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  1. Hello Thinner Times. I haven't been in for a while. I am 5 months postop now and down 72 pounds. I have a youtube channel with quite a few videos if anyone is interested. I don't know if it is cool to advertise it on here though so I will not post it unless asked.
  2. I read in an online post-op diet guide that cottage cheese, yogurt, and pureed foods are the next stage. I was allowed to have cottage cheese and yogurt from day 4. Neither caused any discomfort. The same cannot be said of gelatin. While asian gelatins are actually made with seaweed and not actual animal byproducts, I don't see where that would make a huge difference. I quit eating gelatin because it hurt going down, even when chewed to liquid. Maybe I am just weird.
  3. I am 13 days post-op VSG, and the severe hunger pains I field (probably real pain my stomach was interpreting as hunger) are subsiding. I still get hungry, but not as bad as before. My starting weight was 316, I have weighed in the 298 range for the past couple of days. Ok... here is the deal. I am tired. Really tired...I think my body is adjusting to the very low calorie diet... and I am longing for something solid that doesn't taste like a protein shake. My kingdom for a can of tuna! My doctor said I could have tuna next week... so far I have had cream soups and protein shakes... also skim yogurt with protein powder added in. Those things stop the hunger (though not long-term), but I am not satisfied. Starting yesterday, I was allowed instant oatmeal (not the flavored kind). I mix protein with it, and sweeten it with a lo-cal sweetener. It is more filling than the protein shakes, but still not satisfying.
  4. My first doctor's visit was almost exactly 2 months before I had surgery. After the initial consult, I had one additional visit for a laparoscopy during which they found that I had an ulcer. They prescribed meds for it, and a month and a half later I had my VSG. I was self-pay, and there is little regulation regarding the procedure here. That said, I had extensive knowledge of the procedure, the post-op requirements, and a back-story of yo-yo weight loss that would make the Smothers Brothers proud.
  5. Hello all. I am 10 days post-op VSG. I had my surgery done at Grha Kedoya hospital by Doctor Handy Wing. There is no coverage for VSG in Indonesia, so I had to self pay. The cost here is less than Mexico (under $5000), but travel from the USA would probably offset the savings. Still, I thought I would share in case someone fancies a trip to the Big Durian.
  6. Air popped popcorn is pretty innocuous though. 31 calories per cup and 6 grams of carbs - 1 gram of fiber with no sugars. Kernel seasons can be an issue with the sodium but it is usually calorie and fat free (even the caramel flavor is low cal). Air popped popcorn was what enabled me to lose weight without surgery... the last time I lost a significant amount (2007-2009) I dropped 140 pounds. I give substantial credit to the monster bowl of cheese flavored popcorn I ate every night... washed down with a couple of bottles of crystal light water. It made me a happy camper. Hunger gone. Cravings gone.... I am not advocating for mass popcorn consumption. Weight lost that way was not sustainable for me, hence the sleeve. Still, I can't imagine a sleeved person being able to consume enough popcorn (especially air-pop) to be an issue. Microwave popcorn can be pretty bad though...
  7. So far so good. I went in on Friday morning, and was operated on at 9am. I was released this morning (Monday). The first day or two was much worse than I had anticipated... coming out of surgery when they woke me, the first thing I did was vomit. All day for the first day I would alternate between an intense feeling of hunger, followed by pain, followed by nausea. That happened over and over again. It was like my stomach was confused. The doctor told me that the reason it may have seemed worse for me than the youtube videos is that they do not use morphine. The incision sites look good... no bruising around them, and he only used 4. Swallowing water is easy, though I feel full really quickly. I am actually hurting a little right now because I think I drank too much water too fast. The Doctor started me on protein milk Saturday, and said for two weeks to stick with clear fluids, plus protein milk and even skim yogurt and cottage cheese if I can tolerate it. The first thing I ate when I got home was a small portion of Jeanette probiotic fruit gelatin (like Jello but no animal parts used). Eating it gave me a bit of a strange sensation... not pain, but kind of uncomfortable. ...and so the journey begins in earnest...
  8. Thank you for the comment... I keep seeing stuff that is weight related and getting emotional. I ran across a viral video from last year of "dancingman" who was made fun of before anti-bullying activists came to his aid and threw him a huge party. It seems like all of those kinds of things are really affecting me now, more than before. Perhaps it is because I know those feelings and I can see a future where I don't live in moments reflecting on those experiences. Don't get me wrong... my own struggles will always be a part of me. I won't forget 43 years of this life... but the prospect of not being a yoyo ever on the verge of ballooning out of control is almost overwhelming. Tick-Tock. I will make it. I know I will... weeks are moving rapidly. I just have to continue on the direction that I am going, and my life will be changed for the better. It really is overwhelming in some ways.
  9. Tick tock I am beginning to wish that I could sleep until June 17
  10. Big_Fan

    Big_Fan Surgery Date

    Surgery at Grha Kedoya, DKI Jakarta
  11. That being the case, your success gives me hope! Thank you. I haven't weighed under 225 since I was in the 5th grade. I would really like to be 215ish. I have a large frame and in spite of some delusional standardized calculator estimating my ideal weight as 163 (6'1), I think 215 would be a really good weight for me - if not a bit too low. When I got to 225 in the 10th grade I wore a 34 jean.
