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  1. I would definitely wear and pack loose comfortable clothing including some slippers or easy comfortable slip on shoes, I also took my mobile phone and tablet with a extra long charge cable for each, also a magazine or 2. I cannot stress how important I found having some half decent headphones was too. I had pre-loaded some movies onto my tablet and load of music too. I found that when I was in pain or uncomfortable then watching a good movie helped take my mind off it dramatically. I also loaded a series of Family Guy, this helped alot as it made me laugh a bit, also made me popular with alot of the nursing staff, also fans. Capstick or what ever lipcare product you prefer is a must as well. After my operation my lips where incredibly dry and chapped. If your a light sleeper etc then maybe a eye mask and ear plugs. Also dont forget your wash kit. The hospital might be able to supply you with this but I wouldnt expect anything errrr...."luxurious" I hope this helps. Good luck with everything. If you have more questions then please feel free to ask me, i will try my best to help if I can. Paul. :-)
  2. I was not told anything about the best sleeping positions or anything like that either, so I presumed there wasnt any issues. However I found sleeping on my back ever so slightly upright was the most comfortable for me. I brought a 'V' pillow from Amazon for a tenner or so and its been marvellous. It hurt when I slept on my sides, from the surgical wounds on my stomach rarther then anything internal. Im now in week 4 and im more or less back to normal.......sleeping wise anyway. Good luck. Paul
  3. Hello Sorry I have not posted now for a days. I can drink my cups of tea black, however such a small amount In the cup doesnt seem to be too bad. Its now been 8 days since I have been given the all clear to start eating and drinking. The progress from when I first posted has been excellent. I am now able to take on alot more liquid throughout the day Including milk. I am also feeling alot better. My stomach doesnt ache all the time now and the hiccuping and burping has calmed down a great deal. I still get a sickly feeling If I drink to quickly or too much milk, but I believe thats completely normal. Im looking forward for the next few weeks to pass so I can move onto some solid and more exciting foods. I honestly cannot thank you all that commented and passed on your advice and own experiences to help me, you really put my mind at ease when I was getting more and more concerned. A MASSIVE THANKYOU TO YOU ALL!! Paul. (P.S I apologise for any spelling or grammar errors, my laptop has broken and Im left using my tablet.......and Its pants)
  4. Dear WendyH, MaggienScout, Res Ipsa, cinwa & LeeC, Thank you very much for your warm welcome and for taking the time out of your days to read and reply to my post. I am very humbled by all your kindness, thank you. Today has been slightly better I think. I also reckon that its the milk that im taking on that is the main culprit of the excess upset stomach upset, burping and general unpleasantness. Tomorrow I shall be cutting it completely and see how I fair up. Now, if it is indeed the milk that turns out to be causing the problems, what do you guys take as an alternate which gives you the protein that you need? I have been looking at the protein powders/shakes that you can buy from health shops or gyms, the ones where you add 3-4 scoops of the mixture to some cold water and hey presto, you have a protein shake. Has anybody else done this?? Once again, im so very greatfull for you all taking the time to read my post. Very much appreciated. Paul
  5. Hello and good day to all. My name is Paul, im from a small village in the county of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Thank you for having me. I had my RIYGB on the 1/2/16 and today was my first full day home aftef leaving hospital. Im a little concerend about a couple of things and hope that with the fountain of knowledge experience on this fourm somebody somewhere might be able to help. "fingers crossed" I more or less understand (i think) all the basic rules and what to and not to do. However i still am having trouble getting down the recommended 2-3 litres of liquid a day. It seems like i am constantly sipping throughout the day but it doesnt seem to be enough. I have also "just" managed a pint of milk plus 3 or 4 cups of tea throughout the day. At times my stomach will hurt (like a mix of sicky and cramp discomfort) i think this is because i have drank too quickly or taken to bigger mouthfull of drink possibly. Also im seem to be burping alot, usually after drinking, and my belly rumbles and moans like crazy! There has been a few times when these said burps have nearly turned into vomiting, but so far i have managed not to. This is what is concerning me the most. Is this normal? My wife is getting concerned as she thinks im not drinking enough, although i tell her that if i force more down then i currently am then i surely will vomit, and i was told to avoid this so soon after surgery as it contracts and pulls everything. Dont get me wrong, i understand after surgery there is always going to be variying levels of pain or discomfort. But if someone anywhere could shed any light on the matter or prehaps experienced the same and can tell me to calm down and stop panicing i would be massively greatfull. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post. Paul.