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  1. Surgery Questions

    I was intubated and also had a drain. The drain was removed before I left the hospital (I stayed two nights). The only reason I knew I was intubated was that I had a sore throat for the first day after surgery. The nurses had to empty my drain several times and measure the output, but it didn't hurt and it wasn't a big deal at all. Didn't hurt while it was in or when they were taking it out. I agree with Aussie, I worried about so many things before surgery that just didn't end up being an issue at all. I even worried that the anesthesia wouldn't work and I would feel everything. Trust your medical team, they are (hopefully) experts.
  2. To be sleeved on 3/14/17

    Agreed. I had some pain when getting in and out of bed, but other than that there was little to no discomfort even. Call your doc. As far as the noisy guts, it will happen for a few weeks at least. Mine have quieted down now, but were very loud the first month or two. It's not the same as when your stomach grumbled before surgery, as in it's not a sign that you need to eat. I don't know what causes it but I found it fairly entertaining when I was first post-op.
  3. Pre-Op Newbie- My Journey Is Just Beginning!

    I was able to take all meds right away post-op. It was a little difficult just because I used to take pills with a lot of water and you can't really do that right away. I'm not on the same meds as you but Lexapro is one I do take, and was able to right away. It does vary by practice. You may have to crush them, which tastes bad but it's only for a little while. It's a good discussion to have at your first appointment just to see what their rules are. As for exercise, walking was all we were to do until cleared by the surgeon, I believe it wasn't until 2 weeks post op when we could start doing more. I had to wait longer due to some minor complications but I know others were cleared at 2 weeks. The first few weeks you just try to walk as much as you can, not vigorously, just to keep everything moving along. I walked around my apartment mostly, due to having surgery during the winter in Wisconsin.
  4. not sure?

    I would definitely wait until you hear back from your nutritionist, but if you are not able to do pureed food, can you do protein shakes maybe? I would think those are allowed at this point, if you can get them down. They will help provide you with the protein your body needs to heal. Your nut should be able to advise on the best path forward.
  5. Any other November dates out there yet?

    Congrats on your loss so far. I'm at 45 lost since surgery, 110 since I started my pre-op diet. Feeling great!
  6. Rash

    Could it be a yeast infection? I had that post op also. Rather than a spotty rash that area was just very red and painful. They prescribed some Nystatin powder for me to put on it. It helped, but took a rather long time to clear up.
  7. Getting used to "empty"

    I am struggling with the same feelings! I'm not hungry, just empty. I've tried explaining it but no one else quite gets it. You are not alone! I just try to tell myself it's ok to feel that way. It's weird.
  8. Rash

    I had an allergic reaction to the surgical wash. Creams didn't help me at all. The surgeon's office recommended Benedryl every few hours and that was the only thing that helped me. Sorry you are going through this. My rash was over 75% of my torso so I get it! I was so itchy I never noticed any pain after it started, so I guess that's something. I thought I was going to be very scarred up but everything healed up ok, even the blisters.
  9. Bariatric advantage vitamins in physical stores

    I want to say Walgreens sells Optisource. You could check online to see if your local store has them.
  10. Hello from a newbie

    OK, I was thinking if you are at 133 then that is why you were losing slowly. Just be patient and stick with the plan. The weight loss has come in spurts for me. One week I'll lose pretty steadily, and then nothing for a while. It's hard to not just have the weight "falling off" as some people do, but I guess we are just not as lucky as they are!
  11. Hello from a newbie

    Are your stats correct? It says starting weight of 170 and current weight of 133.
  12. Final Countdown!!!

    Definitely use the incentive spirometer. When I was in the hospital whenever they would see my temp going up a bit, they would remind me to use it and it would go right back down. It was kind of amazing, to be honest!
  13. Hello from New York

    I was on 2 BP meds when I started this process. Slowly but surely we kept lowering dosages and then discontinuing. It took 7 months but I got there! My A1C was 5.9 when I started this process last March, and last check it was 5.3 (before surgery). If you follow the program you will hopefully be able to stop those too! I know it's not a guarantee that if you lose weight your numbers will get better, but there's a very good chance!
  14. Hello from New York

    Welcome, Robin! It looks like our starting stats are exactly the same. I think I got a little bit over 330 but not much, I don't think. I'm about 2 and a half months out from surgery and I feel really good. I hope your journey goes as smoothly as mine has so far! I'm happy to be off my BP meds and metformin.
  15. Ug! Liquids!

    Did the nurse indicate they expect you to hit those numbers at just a week post op? I didn't hit that much water until 2 months out, and they told me it would take several months to work up to 60+ grams of protein a day. We were told they were both goals to reach for, but not to expect to hit them right away. I was also told a minimum of 32 ounces of water a day, and if we couldn't hit that to call the office. Call them to confirm, but I'd be surprised if they expect you to meet those goals this soon pre-op. If they do expect you to do it, I'd ask them when you are supposed to sleep! I would have had to drink round the clock to get there!