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  1. Sometimes I can't . Do you guys ever have this? Some days I can eat just fine others it's like I care barely eat at all.
  2. I drink the premier protein it has 30 grams. Im also able to eat really moist chicken thats the only way Im getting in my protein
  3. Take your pain meds and walk
  4. Im doing good 5 weeks later. Its been tough but worth it.
  5. Im 5 weeks out and in the same boat. Im just tired all the time. =[
  6. I had a little piece of chicken and Im pretty sure it was not moist enough. I feel like being on stage 3 this soon is a little crazy. Ive been eating sugar free ice pops and broth since I threw up haha. Im almost to scared to eat.
  7. This girl =[ Not fun at all. Not sure what triggered it but it hopefully it never happens again.
  8. Thank you all. I felt pretty terrible the past week but today is a new day and feeling much better
  9. Everything went well! Going home in a bit
  10. Everything went well. In a little pain waiting to get discharged
  11. Mondays the day! Scared and excited =]
  12. Got a date feeling a little nervous