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  1. Wow hi everyone. I can't believe it's been 2 years already. Time flew by so fast. I have missed posting and keeping up with everyone. I'm back now so tell me how has everyone been?
  2. Thanks you guys. The past few days have been a blur and full of pain. I was discharged yesterday and still in pain. Hopefully I will feel better soon. Will keep you guys posted.
  3. good morning guys! Just made it to the hospital. Nerves are all over the place. Excited and nervous at the same time. Trusting in God and turning it over. Keep you guys posted!
  4. I am overwhelmed. When I say you can't beat God's timing. I have pleaded my heart to my family, tried to get insurance through job's to cover surgery and even asked for charitable donations. Nothing worked. This started when I was 19 years old. 14 years later I was blessed with an amazing job with great benefits that cover bariatric surgery. I started my process on March 30, 2016 and finished July 6, 2016. All of my information was submitted to my insurance on July 18, 2016 and on July 25, 2016 I received a call that would change my life forever. I was APPROVED! Surgery date 8/15/2016. I star
  5. Hey guys. Has anyone experienced their insurance company needed additional information like clinicals or anything? If so once they received the information how long did it take for you to receive a decision?? Thanks; -)
  6. Good morning. How are you? I called and she said that was all I needed to turn in and as long as the information is returned within 45 days of the date it is requested then they will submit it to the case already pending. ;-)
  7. First off Happy 4th of July to each and everyone of you. May today be filled with blessings and tons of love with family and friends. ;-) Now to my question. I was scheduled to have surgery on July 11th but when my insurance viewed my clinicals said I was missing one appointment with my nutritionist and an end of program appointment. I completed the program officially now on June 30th and my end of program appointment is July 6th. My question is will the insurance company just accept the rest of the paperwork and add it to the already pending case or will the process be started over?? Has an
  8. Thanks Clickin. That made my day.. this site helps me so much. I don't have many people to talk about my journey with so you guys really keep me encouraged and motivated to keep pushing. ;-) so a big thank you to all of you.
  9. Thanks Dani. Yes I was down at first but I realized what God has for me it is for me. I just have to be patient. I went ahead and set my appointments and gonna make sure everything is submitted before I leave my docs office. I would have been known but my docs office didn't send the insurance company my info until 3 weeks after I finished my so called last appointment which really wasn't. So hopefully I will have a great update for you guys soon. ;-)
  10. Well I heard and I was disappointed at first. Doctors office was wrong. I needed one more Appt to make it a complete 90 days. And then I need to do an end of program appointment. So I scheduled my last appointment for June 30th and the my end of program appointment is going to be around June 6th hopefully. Then they will submit the remaining information to the insurance company and finish reevaluating. So pray for me. How are you?
  11. So my insurance calls me today on my break and informed me that my doc didn't submit a full 90 days on the program. I need one more appointment for the month of June. Thank God I was able to schedule an appointment on June 30th. Then I have to do an end of program appointment with my doc to discuss my progress on the program and surgery in general. That appointment is going to be on the 6th hopefully. Then they will be able to submit the rest of the information to insurance and hopefully an approval with another surgery date. I was praying to keep my July 11th date but I will have to wait a li
  12. Yvw anytime. My insurance said case still pending. Oooh the wait is killing my nerves lol
  13. I heard those stalls are something else. But hopefully it will break soon. Praying for you. Thanks for checking on me. We got this (as I love to say) ;-)
  14. Hey everyone? How is everyone doing? Blessed and doing great I pray. Well my question is how long was your hospital stay with your procedures? I supposed to be having gastric bypass surgery but they only put a one night hospital stay. I thought , well assumed that the gastric sleeve procedure is one night while the gastric bypass was two? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks; -)
  15. Thanks Bella for checking on me. Well Monday I finally heard from the doctors office and Aetna and they received my information and everything is getting worked. They said they have until the 30th of June to make a decision. They gave me a surgery date of July 11th. So I am praying with all my might that they tell me I am approved. Will keep you posted. How are you? Blessed I pray. Have a wonderful Friday. ;-)
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