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  1. Judging by your picture, you look absolutely healthy and quite lovely. Keep up the good work. PS - I get the same remarks, just stay the course and enjoy your new life. Good luck!!!
  2. I hated the bariatric chewables too. I just use Flintstones complete twice daily. I guess I'll find out next month when I get my bloodwork done. I'm 18 months out BTW.
  3. Sending hugs and comfort your way, we all have our moments, just know you're not alone <3
  4. Late to the party here as well, advice to anyone else, drink it ice cold as quickly as you can. Make sure you're on the toilet when you do LOL...
  5. My NUT recommended using one of those little electric coffee mug warmers, they run about $10, and are just the right size for a small plate.
  6. dredfern


    You look amazing, great job!!!
  7. I'm 15 months out and at my goal weight 125 lbs. Headed for menopause (52 in May). I'm starting to get my period twice a month, it's very painful with heavy clotting and lasts about 8 days. I have to change pad/tampon every 1-2 hours. Before surgery it wasn't nearly as bad, I have an appointment with my OB/GYN LMNOP on Monday. Anyone experience anything like this? I did have a hysteroscopy about 10 years ago and they removed some polyps, maybe they have come back???
  8. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. My surgeon definitely billed separate from the hospital. They both required payment up front. Good luck!!
  9. Beautiful, before and after. Keep up the great work!!
  10. Fabulous my little "Hercules"
  11. I was told not to worry about my calories in the beginning as well. Was told to concentrate on getting all my protein and fluids in and take my supplements. I still tracked it in my fitness pal though. I don't think they worry about calories early out because we are able to eat so little any way. I think once you get to maintenance mode is when it becomes more crucial to count calories.
  12. I'm almost 14 months out, and it took me probably 8 or 9 months to see the new me in the mirror. I could seriously see the difference when I did side by side photos. Good luck on your journey. I too am feeling amazing
  13. I had to be cleared by a cardiologist before my surgery, they did an EKG. I think it's pretty standard.
  14. Have you tried your water at different temps, flavored zero calorie water, non caffeinated tea? I even went with low sodium broth to get my daily intake up. You need to sip all day long.