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  1. it has been so long since i've visited this forum! so much has happened. I hope you are all well. I have kept my weight pretty stable over the past 4 years, fluctuating between 62-63 kgs. But over the past 2 years, I've noticed 2 things: I am back to feeling hunger normally, all the time lol. And I can eat pretty normal portions. Not huge ones, but I am able to finish a 6inch subway sandwich lol. Over these past 3 and a half of months in quarantine however, I have put on 4 kilos, bringing me up to 68kgs. This prompted a major freak out and panic attack that I was about to regain everything. The combination of living back at home with my parents, not seeing my friends or going to university and ultimately sitting at home all day being a blob meant that it felt like food was on my mind 24/7. I was constantly thinking about my next meal. After a freak out where I realised NONE of my jeans fit me (yikes lol) I've tried going on a diet and doing a fitness challenge on youtube (I am now down to 67kgs) and I'm hoping to return to my regular weight by the end of summer. But its just scary! I wonder if any of you have experienced the same. I have realised that I am now 'long term post op' and the sleeve has done its work, it alone can no longer keep the weight off. I just wanted to whether you have experienced something similar? Any advice to keep my mind of this constant head hunger. And how to stop relying on the sleeve to keep the weight off.
  2. hi everyone! i am 1.5 years post op! reached my goal weight and hoping to maintain where i am. recently i have noticed a couple of things that worry me and i was wondering if i could get some feedback from you all: 1. hair loss, i know its normal lol but its making me sad, when did yours stop? 2. increased appetite? i am starting to feel waaay more hungry its worrying me but it also doesnt seem normal? tracking all my calories and i eat 1,100 on most days but it doesnt seem to be enough. i feel like i am ALWAYS hungry its really scaring me. that leads me to my question? have any of you guys suffered from reactive hyploglycemia? apparantly it happens to some people after wls. and the symptoms seem to fall in to what i have been feeling: super shaky and jittery the other day i had to sit down i felt like i couldnt stand up wooziness. i am always tired. i wake up tired, and even after 4 naps im ready to sleep? rapid heartbeat/heart palpitations. im going to go to a GP to get this all checked out of course but just wanted to see if anyone else has dealt with this? also pls give me advice to deal with increased appetite? so far im just drinking a lot of coffee and tea (which im not sure is healthy) to try and put me off.
  3. Hi! I am now 1 year 3 months post ops, and recently ive noticed a weird kind of numbness on the right side of my stomach... i dont know if its internal or not, or related to my stomach in any way? there is no pain and i've not had any surgery since my VSG last april, so I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced it? I cant really find anything else online. Thanks!
  4. For me I did my first 'real' shop 6 months out, since nothing I had fit me lol. I was so excited I wanted to buy everything but my mom wisely advised me not to spend a lot, and buy non expensive stuff, because i would end up losing a lot more weight (she was totally right lol) I started buying my 'real' clothing once i was about 9 months, ( though I did buy some very expensive jeans back in december and they dont even fit anymore! :/) I know what you mean though! pre-op I bought an outfit that I wanted to fit into, turns out I surpassed it! But i think as soon as you leave surgery, everything excites you because it's like everyday your body is changing! Shopping becomes so much more exciting, especially when you can visualise yourself wearing clothes you never thought you would be able to!
  5. i always had pretty tiny boobs, so they kinda went smaller! i'm a B cup now but its ehhhh. I've been pretty lucky with loose skin, i don't have any tbh apart from my arms which are total bingo wings but i've reached a point where i try not to care that much. I was really worried about it, but now that i'm at my goal weight and i'm pretty happy with how my body looks everywhere else, I can deal with baggy arms. It's only just started to get warm enough to wear sleeveless shirts but I think I will have to work my way up to it. I'm going on holiday with friends this summer and i'm determined to wear a swimsuit and not care. you are young so chances are that you will also avoid a lot of loose skin! my only advice would be to do exercise alongside the weight loss, i think it will help with toning everything up.
  6. lol its 100% normal. im almost a year out and my stomach still grumbles and makes noises!
  7. Clothes shopping..... I was so excited to pick out the clothes that i wanted to wear and develop my own sense of style instead of just going for whatever was on the rack that fit me. Excercise.... Going to the gym is so much easier now (though i should be going more) And just meeting people, I used to dread meeting old friends and family because they would obviously notice how much weight I'd put on, but now its the other way around, I feel more confident in how I look. And also! not worrying about weight limits! Like going on boats, or rides or even going on an elevator! Its just nice!
