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  1. Thanks for your responses guys! I actually did try one out this morning. Before I went, I talked to the owner for a while. Its not what I necessarily would have called a boot camp, like others have joined that I know, but I liked it. Its not as intense (wasnt for me because he gave me a modified routine) as I thought it would be. I made him aware of my sleeve and that Im only about to be 7 weeks post op, my diet, and my current exercise. It was a small group and after warm ups, he pulled me to the side and worked with me individually t/o the class (because Im so not in shape) and modified a lot of the exercises for me so I can work my way up to what the rest of the class was doing. Everyone in the class is in different phases... Im just the newest one. To answer your question cinwa, Im bad with counting my cals, but it varies Im guessing between 500 to 1000 daily, depending on if Im doing more food or more fluid t/o the day.
  2. Nectar by syntrax worked for me. The chocolate was most tolerable for me
  3. Hi everyone! Im wondering if anyone has experience with joining a fitness boot camp. I am in my 6th week post op and I have started working out, but I dont really know how, if that makes sense. I can go get on a treadmill or elyptical, and do some things on the strenth machines, but Im not really getting any results with my midsection, which is my biggest area. My legs are getting thin quick and I want help with exercises that will target my problem areas more. My co worker had the VGS and she joined one and looks great, but her surgery was about 3 years ago. Am I jumping the gun by joining a vigerous workout like that this early on? Thanks!
  4. Any tips for fatigue?

    Thank you PaPaG
  5. Any tips for fatigue?

    Thank you cinwa! I will give it a try
  6. Any tips for fatigue?

    Calories are usually around 400 to 500/ day at this point. My protein is still mostly in shake form but I recently started adding soft foods so I eat protein rich foods like yogurt and turkey chili with no beans. My fluid intake varies. I tey to drink as much as I can between shakes and meals. I know Im not always getting 64 oz/ day. The less I eat, the more fluid I can take in throuout the day. Sadly, It feels like a trade off.
  7. Hello all! Im in my 3rd week post op for the sleeve and Im having trouble with fatigue. Depending on my level of activity during the day, I can sleep for 12 to 15hrs at night and still not always feel rested. Im getting worried because I return to work next week. I work 12hr shifts overnight in a hospital, and my job requires a lot of running around. Right now, my diet consists of soft, high protein foods/ shakes to try and reach my protein target for the day and after I get my protein, I dont have room for much else. Im hoping to be able to incorporate more fruit in my diet when I cross into week 4 on Wednesday. My weight loss has also completely stalled this week. Does anyone have any helpful tips as far as increasing energy level? Thanks
  8. Mexico Surgery?

    I had my sleeve done 2/24/2016 in Juarez with Beliteweight. No complications or issues so far.
  9. Hair loss ??!!??

    Have you been losing hair despite getting your 60g or so of protein a day?
  10. New to the group

    Thank you
  11. New to the group

    Hello all! I am 6 days post op for the sleeve. Glad this forum is here. I have already found so much encouragement and support here.
  12. Hi BoogieLee,

    I had my VSG on 2/25/16, so we are pretty close! Good luck to you.

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    2. caramascara


      I have lost a few, but its so much liquid in (and TMI) liquid out, that I'm sure it's nothing that means anything. When I got home from the surgery I was surprised to see that I was heavier than when I went in. 

      When I used to weight myself when on diets, I would make sure it was right when i woke up, but after I had a BM and before I took a shower. That way I could get as close as possible to my real weight.

      If you think about it, we are hydrating so much, we are never really empty enough to know how low we actually are.

    3. BoogieLee


      Thats true. Its the same for me. Im 5lbs heavier than when I went for the surgery. Im just trying my best to follow the diet and walking routine. Hopefully it will start to show soon.

    4. caramascara
  13. Soda

    I was told its because it can create excess gas and nausea when you are post op, which can increase complications. You are 7 months out, so if you are tolerating it, I dont see it being a major issue
  14. Im glad you posted this question. I had my sleeve done on 2/24 and came home about 5lbs heavier than when I went. I know Im not supposed to weigh everyday, but I have been, just to see if the extra weight was gonna be gone and no such luck so far. I go out to walk everyday and Im following my high protein, low cal liquids as well. Im starting to feel discouraged because I have several coworkers who had the procedure and they have said I should be losing such a large amount of weight the first few weeks.