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  1. Thanks for the support and kind words from u all so great that i found this site! Ps nurses make the worst patients ha ha x
  2. Hi Res thanks for the support only one week to go now x
  3. Hi there mrs stevens thanks for the reply im booked in for monday for my gastric bypass am super excited and anxious too! How was your pain post op? Thats the main thing im worried about. Thanks for the connect x
  4. Hi, I`m having my gastric bypass done on the 11th of April and am anxious but also super excited! I would love to touch base with some other people in Australia who are in the same boat or have had a gastric bypass done. I actually dont mind if you are overseas and wanna buddy up....Im not fussy just want some support and understanding Take care, Shakira x
  5. Thanks so much guys! Am day 4 on the pre op diet and getting anxious and excited about my Gastric bypass surgery on the 11th April x
  6. Hi everyone! I am an Australian woman who is booked in to have a gastric bypass on the 11th April......yes three weeks and two and half days away (not that I'm counting!). I am a nurse who has gained a lot of weight over the past five years due to medication I have been on and always being hungry which is not fun. I am so excited about having the bypass done and cant wait to get my life back.....but also very nervous not so much about the surgery (as i trust my surgeon completely) but the pre and post surgery requirements Luckily I have a husband who is a nurse also and a very supportive friend and family network. I have been looking at the before and after photos here in the forum and it inspires me. Take care Shakira x
  7. Hi everyone, I am booked in for a gastric bypass for the 11 April 2016 and very excited. I am just in the process of organizing my Optifast and Chewable vitamins. I was given two vitamin names by the dietitian which were BN Multi and Nutrichew and have been researching them online. I am in Australia and the postage is quite high even from Australian sellers and the tablets are also costly. I was told I need to be on them for one week pre op once daily and then twice daily post op forever. I have also done some research and a lot of people say they taste horrible! I was wondering if has any experiences with taking these or other vitamins? Any recommendations and suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks so much x