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  1. Been a while

    Hey guys! I'm 5 weeks post op vsg. I've lost 27.4 pounds. But I'm having issues still. I'll put them as a list and if anyone has any tips kn what I should do please let me know! Puking up foamies Nauseous quite a bit Dizzy/ close to fainting if I get up too fast Feeling very weak Can't get my water or protein goals in. Barely hit 20 oz of water. Got a cold a couple weeks ago and it still hasn't gone away. Started smoking again after surgery and I'm trying to quit again. Smoking even makes me feel really nauseous and sick. I just feel like I'm failing at this. I love the weight loss so far but I feel stuck now. I can't eat and drink right. If I want to get alot of water in then I don't eat and if I eat I'm scared to drink cuz I might feel sick. I'm too dizzy to exercise I feel like I can't get enough sleep either. I'm so tired all the time. Is this normal? When will I get onto a better eating and drinking and exercise schedule
  2. Weight loss

    Definitely! Thank you!
  3. Weight loss

    So I am almost 3 weeks post op (VSG) and I have lost 17 pounds. I'm happy with that but now the scale hasn't moved for a few days but I won't let that discourage me! I haven't been walking everyday because it's hard with my busy schedule but I'm buying a treadmill from my uncle so that I can exercise at home and still watch my son! I'm so happy I made this decision! At first I was having a hard time. I miss food I miss eating as much as I wanted but I would rather be healthy and happy so everytime I think that way I just say to myself " remember how shitty you would feel after eating because you want to lose weight so bad" and then I feel better!
  4. One of the hardest things I'm going thru post op is learning how to eat and drink again. I end up going too fast and I get dumping syndrome. It sucks. I'm 5 days post op and it's a struggle. I'm not hitting my water or protein goals. I'm trying I just get so full so damn fast it's impossible. Hopefully it gets better as time goes on.
  5. Post op questions

    How about organic green tea?
  6. Post op questions

    Had surgery on the 27th. VSG. Came home today. But I've had this horrible sensation like air bubbles or gurgling or something in my chest then goes up my throat after I drink ANYTHING and I don't understand how I'm suppose to meet my water and protein goals if this happens every single time I makes me want to puke I have to deep breathe to keep from puking everywhere
  7. 2 day pre op diet

    What should I do because last night I slipped up and ate some peanut butter will I be okay for surgery? I also had some plain spinach leaves. Surgery is tomorrow. And also my wisdom tooth is trying to push thru so it's swollen and my throat hurts because of it. Will this be okay for surgery?
  8. I cannot believe i made it this far!!

    My new life is coming. I'm so excited. I'm so proud of myself. I had my last pre op appointments today and everything is good to go.
  9. Psych evaluation

    Sounds like a good thing if he encouraged you to go to the support group. Good luck!
  10. Well...

    That's just how you took it. Not at all what I was saying.
  11. New Life Coming Soon

    I am assuming that's what it is. I'm not required to do a pre op diet for that long. Just 2 days before surgery I have to do a liquid diet
  12. Well...

    Today I quit. Been doing good. 8 days til surgery. Pre op appointments rescheduled for Friday. I can do this! Thank you for all of that information. I hope 8 days is enough time to be clear of smoking for surgery. I'm doing VSG
  13. Well...

    So my dumb @*# kept smoking even tho I shouldn't have. Now my last pre op appointments are on 3 days and nicotine definitely won't be out of my system by then. I'm not sure if they are even testing me but if they are I'm screwed. My scale keeps going up n down so I'm not sure if I'm at my goal weight or not. Why do I keep doing this to myself? I'm so mad at myself right now. I did good with eating and exercise today. I'm just stressed and I really hope everything works out for me to have surgery on the 27th. Please pray for me!
  14. So excited!

    Thank you!!
  15. Coconut oil

    How do you guys feel about it? I see so many mixed reviews on whether it is helpful in weight loss or not. I added some to my chocolate protein shake and it was so good and it filled me up!