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  1. summerset

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    His book is still available for free for Kindle unlimited users, btw. Weiner is an interesting read when you're eating plant based or are planning to eat plant based.
  2. summerset

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    What's their long term success rate with this approach? Are you someone who jumps into cold water or are you someone who eases in? If you're someone who jumps into cold water the "back to basics" approach might help you. If you're more of an "easing in" person, you might benefit from ditching the liquid calories first and see where that already gets you weight wise.
  3. Quest bars all taste awfully sweet to me. The OhYeah Ones are not that bad but I prefer plant proteins. I currently try to remember if I microwaved only Quest bars in an attempt to make the ones I still had taste better or if that were the OhYeah bars. My favorites are still the CLIF bars and the D's Natural No-Cow bars.
  4. summerset

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    You say you feel "bloated". I know this "bloated" feeling as well. I am heavier then, however, the fluctuations (both up and down) are really quick so that it's most likely water retention after all. I'd also say that a fluctuation of 3 lbs is not really that much or does the weight creep up so slowly so that it could be in fact "real" weight gain?
  5. summerset

    Plastic Surgery - any Germans?

    Yeah, I know that I won't have the looks of a 20 year old fitness model but I hope I can feel "normal" then. That squishy feeling when the skin gets compressed... and the jiggling downright hurts when jumping around. Thank you. Luckily self-paying and suing later to get the money back would be an option for me (assuming that our financial situation stays the same). Suing might be futile but at least the plastics were done then. I can't imagine how it must feel when you sue your insurance company, have to fight for 3 years or so and then don't get covered!
  6. summerset

    Plastic Surgery - any Germans?

    In this case only if you live in Germany.
  7. summerset

    Plastic Surgery - any Germans?

    Thank you for all your answers. I don't really have any permanent problems. I might have some minor sores after bike riding in the typical places for this (though from what I've seen and heard no more than the average biker can have). The only problems I have are sometimes sore rubs on the inner thighs (if the pants are not really up high in the crotch so the skin can rub together) and sometimes I have problems with the navel - that's it. Carina & BurgundyBoy: dunno, if I can convince the doctors that work for the insurance companies of anything of this. I have to go to the annual check up at the WLS center anyway. I guess I'll ask about the whole procedure and all the tips and tricks if there are any. In Germany getting WLS and plastics covered is like playing and winning the lottery. Sometimes it seems completely random. Insurances companies and the doctors working for them are a real pest (sorry to say so, my dear colleagues - but that's what I came to think about you when it comes to WLS and anything related like plastics following WLS).
  8. So I have finally made up my mind to get plastics. I think the time has come to really (like really) make plans to get it instead of just "considering it for years". The skin won't bounce back any more. Period. There seem to be quite a few people from Europe on here as well (compared to other boards where there seem to be almost exclusively people from the US and their insurance system is very different from ours) and I don't know a decent German board to ask this. So maybe there are some Germans here? I realize more and more that the loose skin and loose pads of fat especially on belly and inner thighs are bothering me to no end. Also my boobs don't look like boobs anymore. My inner upper arms jiggle. I admit on this boards it's about appearance a good deal, though the skin is also bothering me when bike riding or running etc. as well (ever stuffed the fat and skin into bike shorts so it's a tight fit?? the jiggling while running??). I used to think: "Well, maybe you need to lose more weight so that fat goes away!" but what happened was that the slabs stayed in place and I got that disproportioned look - slabs of skin and fat on the lower belly, hanging over the pelvis bones while being able to see prominent clavicles and some ribs above my former-boobs and the definition of the muscles in my forearm, the form of biceps and deltoids and on my neck and lower legs when flexing them where the skin still looks normal. And last but definitely (like definitely!) not least: the chances of maintenance are way higher after plastics. (I'm thinking about upper and lower body lifts.) I guess I might be one of those who have to pay out of pocket. I could do it if there isn't any other possibility but it's still a lot of money and I'm afraid of complications that need to be covered financially as well. So are there any Germans on here who had surgery covered by insurance, paid out of pocket or that had the procedures abroad? Any tips? Recommendations? Or maybe you know a decent German board?
  9. Yeah, OMG the CARBS... the CARBS!!!!!1
  10. summerset

    I have a challenging friendship with someone who has had WLS.

    This. Sweets were very limited in out home and my mother used to hide snack foods. That only led to me spending my allowance on these foods and stuffing my face with them whenever I could get a hand on them.
  11. summerset

    I have a challenging friendship with someone who has had WLS.

    That's an almost surefire way to ruin your new friendship. "Weight" usually continues to be a sensitive topic. I wouldn't cross that particular border.
  12. I tested several flavors of Oh Yeah and Oh Yeah One and so far they're good. The Oh Yeah taste better than the Oh Yeah One IMO but - Good Lord! - they're huge.
  13. I recently ordered the Oh Yeah and Oh Yeah One bars (different flavors, but by far not all of them ) - they arrived and I'm curious about how they'll taste. If they're going to taste like quest bars... *eeeeeek*
  14. summerset

    Post Op - What's up with my tongue!?

    I have Mirena as well. "Installation" was but "maintenance" is easy. I'm glad Mirena can stay in for 5 years.
  15. summerset

    Post Op - What's up with my tongue!?

    You're still on a liquid diet, I guess? It's quite common to get that "coating" because you're eating nothing that scales off the mucous membranes of the mouth and that includes the tongue. I had it, too.