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  1. No change here. I still like sweet, salty and spicy. And still drinking coffee big time.
  2. Thank your for your kind words. This is exactly what I said to myself and it really is helping a bit. I also think that he wouldn't want us to cry.
  3. Thank you. It was a hard decision, a horrible day and it hurts like hell.
  4. So our beloved Balou is gone since 25th April. RIP.
  5. Yeah, it was gone for a few days.
  6. Yes, it's because they can't really tell us what they want. I wish he could really tell us when to let him go, like: "So I don't want this anymore. I had my life and now let me go."
  7. I do it since a while - why do you want to do it? Calorie control only or do you have other reasons to do so?
  8. It's not really a suggestion. More like saying that I can understand all too well. Unfortunately this is something every dog owner has to go through. Our Goldie has cancer on his nose that affects the breathing as well, chemo therapy is not really helping that much and there will only be a few weeks left. He's 12.5 years old and we shared our life with him since he was 16 weeks old or so. The grief will be intense, I fear even more so than when the doggy we had before him died at the age of 10. My husband said that he wants a dog again. He grew up with a dog and he can't imagine being without one. In the end it will be his decision because he will be the primary caretaker again.
  9. Yes, there was a reason I went for MGB instead of RNY. I don't want to write down my whole history when it comes to this reflux stuff but I decided together with the surgeon that MGB would be the better choice in this case. However, there is still the possibility to convert to RNY if necessary but I have no issues with bile reflux so far and the last EGD showed that my esophagus has fully healed. When it comes to RNY and reflux surgeons told me that I have a chance of 80% that I can live without reflux medication and without symptoms. Well, I'm obviously in the 20% category but when avoiding above mentioned food it's ok and as long as I don't have volume reflux or esophagus problems another surgery is out of the question for me.
  10. I was a "reflux-conversion". Quality of life was severly diminished by reflux disorder. Also my band had started to migrate into my stomach. What I struggle with today is still some reflux (although it's not comparable to what it was before revision) and some intolerances. Some foods seem to be associated with reflux. For me that is the classic red wine, hard-to-stomach-fats and it's interestingly enough also dairy.
  11. True. However, after I read about 600 lbs life and this ton-family stuff I looked episodes up on YouTube and wondered why so many users on WLS boards seem to use these shows as "warnings" or "inspiration to stick to plan" etc. when the majority of users on the boards never was at such a high weight. I personally can't relate to very extreme cases. It's not part of my world. It's like watching a documentary about extreme cases of anorexia nervosa where people with a BMI of e. g. 13 can be seen. I'm sure it would be different when watching a documentary about exercise junkies of normal weight (been there, done that) or about WLS patients with a BMI between 40-50. However, I guess this would be too boring to put on TV.
  12. Don't know if that counts, I was revised from lap-band to MGB. What exactly are you looking for?
  13. We obviously have different views on certain things, especially if that involves labeling people as "pigs". For me that's alright though. TBH, I don't think it's particularly "hard". When I look around and see people my age I don't think I have it any harder maintaining my weight and health than the majority of them. I'd classify the amount of energy and vigilance I have to put into this whole weight thing as "average". I need to put more energy into "joint & tendon health" than the average person my age as it seems but not when it comes to the issue of weight. At least this is my personal impression. However, I also hold the opinion that some patients are more "lucky" with their surgery than others. I might be one of the more luckier ones indeed, I'm not sure, but I'm taking it into consideration. On top of this, what some people classify as "hard" might be viewed as "average" or even "easy" for others. There is no absolute "truth". Truth seems to be something different for everyone. I agree with this. However, I made the experience that not many people on WLS boards seem to want to hear my personal "truth" and personal opinion on this issue, even though I guess I'm one of "the successful ones" with a normal BMI. Too many people seem to think there is only one way to weight loss and weight maintenance - the hard one.
  14. IMO one has to keep in mind that this is a very, very narrow selection of long timers hanging out on this board. People who aren't successful don't tend to hang around for long.