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  1. Hi I am new to this group and I seen you mentioned TN? I am from TN and having some issues with cigna. They told me wls was not covered. I tried to asked what the requirements were since my dr is suggesting the surgery. I got cut off in mid sentence saying it doesn't pay at all. Any advice would be helpful...I'm thinking about not going to my appt. My BMI is 46 and I have type 2 with other health issues that are caused by weight.
  2. Hi! I am new to this group...I am also new to having cigna. I go to my 1st dr appt tomorrow to hopefully begin my weight loss journey. But I am very discouraged right now. I have spoken with cigna earlier and asked if they covered weight loss surgery...I got told my plan does not cover the surgery. I then ask what are the requirements and I got cut off in mid sentence with "him" telling me my plan doesn't cover at all. I'm thinking about not even going to my appt because I finally got the courage to actually go see a doctor to be shut down. I'm hoping it's just because they need to hear I medically need the surgery from my doctors... I hope this made sense...
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