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    Hi Everyone... I haven't been on this site in years. I am 6 years out, and starting to regret having surgery. Let me start by saying that for all intents and purposes... my roux en y HAS been successful. I am still down 100 lbs from my pre-surgery weight. However, I am now having complications with the pouch not working correctly and my bowel being paralyzed past the anastamosis. I am in and out of the hospital getting fluids and pain meds due to the "delay" in my bowels. I have tried to get a hold of Dr. Callery's office.. And conveniently NOW that I have a different surgeon that will see me they NOW say he can see me. It is NOT Dr. Callery's fault for these problems, but I really do hope that someone can fix what is wrong so that I do not have to go the rest of my life with this problem. I am hopeful. It is not pleasant at all. I wish I could see Dr. Callery but now I guess he isn't able to see me because I have contacted a different bariatric surgeon... (Although I didn't contact him... a general surgeon contacted him because the problem was found to be with the surgery) Either way, if I had known then what I know now... I am not sure that I would have had the surgery.
  2. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is as special as you are. I wish you all good things today and throughout the coming year!

  3. Hi Guys.. for those who don't know me, I am Stuart's Wife. He had his surgery today and all went well. Man I have to say it is so hard being on the other end of the knife.. and watching your loved one in pain. He's a champ though. He's bleeding a bit more than I'd like but the Doc seems to think it's normal.. gosh I don't remember mine too much so I don't remember how normal it is. He's doing good though, and that is what matters. It's going to be a long night without him here with me at home, but he's where he needs to be right now, and I am thankful that he is ok. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.. Pam.. good luck on your upcoming surgery!!! Miss you girl !!!! P.S. He got the On Q pain pump inserted for pain relief.. that's a blessing too.. I love that thing!!! Wish I had that for all my plastic surgeries.. hehe
  4. I'm a plastic girl myself.. lol It's been over two years since my bypass.. and over a year since I had my tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast reduction and lift and arm lift.. and I feel great.. of course I feel bad because my insurance covered my 100% without any said documentation of irritations or anything else.. I just got lucky.. hit the jackpot as you could say.. in my life, my marriage, and my surgeries..
  5. Just a word of advice on those meds.. usually the side effects are worse than the symptoms.. make sure you get all the risks and benefits explained prior to putting that stuff in your body. Just a word of caution.. my neurologist explained this to me.. the treatment is worse than the symptoms sometimes.. in his words.. not mine..
  6. I am almost 2 years out on the 31st of this month.. but I have my moments when I actually realize that I am a "normal" size and people see me that way too. Most of the time I just feel like myself.. I'm always going to be a "thick girl" in my mind. I have heavy patients that tell me how tiny I am and I tell them about my WLS so they know I know where they come from and I have walked in their shoes.. I don't want them to think badly of me as I did of thin people when I was heavy. I had a trauma the other day and our trauma surgeon yelled at the X-Ray people because they were tossing me around like a rag doll and not letting me get to the patient like I needed. He said "come on as tiny as she is you can't get around her, give me a break.. it's not like she's any bigger than my thumb" The comment made me think.. is that what people think about me? That I am tiny? WOW!!! So in some ways I do feel "normal" and not like I stick out anymore. In other ways I feel guilty.. because I know that others have and are struggling after the surgery.. and it's been relatively easy for me thus far. In most ways though, I think I do feel normal.. but this is new for me.. it has taken a lot of therapy and about a year or so of living in my new body to accept who I am and for my mind to catch up. I still find myself sucking my gut in when the elevators are crowded or trying to pass by someone in a tight spot.. I guess some things never change .. lol I don't know if this answered your question or not.. but I hope so.
  7. I didn't have this prior to surgery, and I don't believe my husband did either. However, we both suffer from a form of this post-operatively. However, mine is due to Neuropathy that I encountered after surgery. My Neuropathy is due to a vitamin deficiency.. so if I can stress any one thing that would be to take your vitamins.. I suffer horribly from this, and I would hate for anyone to do the same. This was a totally preventable thing that I have put myself through and it is irreversable.. so please take your vitamins.. and take them religiously.. You won't regret it..
  8. Prior to my wls I was being waxed every 2-3 weeks. Since my surgery, I can go up to 2-3 months between waxings. I wax my eyebrows and upper lip. Once in a while I still get that one stray hair on my chinny chin chin.. but who doesn't? LOL Hope this helps.. good luck to you.
