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  1. I had sleeve surgery in April , 2015. I have gained 15 lbs back and reviewed my situation with the surgeon . He stated that the size of the stomach was almost it's original size. The surgery performed did not take out the desired amount of stomach required for the sleeve to work properly He suggested that he perform a re-sleeve in order to establish the proper stomach size and deletion of hunger hormones. Is the re-sleeve a safe surgical procedure ?? I am concerned about post op problems due to the re-sleeve process Thank you for your anticipated response
  2. I had sleeve surgery in April , 2015. I have gained 15 lbs since the surgery , after an initial loss of 30 lbs. I have never felt full at any meal since starting on solid foods . My food portions are similar to pre surgery. My doctor says to limit portions but that is why i had the surgery . I needed a tool to help control portions , but it has not worked. Does anyone else have this problem