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  1. At time time, I lied and said gynae surgery. BAM - no further questions asked - no one wants to know about my ladybits! Afterwards when I couldn't eat and the weight was coming off I just told people I'd had a bug in hospital and hadn't been right since - I only had a couple more months to go working there before moving so I didn't have to have a long-term plan or anything. In retrospect, hernia surgery would have been a better bet (and also kind of true, they pulled down a hiatus hernia when they did the op. Didn't stay put, my whole pouch is now in my chest and is Reflux Central, but meh). Once I'd moved, I was off the weird-texture stage, so I could get away with saying I was eating less and moving more, and that my doctor had recommended it and it was making me feel much better, which had the benefit of being true.
  2. I find some textures terrible for pouch pain. I have to take it back a few stages and go for softer foods - small coldwater prawns rather than king prawns, no raw veggies (I love raw bell peppers but OW), no tough meats; on a bad day things like soup, cottage cheese, soft egg, Greek yoghurt. Boring, but less painful. My pouch would love me to live off fatty carbs - a cookie sits so much better than a salad - but it's not worth it. Chewing really thoroughly and really small bites is important too - the trouble with tough foods is that they do get stuck more easily - I think as we get further out we can sort of slip out of the good habits we learned earlier out. And be really, really careful about not drinking too soon after eating - the fluid tries to push food into the stoma before the pouch has had time to soften it enough, which contributes to the pain. I really hope you manage to get on top of things!
  3. Glasswing


    Hi all! Old newbie here - I've lurked for years and even posted a bit, a long time ago and under a different account - which I can't remember the login details for, but I do know that I posted too much that could be used to identify me, which meant I then wasn't sharing stuff I really needed to. So I'm back, new account, no identifying details. I apologise for the terrible username - I swear finding a not-taken not-awful username is the hardest part of social media! Um. I'm female, and approaching 30 at a rate that scares me a bit. I had a gastric bypass in summer 2011 - at that time I weighed 308lb. I got down to a healthy weight, then I got complacent and life got awful (I had a major breakdown) and weight started to creep back on. I had the therapy that I probably needed back when I was big, got back on plan, lost a lot, and then got a horrendous job where I was stressed beyond belief, didn't have time to prepare healthy food (I'm not talking complex gourmet cooking either, but time spent chopping a salad for the next day was time I could spend sleeping and just grab a panini from the cafe at work) and kind of comfort ate and kept myself going on pure sugar. Recently I just ticked over the "overweight" line and decided, nope, I need to get back on plan. I've also moved to a job I love where I do have time to chop salad, open a can of tuna, and even chuck meat in the slow cooker from time to time. I've been back on plan for a couple of weeks, lost 10lb, and already my waist is coming back (I'm sure a good bit of that is water lost and a placebo type effect on my self-image, but whatever, I feel better). I've bought an exercise bike, partly because dragging myself around in the pouring rain to get my steps in was starting to get me down, whereas I can read or watch TV on the bike, and partly because pretty soon I'm moving to a city where everyone cycles around. Currently standing at 5'4" and 137.6lb. I was happiest and healthiest at about 110lb, so that's my target. Hi