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  1. Thank you, it went well! Apologies for the delayed response I am actually at my first offical visit! I may not be able to move forward as i am changing insurance soon. Will be finding that out today.
  2. soummer

    Hate greek yogurt

    I know what you mean. I've loved yogurt since the first time I tried it. When greek became all the rage, i fully expected to love Love LOVE it! UGH! I wanted to spit it out! Think I did, actually
  3. I'm going tonight! In about an hour! I'm excited! lol
  4. soummer

    Hate greek yogurt

    Hi Punk! I use equal measures of 0 fat plain greek, 0 fat yummy flavored light regular yogurt (no aspartame) and whatever frozen fruit i am in the mood for. I do stir it up, let it sit while i get ready otherwise, and when i come back, its still cold but the fruit has thawed and gotten nice and juicy. Stir it again and eat What is neat, to me, is I have discovered that doing this REALLY thins it out, and changes that yuck texture, enough that i think i will buy light flavored greek instead of regular next time, and see if that doesn't work, too. it would be awesome to increase the protein like that!
  5. This isn't really a recipe, but it helps! I love yogurt, but the texture of greek yogurt makes me want to run and hide. I have found that mixing it half and half with regular gives me the texture I like, and adding frozen fruit, allowing it to thaw and get soft and juicy, covers the sourness of plain gurt. If you hate greek yogurt, too, how have you made it palatable?
  6. How are you doing? Keep it up, the light at the end is getting brighter!
  7. Breathing and smelling food, you crack me up! I have been told in the past to cut out sweets and limit bread, rice, etc. The thing is, I don't eat sweets. Not a regular basis. I don't buy them, there are none in the house, I don't crave them, I just don't! Now, I do crave bread and rice and mashed potatoes... but I don't buy them, either. Cause if they were here, I would just eat them until they were gone, basically. My new doctor, when I asked for help with weight loss, told me to cut back on sweets. I wanted to punch him in the face...but I clam up when upset and didn't say a word until I got in the car and started bawling uncontrollably. Should I stop smelling? Classic!
  8. I think its perfectly natural to rebell somewhat. What's important is that you are aware of what you are doing, and are taking steps to get yourself under your own control. You are the boss, not the Fritos!
  9. Even after the surgery, I wouldn't buy bulk powders/shakes. Not for a while. Its quite possible your whole sense of taste will change (re: fiance) and you do not want to be stuck with barrels of suddenly gross shake. Oh, I think I read that one company will refund you if you don't like their stuff, even opened powders...can't remember which one!
  10. soummer

    Feeling Blah

    I understand the anger. Gosh I don't mean for every comment to include my fiance, but he is the source of most of my WLS experience, so... I was angry with him for a long time, before and after his WLS. The man was NOT following the rules! He was really, really bad Yes, it was he who suffered, but since I love him, I wanted him to be healthy and comfortable and ALIVE. We will be married by the time I have my WLS, if approved, and I am afraid I will bite his head off if he tells me even once I'm doing something wrong!
  11. I needed to hear that, too!
  12. soummer


    I already dread the protein shakes. I tried them when my fiance was supposed to use them and didn't like them at all. I've learned some tricks that I will try, like making up a batch the night before so it can really dissolve and get nice and cold. And of course everyone has a different brand to recommend! I am trying not to worry about it and just deal with it when it gets here...can't honestly do anything else!
  13. I can understand that! I would be afraid I would disqualify myself if I gained
  14. soummer

    The Basics

    Well, I will probably end up copying all my comments to my own blog, but I feel a WLS kinship with you I am REALLY glad you are getting this done so young! I had a lot of the same experiences. I did not have PCOS, I had abuse, but many of the results were the same...I was excused, permanently, from gym class, so inactive. Ate horribly but mother was an excellent southern style cook! I've yo-yo-ed up and down the scale. I'm like literally twice your age at 53, max weight 265, CW bouncing from 258 to 262ish. A year ago I was at 199 but gained because things. I'm a Leo and we are so far compatable on the dating scale lol We are in the same size clothes! I have spine, neck, shoulder issues. I use a CPAP. If you were to continue like this to my age, you might well have the Congestive Heart Failure and be pre-diabetic, too. My heart breaks for you that you are unable to have kids, but I am full of hope that you WILL be able to soon! You seem to have a great sense of humor (also like myself ) and that is a great quality for a mommy. Yeah, I don't know about that ideal weight business. I can't picture it, either. But I will tell you that my fiance had WLS in 2014, is off ALL his meds, and lost ALL as in 100% of his extra weight! He started in a size 46 jean and now the size 30s are lose. It IS possible! Oh and... not as much flab as you might have thought. He actually looks AMAZING I am really excited for your upcoming life changing event!
  15. What did you end up doing? My fiance did not tell many people at work, and ended up getting very sick from being a very bad boy at lunch. He was doubled over in pain and sweating, so of course they thought he was having a heart attack. They called me in a panic (we worked in the same building). They were freaked out and wanted to call 911 but he kept telling them no...from the bent over position. I was used to his bad behavior, but this was taking a long time to get over. I became concerned that maybe something else was wrong, so I had them call. They were mighty glad to! Now here's the good (bad) part: went they left us alone to make the call, he confessed that they had spicy food for lunch, and since these particular people didn't know about the surgery, he did not want to look weak...and ate the extra spicy death sauce. OMG So... if he had just been upfront, and compliant, the whole horrible mess would have been avoided.