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  1. had my surgery this past Monday. Praying for good weightloss results
  2. I'm trying to conceive did anyone have fertility issues, have WLS, and conceive after losing the weight If so, after delivery were you able to lose the weight again ?
  3. Please stop while you're ahead. I was just like you curious, then I learned that the drinks helped me belch, then before you know it is was back up to 330 pounds and here I am getting ready for revision surgery because I stretched my pouch. After my surgery, I will not do anything the doctor tells me not to do.
  4. Has anyone had any long term success with wls if so how are you doing it or is it a fact that you're bound to gain the weight back ?
  5. After posting asking the likelihood of being approved for a revision, a rude individual shared her thoughts to my post. I was declined by the insurance company and the messages begin pouring in encouraging me to simply trying again and don't give up. I'm proud to say that I was informed that my revision was approved by the insurance company on the second try. Thanks everyone for being supportive and encouraging me not to quit. I'm determined to make this work This time and stick to the program. Oh and thanks for the nasty response I appreciate you also. If you are denied please try again. *exc
  6. did you have any issues with the insurance companies getting your revision done?
  7. did anyone encounter any insurance denials regarding your revisions? I need a revision done but my insurance denied to cover it now we're submitting an appeal. Wish me luck!
  8. I was just denied by my insurance to have my revision done. How likely am I to get approved once the surgeon sends in a letter for the appeal? Is it me or did anyone else encounter these issues with trying to get a revision done?
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