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  1. 9 months post op and honeymoon is over

    It's funny, after I posted this post I managed to lose 2 lbs so I guess everything caught up to me. I did start eating a lot more vegetables (which I apparently I like a lot) and I guess the fiber helped me. I will start strength training soon. It's just getting ready for it mentally.
  2. 9 months post op and honeymoon is over

    I guess I don't know for a fact but I have not lost any weight in 6 weeks so I assumed the honeymoon was over. I have tried to increase my caloric intake but I ended up gaining weight.
  3. 9 months post op and honeymoon is over

    I will try to run and add weights to my workout routine. I will also try the 5 day pouch test. I will keep you guys posted!
  4. The dreaded end of honeymoon time has started but I am not at my goal yet. I've been consistently hitting the 160 lb mark on my scale but I really want to hit 150 before my 1 year anniversary (June 20th). Any suggestion? I walk 5 miles a day stick to 800-1000 calories and eat 90 grams of protein, drink my water. What else should I do?
  5. What am I doing wrong....

    Okay, you guys have convinced me. I will workout less maybe just do 10,000 step. And keep eating the way I have been, lots of protein and low carbs. Thanks guys!
  6. What am I doing wrong....

    Any ideas on how to lose 5 lbs by December 20th? I thought exercise and eating lots of protein would work but apparently it doesn't. I am so lost....
  7. So I am trying really hard to lose the last 25 lbs before I hit goal. I was hoping to lose 10lbs more before December 20th (my 6 month follow up). I am, of course, sticking with my 800-1000 calorie diet but with the aid of my Fitbit I am walking 5 miles a day, burning 2500 calories, and walking up 10 flights a day. And after 10 days I gained weight . I know most of you are thinking that I am not eating enough but shouldn't I listen to the nutritionist who wants me at 800 caloriea? What am I doing wrong? I have been on a stall since November 4th....
  8. Should I be gaining weight?

    Good point!
  9. Should I be gaining weight?

    I actually did talk to my nutritionist about my calorie intake and she said not to worry about calories right now. She said ideally I should be at 800-1000 calories, but not to force feed my self. Eating 500 calories will not hurt me anyway.
  10. Should I be gaining weight?

    No, it's not hormonal. My period (2 weeks ago) had more of a plateau effect.
  11. It has been 6 week since my surgery and I lost 35 lbs, but this week I managed to gain 4 lbs. How? I can eat about 500-600 calories, all of which are protein based (i.e. salmon, ground turkey and shrimp). I knew the weight loss would be more of a staircase loss but this I was not expecting. Did anybody experience weight gain?
  12. I am 17 days post op and the easiest food for me to eat is deli meat wrapped in a low fat cheese stick. This way I don't have to cook or think.
  13. Questions 1 week out of hospital

    Hi sleevealicious thank you for responding, your response made me feel a lot better. I am on PPI and yet it doesn't help. Any suggestions?
  14. Is it crazy that I am hungry right now? I had surgery on 6/20 and for three days in the hospital I could not even watch food commercials on tv without feeling sick, now I cannot stop dreaming about food. I have been living on soup and protein drinks so far but all I want is a hot dog and fries (am from Chicago-it's a staple here). My stomach is constantly growling. What does this mean? Did the surgery not work? What is wrong with me?
  15. I had surgery on the 20th and was just released today. I'm in a lot of pain and can barely swallow the many pills prescribed and the various vitamins I am to take. I really am regretting this surgery so far, please tell me it gets better because right now I cannot imagine such a world.