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  1. I am chatting with our insurance and they've actually been very helpful. My husband had gone to an open informational meeting offered by the doctors office first. The doctors office said the doc was a $40 specialist charge and so did insurance. Even our insurance website listed him as a "network provider" . The problem is the office didn't inform us that they double bill which is " their right" to do so as their billing manager told me. They charge one charge for the doctor and the second as the "facilities" charge. For four months they only charged us the $40 copay now they're going backward to October 2015 to impose the "facilities" charge after the fact. Hence the $800 bill. I'm ready to contact our local news station and see if they want a story.
  2. Be very careful with thes facilities. I am normally not a neigh sayer. Initially we were thrilled with Banner Gateway Bariatric Center we were assured Dr Podkameni was a covered physician with our plan so our copay would be a $40 specialst copay great! My Husband started in October of 2015 with regular weigh ins and meetings with the doc and nutritionist. Fast forward to the end of January 2016 and we are served with an $800 bill?????? How we paid our copay at every visit needless to say I was confused. When I called the office I was then informed they are a double billing facility what this means is that yes or specialist copay pays for the doctor. But then they also bill as an outpatient service for the hospital. Which means going in for a doctor visit to be weighed and visit the nutritionist is the same as if you're having outpatient surgery so you get an out patient hospital carge/copay on top! What???!!! This is insane. We then found out that not for a single office visit of a weigh in and nutritionist our insurance was being billed $965 talk about gouging health care no wonder our premiums are outrageous. These days going forward and doing it on our own now because we're certainly not going to pay these crazy copays, $140 per visit and we have excellent healthcare coverage, I can't imagine what it is costing those that don't. Needless to say they backdated the bill 6 months to incorporate these charges. How do you provide a service at one price and then go back and charge more for it later. Thank goodness Safeway or Fry's doesn't operate this way or I'd love to be able to go back to somebody's home 6 months from now and say I didn't charge you enough for that service I think you owe me $800 more. This is crazy.