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  1. Thank you, @Gretta and @Jen581791 !!
  2. Love this new Limited top, size large. Wore it to church today.
  3. Dad's homegoing celebration was beautiful, filled with the love and dignity with which he lived his life. He left a beautiful legacy. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I'm doing much better now. God gave us a double rainbow during the repast. We called it a "Waynebow." Now that I've got a new job, I'll be living with Mom to keep her company. We get along well and are staying busy. Hugs!
  4. My dad passed away yesterday from complications brought on by chemo. At the time of his passing, he was cancer free. Words fail me to adequately express what he meant to me, but this picture perfectly reflects our relationship. We had such a sweet father/daughter bond. He was my champion, protector, and source of wisdom even to the end. Recently I overheard him tell his friend that I was a part of him. Just the day before his death, he told me he loved me. It was my privilege to be his daughter because he was a man of deep character, integrity, and faith. It was my honor to serve him the last few months and days of his life. We are relieved and comforted by the fact that he no longer has medical limitations and that he is in the arms of Jesus. I love you, Daddy, always and forever.
  5. Happy belated one year surgiversary, My sleeve sister. Well we did it, we made it through one year. We still have Lil ways to go, but we done so amazing and looking fabulous. We both had a few bumps along the road. But we made through. Not only are you my friend but my sister. Hopefully one of these years we can finally meet. Love you my friend. Glad I have you on this Journey. Here to another year of friendship and to our Goals. :wub:

    1. ShrinkingViolet2


      Thank you, sweetie! We will

      indeed meet. You feel like a sister to me. Thank you and congratulations to you too! Love you bunches.



  6. Yes, surgiversary tomorrow. As of now I've lost 89 lbs, a little behind the curve.
  7. Simply beautiful! Enjoy your vacay!
  8. Back on TT after a while. Dad had a medical emergency and required constant bedside monitoring for a month. He's doing better now but has congestive heart failure as a side effect from chemo. I applied for and got a teaching job close to them, so I'll be living with them to help out. I'm off to church and didn't check tags for brands, but everything is a size 12 or large. I'm off steroids and have maintained my weight loss during major stress,which is a victory for me. I'm 35 lbs to goal and am getting my head back in the game. Hugs and Happy Sunday, y'all!
  9. Wore this to church on Mother's Day. Willie Smith capris, size 12, Twenty-one satin top, size large, and crocheted cardigan, size l. Hanging in there. Almost off steroids, yay. Maintained weight loss for the most part. Gained three lbs total. Getting back to normal.
  10. It took me a good two weeks to feel mostly back to normal. Your doc will be able to examine your healing, but if you're like me, it takes time.
  11. I agree. You are right to explore this awesome tool. God bless your sister, also.
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