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  1. I have been fortunate. I do weigh every day (against what Dr, told me) but I am using a weight tracker app and want to track it good or bad. Yes I have had gain days, but mostly losses. My Surgery was October 10th, as of this morning I am down a little over 77 lbs. I am waiting for that "disappointment" show to drop, I know I will plateau and I am prepared for it. This past week was the first time that people have really noticed that I am losing weight. That has been encouraging. I am getting all my vitamins in, NUT added Iron and Vitamin D as those were low on my blood work, I am getting about 80 grams of protein a day and over 100 oz's of water. I do add Vitamin water Zero for some flavor. My diet varies quite a bit, I am very aware of what is going in my mouth. My old trigger foods have not triggered me......yet! I have so much more energy and I am taking advantage of that, using elliptical, riding my bicycle, walking a lot more, just tons of energy. Sounds like you are doing what you need to do to stay successful, just know that you have the tool to succeed. Keep up the good work and you will reach your goals!
  2. No weight loss

    Your body could still be in shock from the surgery, the only thing I can say it be patient, it will come.

    I must admit that my first week went slightly better. I could not get broth down, the smell of it gagged me, water was difficult, day 1 I got maybe 4-6 ozs of water down and that was it, each day got better and at 1 week I was getting close to 64 ozs in, but it is a tedious process. My first protein shake took almost 2 hours to get down, every sip made me queasy, take a sip, lie down, take a sip lie down and on and on. I didn't experience much pain, I quit pain meds in hospital the afternoon of the surgery and haven't needed anything. My taste hasn't changed much, but I haven't had any major cravings and being on week 3 now, I am still on soft foods, I am still liking some of the blended soups I've had and they are a go to for a quick meal with some protein powder in them to make them worthwhile. The first 2 weeks I slept on my left side with a pillow to support my belly and that was SOOOOO much better than trying without it. My Surgeon prescribed me an acid controller that I take every morning, I have not had any heartburn or reflux. I think if you can bear to move around as much as possible (walking), it speeds the healing process. I have an enormous amount of energy now, and now instead of sitting in front of the tv at night, I've been cleaning the house from top to bottom, purging things that need to be thrown out, and just started doing the same to my garage, I will start working out in another week or so. I must agree with everyone that says it does get better, like others said, it is a major surgery. The few people that do know about my surgery are amazed at how quickly I have rebounded. Everyone is different, it may take you a bit longer, just know on the other side of all this you are going to feel awesome!!!
  4. Alcohol.

    ThinCVT.... Thank you, This has been a decision that I literally have put off for more than a decade, I was just scared to do it. My Aunt had RnY in the late 80's and she is still extremely successful with it and she was the person who really started pushing me probably 15+ years ago, but I was just fearful. I got to a point in my life that it was a last ditch hope. I told my surgeon in my first consult that I was still scared to do it, but I would rather die on the table during surgery that to continue living the life on the path that I was on. I have to say even being 1 week out from surgery, It has been one of the best life choices I have made and I truly wish I had made it sooner, I lost a lot of years of doing things I had a passion for simply because of my weight.
  5. Alcohol.

    Thank you, I missed it for about the first week, but after that not so much, I slept better, felt better, etc. This week I start soft foods, so I am sure the cravings will come. I used to also be a hard candy fiend, would always have some near by, I will see how that goes hahaa, I do like the sugar free popsicles and SF jello, so that may be my new sweets go to for awhile.
  6. That's awesome! What was your hardest battle to overcome in that time?
  7. Foggy head and always tired!

    Make sure you are getting enough Iron too. They sure took enough blood from me to last me awhile I am still on blood thinners for 2 more days, can't wait to get off those, everywhere they poked me is nice and bruisy.
  8. Exercise

    My Surgeon recommended 4 weeks for anything strenuous. To be honest, I have been using my core muscles quite a bit just laying down, sitting, standing up, etc. to the point of thinking I would have a hernia. I am only a week out and I am getting more active, but cautiously.
  9. Stalling?

    One thing my Surgeon told me was to make sure I am eating enough. If you aren't taking in enough your body will try to conserve and hold back on you. He actually relayed a story from a patient he had seen that morning that was complaining of very slow, almost non-existent loss at her 30 day follow up, when he looked at her food log he said she wasn't getting enough nutrients. My surgeon wants us to keep logs of everything that goes in, including water. I use an app called Baritastic.
  10. Foggy head and always tired!

    Are you getting enough liquids in?? I know I am not, I keep getting closer to my daily goals and may actually hit them in a few days, but I am less than a week out from surgery. In my previous life I had gotten dehydrated and the symptoms were very similar to what you are describing, with a few added.
  11. Alcohol.

    I was a very heavy drinker, usually go through 1.75L bottle of rum every 2 days, Rum and Diet coke was my poison. When I went to see the surgeon in February, they told me I'd have to stop prior to surgery. I lived it up until my birthday in April, stopped and haven't looked back. I have no interest in it, my goal is to get healthy. To be honest, it was totally empty calories, A LOT of empty calories. I had my Surgery this past week and I have not experienced what I knew as hunger, have not had cravings for trigger foods or alcohol, waiting for that shoe to drop. For the past 6 months when offered drinks in a social situation, I have just told friends that I've stopped drinking for my health. I have no desire at this point to start it up again.
  12. Officially post op

    Thank you Cinwa! I am happy to be here and so very glad I made the decision to improve my life, it will open new doors and re-open so many that have closed in my life due to my weight! I am so excited to be on this journey and to be here with so much support and information, I can only hope that I can become a useful voice here in the forum. PS: I love your quotes!
  13. Officially post op

    I premeasured mainly for convenience. While I understand it is not subject to the limits, I have not been able to get more than 4 ozs down in a sitting. Yes, it got old about the 2nd time I had it. Yesterday per instructions I was able to move on to cream soups so I had some split pea soup, today will try lentil soup, so far everything has processed well. Have never felt hungry and have to force myself to eat and drink. I feel great and every day is better than the last!! It is still tedious trying to get the volume of water in, but living in the desert, I know how important it is. I am so very happy I made this decision to improve my life.
  14. Officially post op

    The Dr said it would be tedious. I am doing what I can do but am not going to stress about it. It is easier today, my new stomach doesn't like broth, so gonna forgo that for awhile.
  15. Had my surgery Monday morning. Have not needed any pain meds since late Monday afternoon. My Surgeon cleared me for clear liquids Tuesday morning. I was soooo thirsty, but didn't feel hunger as I used to know it. I had a sip of water and got immediate spasms and nausea, had to lay down for a few minutes. I tried the broth and it also created issues. It got very emotional because I wanted something so bad, but just couldn't do it. I kept everything I tried down, I was released mid day. Had real difficulty getting fluids in, in fact only managed to get in about 10 ozs of water and a popcicle. Today (day 2) took another shower, have been walking quite a bit, have 20 ozs of water in plus jello. Sooooo much easier today, still having to take it slow. No major pain, only whenI cough, sneeze or hiccup. Definitely keeping a pillow close to hug when I cough, it helps. I was able to take my vitamins and other pills this am as well. Tomorrow I start protein. Yay! All in all I can't complain, it's been a very smooth ride. Prior to this week, I premeasured out my broth, put in solo cups in freezer. Put them all in gallon zip locks and back in freezer. When I want broth I can pull a frozen broth disk out of the freezer and heat it up, makes it easier and quicker.