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  1. Hello! Opinions needed.

    helloi just had the sleeve surgery 2 weeks ago and am doing awesome have already lost 30 lbs the liquid diet isnt all that bad. My hubby was very scard too but it has all worked out. Its the best thing i have ever done for myself. with the sleeve surgery therre is no dumping syndrom which was a plus for me. which ever surgery u have done you will do great. Tell hubby to relax
  2. Things you need to know

    Thank u so much these points are very helpful. My surgery is today
  3. Surgery today

    Well hello everyone. Today is the big day. I am finally having my surgery. It has taken over a year to go through the process. The 14 day liquid diet wasn't that bad. I even cooked dinner for my husband without the desire to eat it. I must say it smelled good but I had a goal in mind and that helped a lot I am very excited about today but also a bit nervous too. I just want to say anyone who is going through the process to get surgery I know they make u go through a lot of different stuff and sometimes it seems a bit crazy. But u just hang in there and don't give up and your surgery day will come too
  4. Liquid diet

    hi everyone. I am on day 8 of my liquid diet my surgery is on November 2 and I can't wait. I will be honest I have wanted to give up a few times during the past 8 days but I am keeping strong and will make it. I am looking forward to the purre diet this liquid diet is for the birds. I have talked to other people that have not had to do the liquid diet before surgery but I will do as my doctor says and keep going. I have to drink 6 protein shakes a day and I am having a really hard time getting them down. After this is all over I don't think I will ever have a shake again. Well I just wanted to get this off my chest I know that there are some that understand what I'm going through so if you have any information to pass on I would be most grateful thank you and I hope u all have a blessed day.
  5. Got surgery date

    I am so excited I finally got my surgery date. It will be on November 2. I can't wait to start this journey in my life the only problem is that my husband is not on board at all he has begged me not to do it. I love him very much but I am doing this for me I'm not being selfish at all I'm doing this to get healthy. I have been in the 300es for like the last 8 years I have lost 40 pounds on my own but it's not enough. I keep telling him the benefits of the surgery and he keeps telling me the bad stuff. Bottom line is I am having the sleeve surgery with or without his blessing. Is there anyone else that has gone through this. And if so how was the outcome. How do I get him to see the good not just the bad. Thanks so much
  6. Anyone from moline Illinois

    O trust me I am doing the surgery I have been going through the process for almost a year one and nothing or no one I'd going to stop me. I am so sick of being fat, tired, and just not motivated. this is going to be a new start for me and I look so forward to it
  7. Anyone from moline Illinois

    Thank u so much for all the info it was really helpful
  8. hi I am looking for a buddy. Someone that will help me through this process. My surgery should be real soon I have an appointment with the surgeon o Sept 1. My boyfriend is totally against me having this surgery. So I am looking for a support buddy to help me get through this Thanks Andi
  9. Middle-Aged Maine Man

    Hi just wanted to say you made my day. when I read your post and you said big boned I know what you mean I am also big boned but sometimes people just don't get it I will never be 135 if I get below 165 I look sick so I am looking to get down to around 180 or maybe a little less. I have not had my surgery yet it will happen in ether april 2016 or may I am looking so forward to it. I have to be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks before the surgery. I keep thinking how am I going to do it but than I keep telling myself one day at a time I will get through it I want this so bad and I know I will feel 100% better with this weight off. Well you have a blessed day Andi
  10. I'm new

    Hi my name is Andi and i am about to have surgery in the next few months. I came to this forum to hear other peoples storys good or bad and also looking for support as well