  9. I still enjoy my new job. It is a great place to work. It is so different working for a boss who actually appreciates me and respects me and values me. Wow what a difference. Everyone knows I have had the surgery done and everyone is pretty good about it. As a matter of fact a few people I work with have had it done too. I have noticed a slight change of trends since I started though. When I first started, like any other hospital job, there was always some kind of food (usually sweets) laying around. Well, I have noticed more and more that the stuff coming in and being consumed is sugar free.. lol I have opened some eyes at work I guess. My habits are rubbing off on others. Oh sure some people can eat sugary snacks and maybe do fine with it, I choose not to go there. My husband and I do allow ourselves the occasional treat of sugar free endulgance, and we're ok with that. We don't and won't eat sugar, it just does not exist in our worlds any longer. I guess we both know that if we knew we could eat it, we wouldn't stop with one.. so we just don't go there.. lol Life is looking up. I am still on track with my weight.. not gaining, not losing.. just maintaining my healthy weight. I take the stairs at work a lot of the times because the elevators are so dang slow. The only time it sucks is when I have to go the ninth floor.. lol My husband is great, I adore him still. He treats me like a queen and I feel lucky every day to be waking up next to him. He's been working a lot of overtime lately and I miss him. I feel guilty because I was out for a couple of days with pneumonia and a sinus infection and I know he was making up for the money that I was not brining in. He's a great man. I miss my friends here, I feel bad that I haven't been in touch. I hadn't been on the forum for almost 2 months. I didn't know about Rain's holiday party, I just found out about Dr. C's holiday party. I would love to go tonight, but I would have to come straight from work.. and I don't have the address or directions. If someone wanted to call me and let me know how to get there, I would sure stop by for a moment??? Anyway I have to get ready for work now.. I miss everyone here and will try to get on here more often.. argh!!
  10. I have to say that as with gastric bypass, everyone tollerates all surgeries differently. I had a tummy tuck and a breast lift and reduction at one time and the tummy tuck was slightly painful but the breast lift and reduction was very painful. Then a month later I had my arms and thighs done. The arms were sore, but the thighs were excrutiating!!! I wish you the best of luck. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat though. I am actually waiting to see if the Doc will do a revision on some of the work that I am not totally happy with.. argh!! But I'll wait for now.. kind of have that new job and all.. can't really take time off now.. lol:p
  11. I know it sucks to lose your job. I got fired for going out for plastic surgery. It took me six months, but I finally found a great job that I absolutely love and it pays much better too.. hehe I wish you all the luck in the world.. you'll do great!!!!
  12. I started out at a 46-48EEE and by the time I got ready for Plastic surgery I had a 36 D cup that I rolled into my bra. I told Tonya I looked like a Sharpe (Sp?) puppy.. you get the point.. lol Anyway I now have a lifted and reduced size of 32B and I couldn't be happier!!! I was tired of the pain that they caused my back and frankly I didn't like being big chested to begin with.. lol I love em, I love em I love em!! So does my husband..
  13. I have a card, and so does my husband. I used the card one time at Knotts Berry Farm because that is the only place that questioned me ordering off of the childrens or senior menu. Most of the time we don't get hastled for splitting a meal (which is what we usually do) or ordering off the senior or kids menu. Sometimes they charge a dollar to split a plate, but they are all very nice. We still bring home leftovers. I don't feel the resturant gets cheated at all for us doing this. We can't eat a lot, but we do TIP A LOT!! The waitress gets the tip that she would get for two full adult meals instead of just a kids meal split or something of that sort. Sometimes the tip is greater than the bill, but he/she works just as hard so they don't get left out. That's my two cents anyway. I don't usually order off the kids menu unless it is at Outback or somewhere I can order something that isn't fried. Sometimes appetizers are what we get or split I should say. Either way the resturant and the waiter get their money. I feel as long as you tip good, you should be able to order whatever you want. In the beginning I always felt I had to justify what I ate or ordered by telling them I had surgery, but after 20months I have learned just to say "I am just not a big eater" when they question why I want a to go container for a small piece of chicken.. That's my two cents and hope that helped clarify my point of view on the actual subject that was requested to be answered. I'd use my card though, if I needed to, like if someone asked me why. I am not ashamed, and don't feel as if I am forcing a resturant to accomidate me because of my personal choice.. heck I was a waitress and many times people would come in just for coffee and a pastry or something or an appetizer to split.. who haven't had surgery. I don't think they should refuse to sit them at a table or treat them different if they are just there to socialize and eat a muffin or just have a cup of coffee.. so I don't see that it is different at all.. but that's just my opinion.. and who am I anyway?? LOL
  14. Stuart and I will be there for sure!!! We wouldn't miss it for the world. Kelly I can't wait to see you!! I am so glad you're coming!!