  12. Thank you for the comments. I know all about what is needed to lose and maintain a healthy weight... what I eat has seldom been the problem, though there have been times when I ate too much in terms of processed foods due to financial issues. It is a sad reality that processed food becomes the staple for those who are struggling to make ends meet... but they are cheaper. My last domestic job was struggling to make ends meet while managing a book store with a Krystal burger in the parking lot. $5 for a terribly unhealthy but filling lunch was my option. From a mental perspective, I am perfectly happy eating small, healthy meals. At present I get painfully hungry from diet sized meals. As I said, I have lost over 100 pounds four times - and 50+ four additional times. What enabled me to do that was finding a food item with near zero calorie impact. In high school (the first big loss) it was green beans. I ate canned green beans with chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper... you name it - any time I got hungry. The 140 pound loss was enabled by air popped popcorn, seasoned with butter flavored pam and kernel seasons (the pam was more for adhesion of the seasoning salt, than flavor). In Asia there are very few zero calorie food choices to kill my appetite with (for the life of me I have no idea how most Indonesians stay so thin - they eat fried carbs as a staple here). I don't particularly care for popcorn, and I don't find green beans with chili powder altogether appetizing. It was never about eating for pleasure (though I enjoy some foods)... it was always about killing my overpowering appetite. Last week I decided to try killing my appetite with water. I always drink a lot of water, but for a few days I drank almost non-stop during the workday. I think my appetite problem is from having an oversized stomach. I drank over 2 gallons of water in 6-7 hours, never feeling filled up by it. I could probably have consuled another gallon or two if it had been handy. I still ate my grilled chicken sandwich on wheat, loaded with lettuce, cucumber, and tomato (no mayo) for lunch, and was starving when dinner time rolled around. I guess what I am saying is that I don't have much of a relationship with food at all. I enjoy some things, but I am not hung up on it. I find hunger a nuisance. I don't like sugar or sweet stuffs - though I occasionally enjoy an ice cream (not very often), or a frappe. Most of the time I drink my coffee black, my tea unsweetened, and choose fruit from the dessert tray. I *like* some food items (hot wings, Mexican, and Chinese on occasion), but I could easily eat small portions of low fat, low calorie fare - if I was not starving to death 5 minutes later. I know what foods are bad for me. I can control and choose... and have done so to lose weight many times when bolstered by "filler"...but then we move or change jobs or hit a financial hiccup... or I just flat out get tired of stuffing my face with popcorn to fill up. BOOM! Back to 330 I go. For all of those reasons, I am hopeful that the sleeve and removal of the hunger hormone will be my salvation. I know that I may still feel *some* hunger, but I don't have the mental addiction to food that is often discussed, otherwise dropping 140 pounds in 18 months would not have happened.
  13. Hello Thinner Times, I currently live in Jakarta Indonesia, and I have had it. I will try to be as brief as possible, and I imagine my story mirrors many of yours... but perhaps not all of it. I was a big kid. I wasn't obese, but I was definitely not thin. In February 1983 at the age of 9 I broke my tibia in two places. It was a spiral fracture with a lot of swelling, and I was forced to be bedridden for a couple of months. During that time I did nothing but play Atari, and eat the junk that family gave me to "make me feel better." The end result was that I gained 40 pounds on my already heavy frame. I turned 10 in March, and in April I weighed 180 at the doctor's office. From there I steadily increased... ...240 by 6th grade... 350 by grade 10... My mother had a friend who lost a lot of weight on "Joe Weider's Dynamic Body Shaper," and in the 10th grade I went on a liquid diet. In a matter of months I lost 120+ pounds, and was a sleek and svelt 225. A strange thing had happened to me though... The constant insults I took at home and at school... always being belittled by classmates and tormented by my older brother had caused me to compensate by developing a rather arrogant attitude. It wasn't intentional. I understand now that it was my attempt at countering the inferiority I felt. For every negative hurled at me, I tried to point out my positives, and that came across as bragging. It was a position that a kid should never be put in. In truth, I lost the weight to try and attract the attention of a particular member of the opposite sex. Once I had lost the weight, she still wasn't interested as I had a deplorable attitude. I was crushed, but I kept the weight (mostly) off by getting involved in athletics. I played football, and was a championship powerlifter. My weight climbed as high as 260, but I was very muscular, so I carried it well. I managed to keep it off for a couple more years, until I left college at 20. From the age of 20 until 37 I yo-yo'd. I gained and lost over and over again... 50 to 100 pounds at a time. In 2007 I reached my highest weight of 390. I was in grad school (seminary), and it was at that time I decided that I had to do something. I went back on a liquid diet (Spirutein) and by January 2009 I was under 250 - and carried it well. My senior year of my master's program was rigorous, and I gained about 30 pounds... and it began to pile up. We moved to Taiwan, and by November of 2013 I was back up to 340. We moved back to the states at that time, and I dieted back to 280 before we moved to Indonesia to teach. I immediately ballooned back to 330, and have since dropped to 315 with liquids and stimulant pills. Enough is enough. I began to research bariatric surgery, and found a doctor in Jakarta that specializes in sleeve surgery. I have had my stomach scoped, my thyroid and cortisol tested, and I have a surgery date set for June 17th (after school is out). I have watched dozens of videos, read everything I can get my hands on, and I am hopeful that the sleeve will put an end to the cycle of yoyo-ing. I don't eat crazy stuff... I am not addicted to sugar. I don't even drink soft drinks with sugar. I do feel constantly hungry, and have the ability to eat a lot from time to time if I keep going, but I generally eat like most people... but my body insists that I am supposed to be 330ish. Two words regarding bariatric surgery caught my attention: metabolic reset. Ok... I have rambled... so, that is me. I have to do something. I am 43 years old and I hurt all over. My knees, ankles, feet, back... pretty much everything. As I sit here typing this, my left arm is cramping from reaching around my gut to type on my wireless keyboard in my lap. Wish me luck... I think I will do well with this. I don't know that I have any choice. Yours truly from Jakarta... Big_Fan