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  1. That is a pretty awesome closet, but I noticed some color coding on your hangers. Can you tell us what the colors indicate?
  2. I stayed one night, only because I had severe vertigo most of the day. Dr. would have preferred to send me home without an overnighter. T
  3. We both had our surgery the same day. I can relate to the throat issue very well......the less I drank, the more it hurt and I was afraid I was going to end up dehydrated. Absolutely nothing tasted even ok (much less good). I finally quit having ANYTHING with artificial sweetener as it was leaving a film in my mouth and throat. It made everything feel like it was sticking in my throat. I still had to force liquids down regardless....until I finally got around to trying warm liquids. It was like my throat suddenly relaxed, the lump left, and it didn't hurt to drink. I use unsalted broths and add my own salt (or other spices) to control how much sodium I take in. Still having trouble with the protein drinks......they ALL taste nasty now days, but I choke down what I can! I can also relate to the walking.....I had NOOOOO energy, but my dogs came home to me when I was about a week out, because I could finally bend enough to clean up after them. I still feel like I don't have the energy to go for a walk, but as I live in a condo, I have no choice. It ALWAYS surprises me how much energy I actually have once I get out there and do it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and things will get better everyday. Hope everything starts looking up for you quickly. T
  4. I'm not saying it's right. I personally think after major surgery, especially when you have your innards rearranged, you should be under observation. But the trend these days is to get you out of the hospital as quickly as possible. I was supposed to be released the day of my surgery but ended up spending one night because of severe vertigo.
  5. More and more patients are being released to go home after surgeries of all kinds rather than keeping them in the hospital. The main reason for this is to prevent infections, because after all, hospitals are full of sick people. So any time a patient is capable of being released, they are. T
  6. I'm not so much concerned with eating real food just now, what I want to know is if ANYTHING will ever taste good again!!! I didn't like artificial sweeteners before surgery, but now I really hate them!! Right now the only thing that tastes good to me is broth. Everything else tastes horrible. Even water tastes bad and I was a big water drinker before surgery. T
  7. ShrinkMe

    This is it!

    Finally was able to spend a couple hours on my side last night!!! It was awesome.....and then the gas began. I seem to be having LOTS of gas at night and lots of trips to the bathroom. Oh well, life goes on. T
  8. ShrinkMe

    This is it!

    I'm so freakin' compliant it would make your head spin!!! I am on warfarin for a blood clotting disorder, so I have to have my level checked 3 times a week until I get healed and onto a "normal" eating plan. Any deviation could mean my life.....soooo not willing to go there! I am managing to get the full amount of liquids in the last couple days, especially since I started doing warm. Added protein in today (with the Dr's approval)....went ok other than the excessive sweetness, definately going to have to get the unflavored! I've got this!! T
  9. I had my surgery 6/7 and am in the same boat. No hunger or cravings. I am getting close to getting my full amount of liquids in daily. Getting really sick of artificial sweeteners. I didn't like them before, like them less now. It is a real treat to have broth instead of something sweet. I have been watering the broth down so I don't do too much sodium. Good luck and best wishes for a great honeymoon period! T
  10. ShrinkMe

    This is it!

    Thanks Cinwa, I only had about 4 oz broth for the day. I have no hypertension or heart problems, but I watch sodium intake anyway because of the way food is processed these days, it's very easy to get up to the max very quickly. The other broths I bought are sodium free, then I can measure and add salt to them and know for sure how much sodium I am getting. The warmth was definitely comforting to my tummy though and I liked that!! T
  11. ShrinkMe

    This is it!

    OMG!!!! I just had some Pacific brand Santa Fe Style Chicken Soup (solids strained)....I may actually survive the liquid portion of post op!! I am soooooo sick of water (I have always been a water drinker, so that is saying something) and sweet drinks. This is sooooooo much better!! I start protein drinks Tuesday weeks 2-4. I don't get to puree until week 5. I get to real food week 8. Come on...heal baby, heal!! T
  12. ShrinkMe

    This is it!

    It's a no go on the side sleeping for a while....even doing it slowly didn't work....too much pain on my right side. Last night was not bad. I have an adjustable bed and the zero gravity position even though it is on my back is not so bad. Plus I used the vibration mode for 20 minutes and it helped the back pain considerably. I have had the bed for 4-5 years and have never tried the vibration. Probably because it freaks my dogs out, but the dogs are staying with a friend for a bit until I can get to where I can bend over enough to clean up after them. On a positive note, jello is going down much easier than water!! Not crazy about the sweetness but at least it goes down easy. T
  13. ShrinkMe

    This is it!

    Thanks Wendy! I know I'll get there. Pretty minor issue for such a wonderful outcome! T
  14. ShrinkMe

    This is it!

    Well, my surgery got moved up from 1245 to 745am. Glad I didn't have all that waiting around. Recovery is ok now. The first day was miserable. I had vertigo most of the first day. I expected a little as I have it when laying flat on my back. Bought an adjustable bed a few years back because of it. But 6 hours flat and the anesthesia did a job on me. Couldn't open my eyes for most of the day because of it. Came home yesterday, have no issues sipping my water and taking my meds. Pretty sore still but I just had half my stomach removed and my intestines rearranged. The ONLY thing that is really getting me down is that I am sleeping on my back......that makes for a very sore back in the am. I am normally a side sleeper but it hurts like nobodies business to roll over on my side. I'm hoping that resolves quickly! Other than that I am on my journey to healthy!! T