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  1. Sounds like you need some Gabapentin also. It really was a life saver and got me moving around. What did the ER say?
  2. I went back to my doctor a couple days earlier for my post op appointment. He said some inner stitches are pulling on my nerves. So he upped my Valium from 2mg to 5mg, gave me some Norco's and put me on Gabapentin. I've felt pretty good since I got the Gabapentin. I'm not really taking pain meds any more. I ended up having about 3 weeks off of work, I would have went back after one week if the nerve pain didn't happen.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I've got a mixture of refried beans, salsa, and unflavored unjury protein powder, blended. I've learned I should only put 2 ounces in my bowl at a time. I'm thinking that I don't even want to try baby food, sounds gross.
  4. Really I thought it seemed to early to go to pureed foods but I had my post op nutritionist appointment. So I'm not going to go into it full blown. I still have a bunch of my protein drinks and broths from week one so I'm still going to use that stuff up. But I'm just scared to eat too much.
  5. I had surgery April 19, Just starting pureed food. I've always been someone that cleans my plate (I know that will have to change now) I really don't want to put too much in my bowl at once. I have a scale. So being a week and a half out. How many ounces should I put in my bowl at once? 1-2?
  6. I had my surgery April 19th. And I still haven't gone #2. I'm trying Milk of Magnesia, still nothing. My Doctor's have said absolutely no Ibuprofen or aspirin for at least 6 weeks after.
  7. I had my sleeve done April 19th. I spent 2 nights at the hospital since I had so much nausea and a slow start getting my fluids. Two nights ago I laid down weird and got a intense sharp pain above my belly button. Now if I move at all it hurts like hell. The outside incisions still look good. Is this normal? Could I have popped an inner stitch?(if they did any) Should I get ahold of my Dr? Or wait until my follow up appointment on Friday?
  8. Hi, I hope all went well with your surgery and you're doing great in your hospital room. Let us know how you're doing! 

    1. *melanie*


      I had a really ruff start. Very nauseous after the surgery. They were giving me .5 of dilaudid every hour and felt extremely nauseous everytime. I ended up skipping a few doses since I felt so awful. I was still feeling sick the next morning so I couldn't really start on my liquids till about noon that day when I could take my pain pills by mouth. So they decided to keep me another night. I got home yesterday about 2:00 p.m. doing pretty good on my liquids right now. Keeping a journal of all my drugs, water and protein. Pain isn't too bad when I'm sitting still but when I went to lay down last night I did something wrong and my big incision by my belly button is really hurting and it didn't before. But it still looks ok. I hope today will go better than yesterday. Thanks for asking.

    2. Little bird

      Little bird

      Thank you for the update. I'm so sorry that you feel nauseated :(  I hope you're able to get your sips in and that feeling stops. Please take care and rest! Keep on posting :)) sending healing thoughts your way! 

  9. Funny thing is I bought chapstick yesterday thinking that I would want it.
  10. I'm doing a pre surgery diet right now and I have to get my food and drinks from the doctors office, it's getting very pricey. And after surgery I have to do just liquid only stuff provided by the Dr. office and luckily all the drinks I've had so far I've liked. But after that I'm going to have to figure out the ones I like. Hopefully I don't figure out the hard way.
  11. I was thinking about doing a mani/pedi also but not sure on the hospital rules on nail polish. I only have a week to find out.
  12. Is there anything you wish you would have prepared before your surgery or even before your pre-diet started? My pre-op appointment is tomorrow and I will also be starting my 2 week diet also. It's getting closer!!!
  13. Ha, thinking that might be how it is for me too. I was a way bigger drinker years ago but still when I go out I get pretty drunk. Might be boring for a bit for sure. I have one more weekend before my pre-op diet so I will take advantage of that. And kinda thinking that might be how it goes with my boyfriend too. Thanks for responding I feel like I have nobody to talk to about this stuff that understands. Of course I've barely told anyone too.
  14. New here, I just found this page the other day. I've been reading a lot of post on here. Seems like this site can be very helpful for the fact that my surgery is weeks away on April 19th and I have only told 4 people about it. I'm not sure if I'm embarrassed or just don't want to hear everyone's opinions. I joined a gym in December and my boyfriend thinks I can just keep going there and everything will just be fine, he's tall and muscular. That's just not how it works for me. I didn't even tell him til about month 5 of going to doctor because I know how he is. At first when I told him he said if that's what I want to do but now he's trying to talk me out of it. I know I'm going to do it but he's making me second guess my decision that I've wanted to do for years. For the most part I'm really excited but I now have a super small teeny doubt. The other thing is my friend group are pretty big drinkers. I don't drink to often but when I do I drink quite a bit. I know I can do the 6 months without drinking but I know I will want to party with my friends again somewhat. I know it's empty calories and I really shouldn't drink after but I would like to know how any of you guys have been with drinking after. Also when I drink, I'm a beer drinker not big on liquor drinker. My surgery is April 19th and I want to go back on the 25th. I told then 1 or 2 weeks but I'd rather do just one week. I'm a screen printer (just got promoted) so I don't want to be off work to long. So it is physical work but I should be able to do easier jobs for week or two. I'm kinda a workaholic and with just being promoted and being the only girl screen printer at our shop I'm scared of being replaced. How long did you take off work? I'm having a hard time thinking of anything but my weight and this surgery. So what have you experienced?
  15. Ha, my surgery date is April 19th also and I hope to return to work the 25th. My job is pretty physical, I'm in screen printing, I told my boss I'm having surgery but I haven't said for what. I told him I want to come back to come back the 25th but I might need to take longer and I told him I won't be able to do my regular job because it's a lot of bending and turning. Everyone's different and I'm just hoping I don't need to take to much time off of work.