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  1. I also had the real hunger feeling. It didn't last as long as Murk. Reaching the pureed foods stage will help for sure! I also no longer have any hunger unless I am really low on protein and then my body let's me know. It will get better, hang in there!
  2. This is me on my wedding day 12/24/15 and 12/24/16. Same dress, new body! This is 6 month post-op gastric sleeve.
  3. My NUT also told me that as long as i'm getting it in, and it's not more than one protein shake a day, it's not a problem. I can't do breakfast unless it's liquid. My father is 3 years out of having the bypass and still uses a shake a day and he's maintaining! Do what you can do! You're making a great choice in the morning, it's no glass of chocolate milk and donut!
  4. Stuck

    I got it girl!!! Mine too! I honestly didn't change much, more protein if anything. And I got my head back in the game!
  5. Stuck

    Kimchan, did you do the reset? Did it help?! I know carbs are already a problem for me, they sneak up on you quick!! I know inches are leaving my body but man, I NEED to see those numbers drop on the scale! My wedding and engagement ring no longer fit as my hands have started to thin and I've already had it re-sized once. I am the same weight as I was November 5th when I wrote this post!! I saw my nutritionist for my 6 month follow up this morning. I told her all the bad things I had done, like eating a slice of pizza!! ( I know, I know) but in the scheme of things I may not be eating enough. I often snack on yogurt, nuts, protein shakes or protein bar, jerky etc. I have one meal a day and that's for dinner. Usually a protein whether it be chicken, fish, turkey kielbasa and some veggies, like maybe 1/4 a cup. My nutritionist told me to be a human for the holidays and not beat myself up (still watch what I eat). My exercise NEEDS to increase I went from running around working with children all day to a desk job where the only movement I get is from my yoga ball I sit on or getting up to re-fill water or use the bathroom. My entire adult life I've never been smaller than my current weight. That's what really has me down about this stall. I am going to start planning and sticking to it! Maybe on the 26th I'll lay in bed all day and pretend to be recovering from surgery trick my brain into thinking I just got sleeved! Thanks for all the advice everybody! And Happy Holidays!!!
  6. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I haven't been on for a few weeks, but about two weeks ago my husband surprised me with a date to Happy Wheels. I rollerbladed!!!!!! I'm sure I didn't look graceful but I never fell and I actually did it. Before losing some weight I never would have even attempted to roller blade
  7. I can no longer eat anything without my stomach sounding like it's going to explode. The problem has gotten worse the last few weeks. My intake of food seems to be going backward. I was tolerating larger amounts well, and now I'm a few bites in and start to feel so full. I was eating an entire contained of oikos zero and now can only get 1/4 down before my stomach rumbles and I feel like i'm going to get sick. Does this happen to anybody else? I see my NUT in a week and will obviously speak with her about my problems. I just want to know if any others experiences the same thing.
  8. Stuck

    Yes I've talked to my NUT. I try for 500-600 calories. Still 60-80g of protein and fluids at least 64oz a day. As for carbs I don't know. I don't count them because my NUt wasn't really worried about them. Probably get the most from yogurt
  9. Stuck

    My weight has not changed since September 24th... that was 3.5 months out. Is my weigh loss done? I knew stalls happened but I'm on the verge of a breakdown..
  10. Since getting sleeved I have been obsessed with watching food network shows. It was the worst during the first month when I was still healing and binge watching tv. My husband calls it food porn! He was afraid it would trigger wanting to eat bad, but it helped me and my head hunger. I would watch other people get full or feel happy eating it and that would satisfy me. What can I say, I'm a weird one! When I crave sweets I watch cupcake wars or some kind of baking championship. I get up and drink a protein shake or have yogurt and then my craving is gone! When I want greasy fried food (or my head tells me I do) I watch like Man Vs. Food and watch that silly man stuff himself full of gross food. Maybe this will help some that still struggle with head hunger!
  11. Drinking with meals

    I was told that it was previous rule in my program to not drink before as well, but because the liquid moves so quickly out of your stomach they have decided to move it to just after. My parents are both almost 3 years out and still follow this rule. If I eat something spicy I rinse my mouth and thats it. It makes me feel very sick if I drink and eat.
  12. For those that do not feel hunger.

    I'm now just over 3 months out. I didn't feel full until I head the pureeds stage and then BAM!! My body now lets me know by hiccups. When I feel a hiccup coming I know i'm done eating. If i don't stop I start feeling sick and my hiccups begin to hurt. It's strange but I guess not unheard off. I called my nutritionist all the time in the beginning because I thought I was getting too much in, but you're consuming liquids and semi liquids which don't sit as heavy and move quicker than other foods.
  13. Worst eating habit

    Putting condiments on everything!! Like ranch dressing with pizza crust. Or too much dressing on salads. The constant food at work was bad too. There was always some kind of baked good almost everyday and I would just graze! This is the same for any family event. You would think we were italian. We make enough food to last 15 people a week worth of food. Once my husband and I started eating better months before my surgery we would have "Fat Fridays" and that became the only day I would allow myself the use of condiments! Other than balsamic dressing on days I had salads. I now can't handle the flavor of any processed condiment. I do use siracha or hot sauce now, and that's about it.
  14. In the post-op forum the subject of being over complimented and getting sick of the attention has come up. I never had this discussion pre-surgery but it's a good one to have. How are you going to feel when all the attention is on you. When people you see time and time again comment on the weight you've lost. How are you going to feel when your weight loss is almost alway the topic of conversation when you see someone you haven't seen in awhile. Really think about it. It sounds nice right? For some of you, you'll love the constant attention and praise. I heard "excuse me, skinny minny" the other day! Ha! I am far from being skinny but I still loved it! For others you'll feel very uncomfortable every time somebody says something to you. So prepare yourself for how you will feel and how you are going to react. If you plan to keep your WLS quiet how will you answer questions like "are you ok" "what have you been doing differently" and comments like "you're too thin" or "you looked better with more meat on your bones."
  15. Over it???

    I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I'm only three months out, but I love the comments. I was unhealthy and I do have to work the surgery to see results. I knew I looked bad, that's part of the reason I started this new journey. In my local support group I'm the only one who likes the attention from others about my weight loss.(Maybe it's because I'm a Leo!) It's definitely something they should drive home before surgery. "How will you feel when all the attention is on you?" It's a big one and for me, right now, I hope the compliments just keep coming. I was never able to take a compliment before because I had such low self esteem, but now I feel great and I still have looooooooooooong way to go!