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  1. Donald_S

    Pants won't stay up

    And on a related topic now that I think of it, do you guys just go swimming with the sag and say "screw it, this is my body", or do you have a way to make it so it's not bad?
  2. Donald_S

    Pants won't stay up

    I haven't lost the kind of weight that many people here have, but I brute forced the weight loss without surgery (trust me, starving has been no fun). But now I am having a real problem with my pants. I've always had a really saggy belly. But now with the lost weight, I have the same sag but I don't really have enough belly to keep my pants up. I'm having to really cinch up my belt to keep my pants from falling down. There is just no way I'm going to wear suspenders. So does anyone have a suggestion about how to keep that from happening? Thanks so much!