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  1. Diane francisco

    Looking for weight loss buddy

    Hi I just had my sleeve surgery. How would you like to share a bit of ur findings w me that u’ve had on ur journey so far...?
  2. Diane francisco

    Anyone want to be my buddy!

    Yes I would love to be a sharer w anyone that’s a sleeve too... my name is diane f how r things going w u so far...?
  3. Diane francisco

    Julyers updates

    Wow the both of you are doing so awesome looks like you feel better too…? Keep up the good work I'll be on my way soon April 17 is where I start transforming into the Woman I no is in there
  4. im so excited for everyone that has a date im also disapointed in myself been having some emotional ups and downs so ive been eatin alot like i dont care but i really do! So im now up 9 lbs and feeling like major crap so now i can see that i am letting things and people take this away from me if i continue to let this behavor happen . So im planning on startin all over again 2 shakes & a salad every day thanks for listening
  5. Diane francisco

    What's your pre- pre-op diet?

    my preop diet is to protein shakes and a protein dinner with salad as much salad I want with the vinegarett or vinegar and oil dressing no bread and lots of water I don't mind that I drink a lot of water snyways I was told to lose 30 pounds in 2 mos
  6. Diane francisco

    What's your pre- pre-op diet?

    Ur nut doc sounds kinda mean about the whole thing....? Mind u there is a drastic change but isnt only 2 x shakes & 1 light meal & of course water....?
  7. Diane francisco

    very concerned

    I see and I agree as women were never happy with their weight so we might as well just enjoy what we are and dress it up just play with your new weight 130 you look good you ve come a long ways . Enjoy where you are at.
  8. Diane francisco

    very concerned

    What size are you now…? Because if you're 16 and you're wearing 22's is time to change it close to your actual wait have fun with your new weight
  9. Diane francisco

    How to get ready

    well I had my appointment with the doctor he says that I have to clear up my hepatitis C before I can have my surgery I agree that for the safety of everyone else and for myself that this is to be true But it pushes be back down to August just to look for a surgery date for an upcoming date anyways oh boy so I started the milkshake and salad diet to lose 30 pounds by August and I am on the regiment to cure my hepatitis C
  10. Diane francisco


    Wow u really do have great legs...& im not gay... But the whole package is pretty darn mice to have. Way to go!
  11. Diane francisco

    What's your pre- pre-op diet?

    Wow what a come back now u r in control
  12. Diane francisco

    What's your pre- pre-op diet?

    Thats my instructions too! But it was easy till my sweet tooth kicked in
  13. Diane francisco

    How to get ready

    Is anyone else anxious about starting with the surgery and waiting in order to hear the insurance is going to approve you or not after three or four months of waiting it's killing me I've made some adjustments but it want to surgery now I've done some eating changes but it's not enough