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  1. Thank you. Yes life can definitely get busy & feel like there is not enough time. I am starting the 5 day pouch test today, I have stocked up on canned tuna which is very easy to get to. When it comes to cooking actual meals is my struggle because by the time I get home from work, & cook something, its getting late. My daughter & I usually eat sandwiches, soups, mac n cheese, not filled much with protein so it leaves me feeling hungry. When I do have time to cook, its usually not too bad, I cook eggs, chicken, fish, pork, rarely red meat. I eat salads, veggies, rarely any rice, maybe once a month pasta. So I don't choose too bad of foods, I am working on portionizing again too. I am not someone into sweets but occasionally I will have a candy, birthdays a piece of cake. Those are the things I wish I wouldn't tolorate. I know it's not often having them items but being able to tolorate them doesn't help me from eating them. I will take your advice & try to have chicken on hand, I want to try to prep cook but I have a hard time with the taste of leftover already cooked chicked or pork, it has a taste to me that I dont care for but I am willing to work on it to make this work. Making breakfast for dinner was something I used to do, I think I'll try that again too.Thank you so much for some tips.☺
  2. Thank you tmcgee I am so sorry to hear your wife isn't doing well, & that's never an easy thing to go through or to watch your loved ones slowly slip away...I'm sorry. It has been tough as the years have passed, I don't know how I got myself back into my old habits again, I know I have lost a lot, even loved ones, have been really depressed & stressed out beyond my limits these past 5 1/2 years so without paying attention I have put my health behind me yet again. I am back at being overweight, I too have medical issues & this is the reason I need to do something to get back on track to become healthy again. I used to always workout, be active & full of energy after my surgery but now I work full time, am a single mother at this time, & always tired. I feel as if I failed myself. I eat whatever because I am too tired to prepare meals at times, which isnt good at all. I wish your wife & you the best, & my prayers are with you both.
  3. I am new to this site am going to start the 5 day pouch test tomorrow but am still worried about my pouch. I feel that I have restretched it because I can eat a large amount of food but then also have days where if I don't eat much, I get super full fast with a few bites. I still get dumping syndrome from time to time but not not like I should. I can eat certain sweets & be ok but wish I would get the dumping syndrome so I wouldn't eat it period. I found that throughout the years I have slowly slipped into my bad habits again & that scares me. I am gaining weight again & I know I need to do something quick to stop it. I would like to connect with someone with the same problem so we can try to help each other through this problem & connect with everybody else that has had gastric bypass as well.
  4. Thank you everyone for welcoming me to the site, I look fwd to getting to know all of you & getting help with support as well as try to help others with what I can.
  5. Thank you Wendy, sometimes I get scared & fear that I have stretched my pouch because there are days I eat a lot but then days I can barely eat, so it confuses me. That's why I joined this site to get the support & help I need so I can get bacj on track. Thank you so much for your reply, I will take your advice & any other great advice anyone can five me.
  6. Hello I am a new member on this site. My name is Judy, I had my gastric bypass surgery almost 10 years ago coming now in April 2016. I joined this group to meet people that had surgery too, to share ideas/get ideas, for a support system because I am struggling to stay on track & lose weight. My highest weight started at 253 lbs, I got down to 145 lbs. But the last 5 years I have gone back up to 190-196 lbs. I am becoming scared to keep gaining, & need a support system. I hope to get it here since I work full time & am a full time mother of two with very little time to do much.