  8. thanks for all the lovely helpful replies everyone. going food shopping now and going to follow all the advice you've left me. ive ordered: kale, eggs, cheese sticks, yoghurt, tuna, chicken breast and lots of other veggies and fruit. i refuse to ever go back to how i was and cereal was a trigger food of mine, so i feel its fair to cut it out of my diet completely. ive been pretty meh about bread as well so im gonna avoid eating it again too. thank you! i looked for those but they dont have them in england i think i got some protein bars but ill see if they have them anywhere else! Thanks again you guys!
  9. Hi everyone, today i revisited an old youtuber i used to watch, she regained all of her weight and had to have revision surgery and safe to say this really freaked me out. I am 7 months now and my weight loss has slowed a lot, i think i want to lose about 12 more pounds before I am happy maintaining. I'm lucky in that have pretty much no loose skin apart from some flabby arms, but im planning on going to the gym to work on toning. At 7 months though im not happy with my eating habits over the past 2 months. I am not eating a lot but I am being lazy, and tripping up. I started college this year which means im responsible for making my own meals and my food has been not ridiculously unhealthy but not my best. For example: Breakfast: Granola cereal and lactofree milk/ half a bagel and a fried egg. Lunch: If i cook I make Chicken breast with pesto with lettuce and ceasar salad sauce- its quick and in my mind its kinda healthy/ chicken and sweetcorn sandwhich that i bought from the store. dinner: i probably have cereal again since im too lazy to cook. I can see myself slipping up i feel like my hungers back in full force and now i can eat bigger portions, before i had no interest in food, i forgot to eat completely! Now i feel like im constantly stressing about what to eat and how much and its awful. Sometimes i buy desserts have a couple of bites feel guilty mad at myself and throw it away, but why am i even buying it in the first place!!! Is it normal that i can eat so much! I thought this doesnt happen for people until their like 18 months Please give me some advice or tips to stop myself before I ruin this. Do you guys have any quick recipes that i can make without too much fuss in between classes?
  10. secret eating for sure. i'd always eat regular portions amongst family and friends and then when i was alone, i would either order out or have second and third portions of whatever. My parents never understood why i was big bc we didn't have junk food in the house and I ate normally when I was with them, but when I ate alone.....Yikes. carbs as well, I haven't had bread since my surgery, before I'd have maybe 6 slices of toast? also like 3 bowls of cereal.
  11. Now that I am 3 and 1/2 months out of surgery and down 60 pounds, I've noticed that my goal weight has changed greatly. Before my surgery, and even the first month after it, I thought I would be happy at 80kgs! I honestly think then I was just desperate to be smaller than I was! Now I am 87kgs and I'm really proud of how much I've lost! But I also want to push myself so much more! I don't have an exact goal weight, bc I don't want to put too much pressure on myself, but I know that I would really like to lose around another 20kgs/45lbs ! And I know that if I follow my plan, I can! But is this when my weight loss begins to slow down? I hope I'm not being too ambitious.... Have any of you felt this same change in goal? When do you think you really start to feel the changes with yourself and your body? I still feel pretty massive and I'm waiting for it to hit me how much I've lost. Whether that will be in 20kgs or not I don't know!
  12. Congratulations! What an amazing transformation!
  13. congratulations! you look amazing, and that's a wonderful achievement!
  14. Shopping has always been one of my least favourite things, I never enjoyed going with my friends or my mom and i always felt ugly no matter what i wore, plus I had previously reached the point where average stores no longer had my size BUT !! I went shopping with my mom to buy a few dresses, and I cannot remember a time in my life where we didn't fight at the store, but it finally happened!! I bought a dress! From a regular store!!! I can't remember the last time I was able to walk into a store like that and find a dress in my size! and feel pretty as well! My mom was happy and I was happy and I didn't have a breakdown in the changing room?! Truly a miracle! tl;dr: shopping is so much fun!
  15. Sorry that i took so long to respond but thank you all so much for your replies!! Very helpful and I can see that it all depends on the individual, I'm just hoping it all works out for me! Again, thank you for the advice! <3