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  1. When I started this journey I was 245 lbs. The morning of my surgery I was 235 lbs and I'm currently 202 lbs. I'm 3 months post op so obviously having only lost 33 pounds in 3 months I feel like I'm a slow loser. Is there anyone that experienced something similar to me in the beginning and then your weight loss really amped up after a certain time? I lost 15 lbs within the first 10 days of surgery and then I stalled for almost 6 weeks. YES 6 weeks! Any advice???
  2. What did you go with? Which surgery!?!?

  3. @savannah91 I just had my seminar this evening and it went great! Dr. McNatt did the seminar and he was very thorough. I've been researching this night and day for forever and I'm ready. He did mention that BCBSNC was the easiest insurance company to work with. I asked him how long he anticipated everything will take from start to finish and he said possibly 2-4 months. He said that they would call me within 1-2 weeks to set up my initial consult. My question is did you wait for them to contact you or did you contact them. I'm ready to get started but don't want to seem to impatient. How long
  4. Thanks for letting me know. I'm leaning towards the sleeve. I do have acid reflux at times but nothing that I take daily medication for. I can take an OTC for it if necessary. I guess I'll have to speak with my doctor to find out if I'm still a candidate. Thanks Savannah!!
  5. Wow Savannah that's great news! Like I said my seminar is this coming Tuesday. I work for BB&T so I wanted to know if we had any company-specific criteria. I called BCBSNC BB&T customer service yesterday and she told me that their only requirement was morbid obesity and a Blue Distinction Center. Savannah may I ask you if you had to have multiple appointments with anyone (nutritionists, psych, etc) prior to approval? Also how long was it from your approval to your surgery date?
  6. I just joined this community and am in the very early stages. I will tell you that I am a singer as well and have been since the age of 4. I know exactly what you're going through. About 6 weeks ago I went to an ENT doctor and they stuck that AWFUL tube up my nose and down my throat. I had 4 weeks of vocal rest. That was unsuccessful so I was recommended to a vocal coach. The "polyp-like" nodules are very common among long-term singers. I also have folding issues. I'm slated to start vocal training in March in hopes that learning "how to" sing will correct my problem. Surgery is, of c
  7. I read my company-specific policy and the requirement is morbid obesity and a Blue Distinction Center. I should point out that I have definitely had failed weight loss attempts. I even took one weight loss product last year that caused me to have a grand mal (tonic clonic) seizure. It was my first one ever in life. Very scary! My neurologist said that the particular weight loss supplement was more likely than not the cause of it. I'm hoping all of this will help my case with the insurance company!!
  8. I'm new to this site but I must say that it's AWESOME! It really feels like a family and community which is beneficial since we will all need each other throughout this process. I am at the VERY beginning stage of my decision to have bariatric surgery. My seminar is next Tuesday so I'm undecided about which surgery to have. I have BCBSNC through my employer. I've found that bariatric surgery is covered as long as it's completed at a Blue Distinction Center. It also states that I have to be morbidly obese (which i am). Does anyone here have BCBSNC insurance? What was your approval process
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