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  1. My A1C was 12 before surgery and my sugars were in the 250 range due to bad diet. They wanted me to go on insulin but I was always too scared. Had the surgery(gastric bypass) four weeks ago. Numbers have gone down to an average of about 150. This is with no meds. Lowest it got was 132 highest was 199 but that was much higher than the usual.
  2. The reason I chose gastric bypass for my surgery was because I was a type two diabetic. I have been taking my blood sugar every day since my surgery four weeks ago. Went off my diabetes meds immediately after surgery. Since them my numbers have vacillated between 132 and 199 with most in the 140-155 range. Did other people have similar numbers in the beginning or did your numbers go to the normal 80-120 range right away? Thanks.
  3. I have been buying whole chickens and cutting them up to put in the blender with mayo and cornichons(mini pickles) to make chicken salad. Also been eating soft cheese spread like alouette and boursin.
  4. Hello All. I may be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I am a little concerned about something. I had my surgery three weeks ago and since then i have have had really no problems. No dumping, no vomiting, no nausea, not even fullness pains that much. But my concern is I guess I was expecting something more drastic. I still seem to be able to eat more than I would have thought possible.. I was expecting to eat no more than an egg size worth of food, but I can do a medium jamba juice, or two servings of oatmeal in one sitting. I am still on the pureed stage although I have had soft fish. I still find myself getting hungry every few hours. Liquids seems to go right through me without filling me up. My doctor said that was okay, but i can't help be concerned. What were your experiences like with food in the weeks right after surgery? thank you.
  5. I was in rather intense pain for the first two weeks or so. Just getting in and out of the car was an ordeal. I raised the issue with my doctor and he said it was normal and expected. It hurts on the left side because that is where most of the work is done through. Around the two and a half week mark it just suddenly felt better when I woke up one morning. I am three weeks and two days out and I still get twinges of pain but nothing like i had before.