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    The new me!

    To be honest I can't even tell you are the same person, well done on your hard work. You look great now!!
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    So far, but still not close.

    Actually to be precise the lack of hair is bald.... hehe
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    Just joined the site yesterday and wanted to say hi, I used to be in the Navy (flying helicopters) and weighed a pretty reasonable 190lbs (I have to convert these weights as I am used to working in kg haha). I left the Navy and had lots of negative life events happen over a 12 year period and am now 360lbs. I hate my weight, I hate being big.... I hate what I think people think of me probably because it's what I think of me. I am from the UK and I tried to get a gastric band there but there were lots of hurdles to jump through and I couldn't afford to go private. I have been out working in UAE since last May and because I am out here my salary is a lot more so I can afford private surgery. I have two options at the moment Gastric By-Pass and Mini Gastric By-Pass and I am leaning towards the mini as the overall aftercare seems to be a lot better and a lot more intensive. I have to be honest I am scared, I love food and I am scared how I will cope. I am worried about how my tastes will change and what will be the differences. I am worried about having saggy skin after I lose weight (I am 41 so not too old). I have a BMI of 50 ( 6ft and 360 lbs) and I know it's not healthy. I want to ride motorbikes again, especially sports bikes, I want to run again and most of all I want to SCUBA dive again... none of these things I can do now. Anyway I just wanted to say hello and tell you a little of my story.