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  1. Gained another pound this week :-(
  2. I haven't lost anything the last 5 weeks or so. I feel like my new reset point is 287 pounds
  3. My weightloss has stopped it seems. Weight: 4-13-16. 321 at home 4-14-16. 318 at home 4-18-16. 317 at home 4-20-16. 318 at home 4-21-16. 315 at home 4-27-16. 312 at home 4-28-16. 308 at home 4-29-16. 310 at home 4-30-16. 307 at home 5-1-16. 304.5 " 5-2-16. 305. 5-3-16. 303.6 5-3-16. 304.3 at doc 5-4-16. 304.6 at home 5-6-16. 301.6 at home 5-7-16. 299.8 at home! 5-8-16. 298.6 at home 5-11-16. 299.6 at home 5-12-16. 296.2 at home 5-13-16. 296 at home 5-14-16. 297.2 at home 5-15-16. 297.8 at home 5-22-16. 291.4 at home 5-30-16. 290.6 at home 6-5-16. 286.2 at home 6-9-16. 286.2 at home 6-12-16. 288.2 at home 6-15-16. 286.6 at home 6-19-16. 290.2 6-23-16. 287.6 How long before it's officially a failed surgery? My doctor said I'm doing extremely well even though week afer week I either have no loss or a gain. I feel like I should ask about getting the gastric bypass next :-(
  4. I recently had weightloss surgery, gastric sleeve, and I'm losing weight and finally have some energy to get more active etc. My sister just bought me a fitbit charge hr bracelet as a gift. She let me pick it out so she isn't going to be upset if I exchange it. My hobbies include wrist watches and aquarium keeping. So, I was a bit disappointed to discover that fitbits are only splash resistant. Somedays my hands are in and out of the aquariums multiple times with hand washings in between. I also like to swim. So, I think I found a good solution. I could go back and exchange the fitbit for a Garmin vivosmart hr, which is atleast waterproof to 16 feet I believe.... But it's also a bit bulky and has a large digital display with the time. Now I'm feeling like I might look foolish wearing it and a wristwatch at the same time? What do you think? I've never been a workout guy but want to become more active, I'd like to monitor my sleep and see if I can get off my cpap machine as I lose weight etc... Do you think I'll even find the heart rate info useful? I don't plan on running anytime soon.
  5. Update. I lost 1.6 pounds last week. That's pathetic :-(
  6. I also drink the premier shakes but need something neutral for smoothies and yogurt etc...
  7. Thanks all. My wife made me a poached egg last night and I had a couple spoonsfull of black beans. Both agreed with me. I still need to find a good protein powder.
  8. I can't help feeling discouraged and broken. I feel myself having doubts that I can succeed. I know it's working but when the scale doesn't move or moves the wrong way it's extremely disappointing. Here is my weigh in journal since my surgery on April 25th 4-27-16. 312 at home 4-28-16. 308 at home 4-29-16. 310 at home 4-30-16. 307 at home 5-1-16. 304.5 at home 5-2-16. 305. at home 5-3-16. 303.6 at home 5-3-16. 304.3 at doc 5-4-16. 304.6 at home 5-6-16. 301.6 at home 5-7-16. 299.8 at home 5-8-16. 298.6 at home 5-11-16. 299.6 at home I can't help thinking thoughts like "that 2 ounces of mashed potatoes last night really screwed my weight loss up" or something. I'm currently drinking 2 protein shakes per day, and maybe 4 little servings of either mashed potato, mashed veg, cottage cheese, yogurt or apple sauce. So why does my weight loss stall?
  9. Yep. My doc had me take a bunch of miralax. Feel much better now. I'm on yogurt, apple sauce and cottage cheese now. What's the next progression from here? Soft cooked vegetables? Any suggestions?
  10. I've been taking stuff but nothing happens
  11. Hmm. Still haven't had a bowel movement and it appears I gained a over a pound yesterday where I was averaging losing a couple pounds a day. I'll see the doc tomorrow for my check up
  12. I'm on day 3 of taking stool softeners and nothing has happened yet. Other than that I'm feeling ok. I'm starting to skip the pain meds, taking them like twice a day instead of every 4 hours. I wake up with the my mouth so dry that there are cracks in my tounge and my lips are plastered to my teeth. Lol
  13. Hi everyone. I had the gastric sleeve surgery a few days ago "monday april 25th". Things are going well so far. I have had a little bit of problems with the pain meds making my palms itch and I still haven't moved my bowels yet. Is that normal? My pain is mostly due to gas trapped in my upper chest. Burmping constantly can be painful but it's getting better. Benadryl seems to help with the itch. I was a bit annoyed when my doctors office told me to take ibuprofen instead. Why did 3 different doctors tell me to never take ibuprofen again at the hospital then? I also don't like Tylenol due to having a fatty liver. My doctor said he had to make my sleeve larger than he normally does due to my hernia and scar tissue being in the way... But claims it shouldn't effect my results. It's a real pita trying to get 50 oz of water down per day. Yesterday I had one and a half premier protein shakes and a few cups of veg broth. Lol
  14. Greg

    10 days till surgery- intro

    Thanks all. I appreciate the support. It's hard to stay positive when I'm in the middle of this pre-op shake and greens diet. I'm sitting here eating a plate of steamed broccoli and it's hard not to frown at it. Lol. I can't help feeling like this 3 shakes a day and green vegetables is just setting me up for failure or is punishment of some kind. I was losing weight on the whole30 and enjoying my diet, now I'm in a bad mood and unhappy. I cheated and ate an apple last night and was mad at myself, for eating a apple, that doesn't seem right.