of activity... but all my paper work from my surgeon doesn't say anything about calories so I'd appreciate any suggestions or information..
  9. Total cost without insurance??

    I don't know what EVERYTHING cost. I know my surgery with hospital stay was $27,000 for gastric bypass in Pittsburgh, PA. I had a bunch of pre op tests and doctors appointments and all that cost money too. My insurance helped pay for some but I still had to pay for what they didn't cover.. so all that plus the $27,000 was my total cost. I was able to claim the $27,000 surgery bill on my taxes and it helped give me a tax credit.

    Hi carina! Thanks for asking! This was like six months ago.. it was weird reading this post - it definitely brought back all those memories. Lol. Nothing like reading how bad I was doing to make me appreciate where I'm at now! Thank you for that! I needed that reminder today! I am doing much better since then. A little after I posted this I actually ended up being hospitalized. I had severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies and I was extremely dehydrated. I went into the hospital for 6 days 5 nights and ever since then I've gotten better ever day. i get my blood checked every other month now for my vitamins and minerals to make sure they stay where they should. I want to be proactive about that. I would prefer to not get as bad As I got back then... I still burp, im better with water now, I'm better with eating now, I only gag when I brush my teeth, I no longer take all the vitamins (I only take a multivitamin and I know this is wrong - I'm working on it), I get more protein in than I used to but probably still not as much as I should, and I'm not as exhausted as I used to be. I battle every day making sure I don't eat bad foods that got me as big as I was before... but the cravings are more bearable now... but still there. My hair is definitely falling out!! It's horrible!! Luckily I had extremely thick hair so at the moment it's just really thinned out.. no bald spots yet. I hope I don't get any of those. I hope my hair stops falling out and grows back. My weight stats on my profile are current and up to date. This is definitely a mental / emotional battle for me too cause I am having problems with getting new girly better fitting clothes.. im so used to my 4xl men's sweat pants and 4xl men's tshirts being all baggy and loose on me. I'm not used to form fitting clothes that fit and show my new body. My six month post op appointment with my surgeon was supposed to be this month in march but we got some snow at that time so I had to reschedule it. Now my six month post op appointment is in April which at that time I'll be 7 months out.
  11. Help Me Please! I'm So Upset!

    Thank you everyone! The weight is still coming off just not at that 20 lbs a month rate I wanted.. but that's ok. I know I couldn't keep going like that forever. Idk why I have that unrealistic expectation. I did buy my bike and I have gotten to ride it a few times so far but the weather isn't really working in my favor - it's either raining or snowing or it's in the 20s or 30s and just too cold for me. I can't wait till the weather clears up for spring so I can ride more! The pouch reset wasn't bad at all and I'm glad I did it. I lost five pounds doing that and if anything seeing the scale move put me in a better mood! I have not regained any of the weight that I lost from the pouch reset. I wish I would have measured my body with a measuring tape but I never did. It would have been nice having that information so I could use that sometimes to measure progress instead of always using the scale. My six month appointment is next Tuesday and I am very nervous. I was just hoping to be at 120 lbs lost.. I feel like a failure for not being there. Right now I'm at 111 lbs lost since surgery day. I still got a few more days left though. Gotta make every day count. I don't want to let down my surgeon and have her be mad at me. Thanks again everyone for your advice and help! I love knowing I can come here for support during this journey!
  12. Help Me Please! I'm So Upset!

    Stephtay, no I haven't exercised. I picked out a bike and I'm ordering it today. The weather is getting a little nicer here. Since I'm not the biggest fan of walking I thought I could alternate walking with bike rides. I hope that helps me along with the pouch reset and limites food intake.
  13. Help Me Please! I'm So Upset!

    Thank you Res Ispa! Do you think this is just a stall then or is my honeymoon over? if you think it's just a stall how long do stalls typically last?
  14. Help Me Please! I'm So Upset!

    How often do you have stalls or plateaus? Do you get stalls or plateaus during your honeymoon phase? How long do stalls or plateaus last? I'm five months out as of feb 12 and I've lost an even 100 lbs in that five months without any slow down... but since this past Sunday on feb 12 I've only lost 1.1 pounds. Here is my question: Is this the beginning of the end of my honey moon? Or is this just me experiencing my first stall or plateau and I'll break through it? I'm so worried.. in addition my "time of the month" will start next week sun - sat and I know that week is very difficult for me to see the scale move even when I was losing rapidly.. now I fear it just won't move at all. I'm self pay and I didn't pay all that money for this to be the end for me. I'm so used to losing 20 lbs a month and I don't want to give that up. I want to keep that rate going. I know its insane to think like that but I'm obsessed to at least try I think. After seeing the scale drop only 1.1 lbs I am now taking action. I am starting the five day pouch reset thing tomorrow. I will probably limit my food intake. I have purchased some exercise stuff to exercise with. I feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff. Like this is a defining moment on the success of my weight loss journey. I weigh myself every other day. I don't want to be that crazy person obsessed with their weight and develop eating disorders but I also don't want to be that failure who couldn't even reach her goal weight with the help of surgery. I don't know which way to turn. The stress that the scale gives me is so crushing and unbearable but something I feel like I HAVE to do... cause if I don't I'm scared I'll go back to my old ways. Will I get through this? Is it a stall? A plateau? Or is this the end of my honeymoon? Any advice or experience would be appreciated. Here are my stats: Age 28 Highest weight 354 Surgery weight 328 Current weight 227 Goal weight 140s Surgery type gastric bypass
  15. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I can sit indian style comfortably and I fit much much better in the shower!