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  1. Okay guys, I'm looking for some help. It's been a little over 3 months since I've had my gastric bypass roux-en-Y surgery and I'm down 66 lbs, however it's been like that for a few weeks! It fluctuates and I haven't been losing any more. I want to know if this is normal, and hopefully some other people have gone through it and then it comes off a bunch again! I'm just starting to get nervous. Help please!
  2. Hi! I just recently had RNY on 1/19 and noticed you weighed the exact same as I did (1 lb less!) but we are the same height and you look WONDERFUL! I was wondering how long it took you to get there?!

  3. Needing Some Support

    Thank you both very much! I keep hearing from everyone to hang in there but it gets very hard sometimes. Especially when people who have no idea how this feels comment on it! I know this is a temporary feeling and once I keep losing and losing the weight I will stop caring as much. But it really does get depressing at times. However I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way at first! Thank you guys for the support I really do appreciate it
  4. Hello all, I'm new to this. I just had my surgery on 1/19/16, and I'm having a really hard time adjusting. I've been able to keep everything down and haven't had any problems in that aspect. I've already lost 27 lbs which feels really good, but I am missing good food like crazy!!! I know it shouldn't be on my mind, but I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has felt this way, or if I'm just too obsessed with food! I loved to cook and bake before surgery and I just feel like I can't enjoy food anymore. It's put me into a depression, and I just wanna know I'm not alone. Any advice? -Alison