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  1. Vision Changes

    Thanks for the info. They were surprised by how much vision had improved.
  2. 1 more day before eating changes forever.

    I just ate foods that are already smooth, like yogurt, or that I already ate whipped or mashed, like creamed soups. For some reason, I had a mental block that prevented me from putting appetizing looking food into a blender and turning it into a paste. It didn't appeal to me at all.
  3. Help, I have a leak

    I am sorry about that. Hope it all works out for you.
  4. 9 years out VSG/ getting back on track

    I appreciate the fact that most people posting here are transparent and honest. It helps me prepare and strategize. I some times think people struggle with perfectionism when dealing with their weight. An all or nothing mindset which doesn't lend itself to dealing well with slips and getting back on track.
  5. Vision Changes

    So, I had my eyes examined in November 2015 and again today. My distance vision had improved significantly. The doctor thought it might be related to my weight loss, but I haven't found anything definitive on this topic. Anyone else?
  6. 2 years out... throwing up

    I drink when I eat. I know that's not what most people do. But otherwise I can't eat anything very solid. I don't have enough saliva and the food doesn't go all the way down and will come back up.
  7. Rash

    Sounds like allergy. Bandaid adhesive causes itchy blisters for me, and penicillin a general itchy rash.
  8. Getting used to "empty"

    Is the empty feeling physical or mental? I was always hungry before surgery, but not so much after. The only time I think about eating is when I am bored. I eat on a schedule because I start to shake and get a headache if I go too long without eating. I too think it's interesting how everyone's experience is different.
  9. 1 more day before eating changes forever.

    I found the first two or three days the hardest. It became easier after that. I don't know about the fruit. I wasn't allowed any during my presurgery diet.
  10. One Year Surgiversary! And GOALS for next year

  11. Update

    Congratulations and good luck.
  12. Red meat?

    At this point, I can eat just about anything, except excess fat or sugar. The last food I added was steak and roast.
  13. Gallbladder Sludge

    Post gall bladder removal my bile duct got blocked and it didn't show up until they put a scope down.
  14. Surgery ✔

  15. Greetings from Iowa

    I only know one person who had surgery, and she didn't follow her doctors instructions with the results you would expect from not following directions, but I have found lots of good information and resources here.