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  1. COVID has put a hold on many things. Also my insurance company is just being ***** (insert favorite insult here) about plastics. Going to self-pay and sue in the end I guess, maybe I'm going to get some money back but that doesn't eliminate COVID-waiting lists and that things have to be planned when it comes to time off work.
  2. In general patients can take any product that fulfills the criteria provided by the dietician (or so we were told). I maybe wouldn't take gummy vitamins during the first few weeks because of texture.
  3. Changing "bad habits"... Just be careful that you don't adopt new "bad habits" while losing weight. There is a plethora of "bad habits" (I always cringe when I read that term) leading to weight loss: obsessive calorie/macro counting, compulsive exercising, ignoring hunger cues, ritualized eating, eating foods with ingredient lists that read like chemistry class...
  4. Can't help of thinking about this as kind of... disordered, dunno. In my own ears it sounds weird enough that I usually wouldn't be mentioning it because I don't want to get into a discussion about it and I feel admitting to this has some potential for discussion. My body image changed for the worse the moment I decided to have plastics and started the process. Before that I somehow just lived with the skin. It didn't really bother me enough to risk more surgery. It bothered me, yes - but not enough to take the risk and shell out the money. Anyway, after having lost only a bit mor
  5. Thanks a lot for summing this up. I agree with the majority of it but I want to comment on three points anyway: I was in awe that I was suddenly able to really implement and use that knowledge I already had. Before WLS it seemed to be impossible. In my experience quite a few obese people are very educated around food/eating. I like touching my bones. Does that count? No, seriously... that's why I think it's so important to find a lifestyle and reach a weight one is happy with. Because if you're happy with both, you don't need to be motivated constantly by some "goal". You
  6. Every regain story I ever read about seems to contain the following: "and then life happened" "then I went back to my old ways/habits". People usually attribute this to a lack of willpower and/or commitment. I attribute this to having failed to adopt a lifestyle that is sustainable even in rough times from the beginning, one of the reasons being the rush of quick weight loss being irresistible and that ludicrous talk about "the window of weight loss" contributing to this on top.
  7. I think that this might be the real keyword in the whole debate around weight re-gain: "individualized". We're always talking statistics, e. g. when looking at the "importance of breakfast" that is emphasized so often: as it seems (IIRC it was the nation weight control registry finding out about this?) 80% of successful maintainers are eating breakfast. However, what about the other 20%? They're obviously not eating breakfast. So there is at least a 20% chance that one is in the group of people doing quite fine or even better without having breakfast. In the end there is a lot of tri
  8. That would be great. I actually found it kind of hard to listen to her so I stopped pretty soon into the video. Might be because I'm not a native speaker.
  9. First of all I disagree with this. I don't think that maintaining is harder than losing. I never understood why maintaining should be harder than losing? What's the reasoning behind that theory? "Losing weight" is hard work for the body and while "maintaining" might still require work and vigilance, being in a calorie deficit feels much worse than being at equilibrium. 23:36 min - does she provide a summary of the list at some point?
  10. No reason to justify yourself to other users. You've successfully lost weight, maintain that weight loss and that's proof you're doing things right.
  11. I get late dumping when eating too much sugar in combination with alcohol, so it's on very rare occasions since I don't drink much alcohol. As for early dumping. I think I had it a few times but somehow my intestines got desensitized. You might be a dumper for life or not. Time will tell.
  12. I think there are some very important "rules" not mentioned: - get rid of as much diet mentality as possible as soon as possible - learn to exert flexible control when it comes to eating and exercising - find a lifestyle you can maintain long term and that doesn't feel like a millstone around your neck - raise your eyebrow at nutritionists/dieticians that push a "one size fits it all approach" and find a dietician that respects your needs and preferences - have a good thought about if "losing an additional 8 lbs" justifies jumping on the dieting-merry-go-round again
  13. I took Celebrate's iron supplements for a while (60 mg/d) because my Hb was always a low normal but haven't taken it for a while. Labs were ok so the dietician advised not to start them again unless labs show a need for it. Iron shouldn't be supplemented into the blue. Not everyone needs iron supplements, some need lower, some need higher doses, others need infusions from time to time because they don't absorb oral iron. Mind you, I don't have a monthly bleeding because of Mirena so that might contribute to not needing iron supplements atm.
  14. Iron can add to constipation and the color black.
  15. This is what I take. Last time the dietician advised me to take additional Vitamin K2 and to up the calcium to 3/d. So for what it's worth since I'm living in Germany: LaVita syrup mixed with water double the recommended dose 1/d Vitamin K 200 1/d Calcium 500 mg 3/d (I use Celebrate, these and these to mix things up) Vitamin K 20.000 IU 2/week or 50.000 IU 1/w (I used to take Dekristol, but there are less costly alternatives) no iron at the moment
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