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  1. Hi All, please can I ask what week you moved onto your purée stage? I'm currently on week 2 and still on liquids. I don't think I can stomach another soup... thanks Little
  2. HI All, I am from the UK and in May, I will be flying to Vegas! Last week I had a gastric bypass and it will make me around 10 weeks post op when I am due to fly out. Do you think I will be able to eat much (as in solids) by then? I would like to be able to also have the odd glass of wine but I don't think that will be the best option for me. I am currently on the liquid diet and I seem to be doing surprisingly well. No sickness, I can also drink lot's of fluids which is great. I really don't want to cancel Vegas, it's unfortunate that this was booked before my surgery.
  3. Thanks all! Will see how I do tonight and if it's not great will get a body pillow. Thanks for the advice! X
  4. Thank you! I'm looking forward to the journey ahead! Xx
  5. Hi all, i had my gastric bypass on Tuesday and I have just returned home. My discharge was really rushed and the nurse didn't say anything about any special way of sleeping. I know in hospital I had to almost sleep upright. Is this the same for a little while? thank you
  6. Hi all! I am officially on the loser bench woohoo! Very difficult couple of days but finally all the drips are out and I will be discharged shortly! Thank you all for your kind messages X
  7. Looks like we're having surgery on the same day! Good luck xx
  8. Hi All, I am having a gastric bypass tomorrow! I am currently feeling pretty worried about the risk factors with surgery. In the UK (where I am form) It's something like 0.8% mortality rate and for some reason, I cannot focus on anything else but this! I know that it's very low 1 in 1000 but I am scaring myself. How did you all feel? Thanks Little x
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