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  1. Thank you and congrats on your 50 # loss!!! It's amazing and NSV , wearing clothes that now fit! Less aches / swelling and pains. Increased confidence
  2. Good morning ! I can't believe it's been 3 months post - op ! I'm now down 53 pounds and feeling good. I exercise daily and still eating 5-6 small / snack size meals daily. Visited my NUT this week and was given the green light to add complex carbs ( only 2 times weekly ). She wants me to stop protein drinks / shakes. Serving size is now 1/2 cup for a meal. My goal was 100 pound loss , fo I'm half way there! Hoping to reach that goal by my birthday in June ! Hope all of you are doing well
  3. I agree with the above ; Redt ! Rest ! Rest ! So the immune system can fight this battle. Increase fluids, vaporizer , Vicks chest vapor rub for cough / nasal congestion , Tylenol for fevers / aches. Feel better soon !!!
  4. So sorry I haven't yet responded. Since posting, a family member has had major surgery, I lost my job and have been in a deep / dark depression. Please me kind with your responses and don't judge others when you have no idea what battles they are fighting in their life's. Today was the first day I opened this site , as I'm helping family members, attending counseling and job searching. Fir the update; I had my 3 month post op with my NUT yesterday and she said I could add complex carbs back into my diet ( sparingly- 2 times a week ).
  5. I'm 9 1/2 weeks post op and I won't see my Nut until 10/24. My question is; when did you add carbs , such as brown rice and whole what pasta back into diet? My program calls for sweet potatoes or white potatoes 1-2 x weekly. I'm good with small portions ( program still says 1/4-1/3 cup total for each meal. What is everybody else doing at 9-10 weeks post op??
  6. One week out could also be caused by pain Meds. If you're still taking pain Meds, ask your doctor for a different med and also add an antiemetic. Ice chips help to get fluid in and sugar free Popsicles ( 1 pop equals 2 ounces ).. good luck and remember this is short lived!
  7. Thank you all for all the great advice!! I'm going to ask about the 30 before & after, that is much more do able !!
  8. What about drinking prior to meals/ snacks ? I find it so difficult to get my required water in and eat foods ... I work in a medical office, so I'm on the go and try to go things on schedule. But ... I find myself drinking fluids than saying " oh wait , I can't eat now.. I need to wait a hour".. When that time comes, I'm off and busy seeing patients again.. So , just back to drinking.. Or very off schedule with foods
  9. Ok, I need to hear from all the sleeve people .. Do you all not drink fluids with food? My program says to wait a hour after you eat to drink. Is everyone else doing this or not??
  10. This is great information! I wish my program allowed this. I will be 7 weeks post op ( in 2 days ), and my Nut has me still eating a strict 1/4 - 1/3 cup at each meal ( 3 meals and 2 snacks ). Which is only 2- 2 1/2 ounces. I've been told to continue this
  11. You look soooo younger!!! You are turning back time girl!! Great job!!!
  12. Phase 1 of closet cleaning done! I gave away 5 bags of clothes that are way too big!!! Good bye size 18-20 !!! I will never wear that size again !!!