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  1. I can finally see it....

    Jolls As an avid reader of TT forum, I would like to personnaly congratulate you on your amazing journey. It gives me also an opportunity to thank you for all your wisdom, insights, references and motivation you provide to each and everyone of us. Thank you for your guidance and for taking the time to answer all those threads and for repeating over and over again what we need to do to get where you are now. Bravo for your perseverance. I hope to be an example as you have been. Fay
  2. Status update--8 months post-op

    Waw Mark! BRAVOOO!! You ve done well!! 5 weeks since surgery and I am rarely hungry though I still miss eating but with way less cravings. Last week I went with my daughter to a sushi place. We usually indulge lavishly on the food. Not this time. My 14 year old expected me to order the best and comment on the quality and make referrals to past experiences...... I was really frustrated, did not really order anything special and could only eat 6 sashimis. It was not the best outing and I could not really enjoy THE moment!! Do you relate in any way to that feeling? Have you had any issues like heartburn or anything that was difficult to deal with? Did you suffer from constipation and how did you deal with it? In your diet I hardly noticed any fibers or veggies I also eat out a lot with my work and sometîmes I do not count properly and overeat. The pain lasts for 30 minutes and than subsides. Did you feel that at all? Does it get better? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Fay
  3. 3 months post with terrible tummy aches

    Hey Terrie From what I have read on these pages, it is all about acid in the stomach. So I take as per my doctor s recommandation Pariet 20 an acid blocker every morning, and I have bought over the counter medication such as Tums for extra relief during the day. I variate the medication as I have used other's experiences as well. Sometimes what you use today will help but other times it will not help as much. When was your operation? Best of luck.
  4. Constipation and Protein

    Thank you for sharing Jabsie. I am struggling as well with very difficult constipation and am trying out different methods to try to relieve myself. To almost no avail. Thank you Kate for posting this thread. I was dreading bringing the subject again but it feels good just sharing our difficulties.
  5. Dry heaving after surgery?

    Hang in there Caspian. I had terrible nausea for 72 long hours than, when I got home I never took med anymore. It will be better.
  6. Did you ever cheat? Honestly?

    Hey there my friends, Tomorrow will be 4weeks post up. I am doing very well and have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. This morning I had an appointment with a nutritionist. I liked her very much as all her recommendations are in line with what I have read on this forum. She was shocked that I was not put on any protein shakes and thinks I really need to up my protein intake. According to her, chicken stock soothes the stomach but is in no way a replacement to real protein. She was fine with my "cheating" being yogurt which she approves of. She asked me to run some extra tests which were not done to me earlier to assess my vitamin levels. Last week end we went with the family to a small hike in the mountains and I was able to walk and enjoy the scenery. I have lost a total of 20 pounds and I am very happy about that.
  7. Sleeve


    Hey Purple Bear, I had my surgery 3 weeks ago on APRIL 6. I had very difficult 48 hours. I wondered why I did that to myself. But once I was home, I never took any pain medication. I was really fine and comfortable. Now, since my doctor did not put me on any diet whatsoever, I had very very difficult times sticking to the liquid diet. For a whole week, all my dreams were filled with food!!!!!!!;-))))) and I cheated a few times!! I should not have but I did. I ate yogurt on day 4 and would add suger to most of my fluids. As no protein drinks were prescribed to me, I tried to focus on chicken broth. Now I am fine. I do not have those cravings anymore. Three weeks post op and my doctor does not want me eating yogurt. Go figure!!! He wants me to start with fish and boiled vegetables. I have found this forum extremely helpful since my doctor has not given me clear guidelines and often forgets to explain to me all details. I try to walk as much as possible and I have noticed that I get very tired in the afternoon, even if I take a nap, I still wake up tired and lazy. My doctor does not want me to take any vitamines either which I find strange. Maybe that could explain my tiredness. He said that, as of tomorrow I can start with minced meat so that should help. I have scheduled to meet a nutritionist on my own next week. I want to check if I do not have any deficiencies. As I live in a very closed community, I have decided to not tell a soul about my operation. Until now it is going on well. Even if some people suspect that I did something as drastic I would vehemently deny it. Finally, I have hit a stall this week and have not lost a pound. As I read through the posts, I knew stalls were going to happen so I decided to weigh myself once a week every Wednesday as this was my surgery day. I do not want to focus too much on how much I have lost as this is a long and arduous process. I have lost 7 kg since my surgery. Take care, Fay
  8. Did you ever cheat? Honestly?

    Thank you for your answers. I will remember what you have all said when I am tempted!!! I have to keep busy and avoid being around food which is not always easy. My doctor does not have a nutritionist on hand. He is a bit clumsy on what to eat and what not to eat. I should find a nutritionist very soon.
  9. Hi there I was sleeved 10 days ago. Feeling good. Doctor did not put me on pre op diet. And by the time I was done I was told to drink clear liquids only. But I cheated. Yes I did. Being in the kitchen, cooking for the family, smelling food, .... Was too tempting. So I started with greek yogurt. 6 days post op. my doctor s office was really angry at me but they did not give me any clear action plan. than one day, I actually chewed meat and threw it after chewing it thoroughly. The taste was heavenly. I just feel it is too hard to not eat. I mean I do not want to cheat on chocolate but I need to eat something, preferably salty. How bad is it?? Have any of you ever cheated? That early on? Thank you all.
  10. Hi Jen, i am 5 days post op. My doctor has kept me on clear fluids only -water, watered apple juce and fennel tea. No protein no chicken broth. I am tired too but it is really acceptable given what we went through. Listen to your body and rest. It will pass. You are allowed to feel tired. take care Fay
  11. From pre op to post op!!!

    Hi Jen I got home yesterday night as well. Really hope you re doing fine. I had difficult 48 hours in the hospital. But home feels great. Liquids do stay in too. Fay
  12. Sleeve

    Hello I will have the sleeve op on Wed. Doctor have NOT put me on any diet. He said to enjoy food as I will be restricted later on. Very bad idea. I think I have put on 8 pounds since than. I am an emotional eater and the stress has pushed me into overeating. I relly hope this surgery will put me on track. Fay
  13. Support needed 1 week post op

    Res i will copy and paste this in my notes and read it every day after my surgery-scheduled this Wednesday- Thank you for writing it. i hope it will help me cope with my emotional eating. Enjoy your skinny you. Hope I will too ;-)))
  14. Looking for buddy/mentor

    Hi autumn I am scheduled to have my sleeve in TWO days. Needless to say,I am very nervous. Good luck on your journey. Fay i
  15. July / August 2016 surgery - wanna hold hands?

    Hi Eileen good luck in your journey. I will keep you posted on how things go. Fay