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  1. Hi All, I have resurfaced... things have been super crazy. I took a new position at a large company only to leave after a month because it was toxic. I returned to a company I had worked for about 7 years ago... Anyway... I finally joined a gym and went for the first time yesterday. Things have been coming off pretty nicely and I love my new sleeve and how much energy I have. I hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Hi all - I hope everyone is healing up and doing well!!!! I am now 6 weeks and I can now eat solid foods. The weight is coming off bit by bit. I am so happy to be given the opportunity to have the VSG surgery. Here is a before and after.
  3. Hi - I had my first salad yesterday. It was a chef salad and I shared it with my husband. I am such a cheap date now. How is everything going?
  4. My surgery was August 1st. I am now 6 weeks post op. Here are my first before and after.
  5. Hi Everybody, So happy to read that everyone is doing well!!!! I started my 5th week today. I put on some white capris that I have not worn in forever and they are a bit too big. These will not be around by next Spring. I am putting the into the Goodwill bag. This is such a great feeling
  6. I hope everyone is doing well today. I am starting on my 5th week as of today. My clothes are getting almost too loose and I will have to put them into the Goodwill bag soon. This will be a first of something to big going to GW. It is usually the other way around
  7. Hi All, I had my 3 week post op appointment yesterday. I am still having trouble getting in all of my water and protein. Other than that I am doing great. Congratulations to all that have had their surgery so far. It will well worth it. I love the feeling of putting on my clothes and having them be loose on me.
  8. Amber those look yummy! I appreciate the post. I am at 3 weeks on soft foods and I am having a hard time pleasing my taste buds. I am totally going to make these. I had my 3 week doctor visit yesterday. I too am having difficulty getting in all of my protein and water. I get full so fast. It just sneaks up on me. I feel that every meal is like a Thanksgiving dinner where I am just a stuffed turkey after eating How is everyone doing? Any other recipes or ideas to share for soft food phase?
  9. Hi everyone, Happy Monday. I was do happy to read all the wonderful posts on how everyone is doing!! I went back to work last Thursday. I am struggling with getting in my liquids since I returned to work. I started on pureed and soft foods yesterday. I can tell that I am a much happier person now that I don't have to drink everything. Little by little it will get better. I have lost a total of 18 lbs. since surgery. I am walking for my exercise. I was thinking I should wait for everything to heal up before I join a gym. My left side is sore and my incisions are still sealed with the clear tape my surgeon put on them. Todays lunch was thin-thin-thin sliced salami with a little bit of avocado smeared on it and a string cheese (which I could not finish).
  10. Susan & MzScarlet congrats on the new sizes. That is so exciting I have been getting in my scale way too often. I gained 10 pounds from surgery fluids. I have lost those and 12 additional. I am very happy with my progress. I have not put on real clothes yet. I have my first doctors appointment tomorrow, so I'll see how they fit. I am happy to read that everyone is healing up well and those pounds are going away. Yeah us!
  11. Yippie!! This is GREAT news!!!! Almost there
  12. Eileen you look awesome! The ricotta looks so yummy! I am on thicker liquids. I could use some suggestions on what to eat... Kinda board of soup already
  13. Hi all, I'm home. I was released yesterday afternoon. I am doing okay. No nausea and little gas. My doctor said I could fight to thicker liquids since I had no trouble with clear liquids. I am having some pain. Mostly when trying to get in or out of bed or the couch. My incisions look pretty good. Like many others my left side hurts the most. I am seeing to have some trouble drinking enough. Not sure what my "full" is or if that is gas or just pain... Somewhat of a learning curve on what my body is telling me. Thanks for all the well wishes!