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  1. Thank you and congrats on your 50 # loss!!! It's amazing and NSV , wearing clothes that now fit! Less aches / swelling and pains. Increased confidence
  2. Good morning ! I can't believe it's been 3 months post - op ! I'm now down 53 pounds and feeling good. I exercise daily and still eating 5-6 small / snack size meals daily. Visited my NUT this week and was given the green light to add complex carbs ( only 2 times weekly ). She wants me to stop protein drinks / shakes. Serving size is now 1/2 cup for a meal. My goal was 100 pound loss , fo I'm half way there! Hoping to reach that goal by my birthday in June ! Hope all of you are doing well
  3. I agree with the above ; Redt ! Rest ! Rest ! So the immune system can fight this battle. Increase fluids, vaporizer , Vicks chest vapor rub for cough / nasal congestion , Tylenol for fevers / aches. Feel better soon !!!
  4. So sorry I haven't yet responded. Since posting, a family member has had major surgery, I lost my job and have been in a deep / dark depression. Please me kind with your responses and don't judge others when you have no idea what battles they are fighting in their life's. Today was the first day I opened this site , as I'm helping family members, attending counseling and job searching. Fir the update; I had my 3 month post op with my NUT yesterday and she said I could add complex carbs back into my diet ( sparingly- 2 times a week ).
  5. I'm 9 1/2 weeks post op and I won't see my Nut until 10/24. My question is; when did you add carbs , such as brown rice and whole what pasta back into diet? My program calls for sweet potatoes or white potatoes 1-2 x weekly. I'm good with small portions ( program still says 1/4-1/3 cup total for each meal. What is everybody else doing at 9-10 weeks post op??
  6. One week out could also be caused by pain Meds. If you're still taking pain Meds, ask your doctor for a different med and also add an antiemetic. Ice chips help to get fluid in and sugar free Popsicles ( 1 pop equals 2 ounces ).. good luck and remember this is short lived!
  7. Thank you all for all the great advice!! I'm going to ask about the 30 before & after, that is much more do able !!
  8. What about drinking prior to meals/ snacks ? I find it so difficult to get my required water in and eat foods ... I work in a medical office, so I'm on the go and try to go things on schedule. But ... I find myself drinking fluids than saying " oh wait , I can't eat now.. I need to wait a hour".. When that time comes, I'm off and busy seeing patients again.. So , just back to drinking.. Or very off schedule with foods
  9. Ok, I need to hear from all the sleeve people .. Do you all not drink fluids with food? My program says to wait a hour after you eat to drink. Is everyone else doing this or not??
  10. This is great information! I wish my program allowed this. I will be 7 weeks post op ( in 2 days ), and my Nut has me still eating a strict 1/4 - 1/3 cup at each meal ( 3 meals and 2 snacks ). Which is only 2- 2 1/2 ounces. I've been told to continue this
  11. You look soooo younger!!! You are turning back time girl!! Great job!!!
  12. Phase 1 of closet cleaning done! I gave away 5 bags of clothes that are way too big!!! Good bye size 18-20 !!! I will never wear that size again !!!
  13. Thank you for all the responses
  14. My surgeon used same size of bougie ( 40 ). I was told to stick to the portion size ( 1/3 c food 3 times day ) with 2 snacks. Hang in there !
  15. I'm now 5 1/2 weeks post op and I'm finally eating soft foods. Chicken, beef and fish. Although I can only have 1/3 c with each meal. So about 3 Tbsp of meat and 1 Tbsp of non- starch veggies. How is everyone else's potion at this stage ??
  16. Everyone is doing great!!! Today, I'm 5 weeks post - op and had the best non- scale victory!! This morning I was in a hurry to get ready and grabbed a pair of pants ( which I have the same pants in 2 sizes ) , I have been wearing the larger ones.. Well, I accidentally grabbed the smaller and they fit perfect!!! Even a little loose!!!
  17. Thank you for the information! My sites are finally closed! The scars are bright purple and some are raised! I have bio- oil and Palmers cocoa butter. I will check out the silicone strips too!
  18. I'm happy that we're all healing, loosing and getting more active! I'm down 35 pounds ( total- pre and post op ). 8 pounds was pre - op. Yesterday I walked 2.5 miles and today went swimming for the first time! Did laps, jogging in place and stretches. Felt so good. My clothes are getting bigger and I'm able to get my protein & water in.
  19. My goals are up be off my blood pressure medications and run a half marathon again! In the past ( I've lost weight before ), I have ran 3 half marathons. Although I want to run it with a great feeling & time! Also, fashion: I want to be able to wear cute, form fitting clothes that don't look older than my age. Overall , I just want to feel good and be a " normal size"!!!!
  20. My surgeon used a 40 bougie as well. He said it has less side affects, such as strictures. We could have a larger sleeve.. That's ok, I'm still loosing!
  21. Yes I am. I did have a hiatel hernia repair as well. I feel it when it's empty. Changes daily, most likely head hunger. Or the fact I'm only taking in 1.5 ounce of puréed meat and .5 ounce of puréed vegetables for 2 meals , protein drinks twice daily , and an egg or cottage cheese for breakfast
  22. I'm wondering what the feeling in my stomach is? I don't think of food, in fact I only eat 2 ounces of puréed food ( chicken ) 1 time daily, than still eat yogurt / pudding and sugar free Popsicles plus my protein drinks. Eating scares me. I'm worried I will damage the staple line and cause a leak. The sensation is what I felt as hunger prior to surgery. When I feel it, I will usually eat sugar free pudding or cottage cheese and all is good .. At least for a hour or 2. This is not everyday, usually the days I'm more active.
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