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  1. My one year surgiversary was last week... 160 pounds down... 30 BMI lower... I feel like a True Athlete. My goal for second year is to drop 30 more pounds get to 10 % total body fat and get Shredded! Just wanted to update my thinner times family, and say thanks again for being there in early days post-op I was terrified and you guys were there to make me feel better. <3
  2. So happy for you Wendy, you're such an inspiration
  3. Great job man! I'm working out daily to do what you're doing ! How much weight have you lost so far and where was your BMI and what's your current BMI ?
  4. Omar2.0


    One thing that occupied my mind post op was the issue of excess skin. Seeing videos with people having to deal with excess skin was worrying me, to say the truth even disturbing in some cases. I was 385 lb before surgery. Now (6 months post op) I'm at 249 lb. Skin is still in good shape. I can see a lot of stretch marks becoming visible but no loose skin yet. Okay, maybe a little at the bottom of my belly but nothing to be self conscious about. I would like to speak to the men in the house on this one, I would like know your experiences with excess skin if you had any for that matter. Was the excess extreme to where it was a burden? What was your weight before surgery ? What is your current weight ? How old are you? Have you had skin removal surgery or not ? How did you deal with it? Anything that you can add or share regarding SKIN post-op. Thanks,
  5. It's Omar again... I would like to share the good news with my favorite forum. Today I mark 6 months since the day of the surgery. I'm down 133 lb total weight loss. BMI is down to 34 from it being 54 before surgery.
  6. Hi everyone, Some already know that I got my RNY gastric bypass surgery earlier this year, and one of the discomforts that one may face, especially if not following the diet guidelines early on post-op: Is the "dumping syndrome". Few days ago I experienced the syndrome for the very first time, and I wanted to share my experience. Early that day I had a small ice coffe from DD and I finished the entire drink (16Oz), later on the day I decided to get another one. About 45 mins after finishing that drink, the "trip" starts. At first I started feeling pain in my abdomen as well as my lower chest region, then later nausea and horrible dizziness kicks in. I was so uncomfortable I was rolling on the couch not knowing what to do. I felt weak and helpless. I didn't even know what was going on with me for the first few mins. My father who is a physician, told me that I am experiencing dumping syndrome. It lasted about 40 mins and then disappeared abruptly. I've had a much milder trip later that night as well, but only lasted for 10 mins. Anyway, my advice is: STAY AWAY FROM EXCESS SUGARS for those having RNY Gastric bypass and enjoy the positivity and incredible results. And have your coffee with a Splenda it tastes good and can't tell the difference in a flavored drink. Thanks and wish you all the very best.
  7. Thank you all for the support, and cheers to this community for being positive and informative all the time <3
  8. First image day of surgery Feb 1st Second image few days ago feeling good and blessed to be where I am today.
  9. Hi everyone, I have been changing the packing for drainage incision daily. I am eager to reach the point when I don't have to do that anymore. Any telling on how long I will carry on changing the packing ?
  10. Welcome Lisa, that makes 2016 yours and mine. I got my gastric bypass surgery 12 days ago and at 28 lb loss. Wish you the best
  11. Thanks to all of you for the warm hospitality. And WendyH thanks a lot for mentioning that. That literally was going to be my next post. I have noticed that today and yesterday I've only lost 1 pound. That's a huge a drop in the rate I was at since day of surgery. Now at least I know, it's normal
  12. Hi everyone I'm Omar, I am a 24 years old, I go to school and I work full-time. I got my surgery done on February 1st 2016. I chose gastric bypass, and I'm new to this, but got many recommendations to join forums and social communities to better assist me on this journey. I'm 6ft tall and my starting weight was 383 Lb and today I'm at 358.6 Lb.