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  1. Yeah, OMG the CARBS... the CARBS!!!!!1
  2. I have a challenging friendship with someone who has had WLS.

    This. Sweets were very limited in out home and my mother used to hide snack foods. That only led to me spending my allowance on these foods and stuffing my face with them whenever I could get a hand on them.
  3. I have a challenging friendship with someone who has had WLS.

    That's an almost surefire way to ruin your new friendship. "Weight" usually continues to be a sensitive topic. I wouldn't cross that particular border.
  4. I tested several flavors of Oh Yeah and Oh Yeah One and so far they're good. The Oh Yeah taste better than the Oh Yeah One IMO but - Good Lord! - they're huge.
  5. I recently ordered the Oh Yeah and Oh Yeah One bars (different flavors, but by far not all of them ) - they arrived and I'm curious about how they'll taste. If they're going to taste like quest bars... *eeeeeek*
  6. Post Op - What's up with my tongue!?

    I have Mirena as well. "Installation" was but "maintenance" is easy. I'm glad Mirena can stay in for 5 years.
  7. Post Op - What's up with my tongue!?

    You're still on a liquid diet, I guess? It's quite common to get that "coating" because you're eating nothing that scales off the mucous membranes of the mouth and that includes the tongue. I had it, too.
  8. You nearly died? What happened?
  9. Dizziness the morning after a run

    I feel that kind of "brain fog" the morning after longer bike rides. It gets better after drinking and eating substantial amounts and is usually gone around noon. You said it yourself: you woke up very thirsty and you sweated quite a lot.
  10. Question for sushi lovers.

    I think I ate it a few weeks after surgery, can't quite remember. I think it was shortly after that whole liquid/puree phase was over and I was cleared to introduce solid foods.
  11. runny nose when i eat

    I only have a runny nose while eating when I eat really spicy food.
  12. Losing lean muscle mass after surgery?

    Train enough, eat enough and you can at least minimize the muscle loss. "Feeling weak" can occur nevertheless, e. g. the morning after a long bike ride my muscles feel like they can't propel me up these three hills I have to climb with the bike to get to work if I haven't eaten enough to re-fuel. Being dehydrated can also cause it.
  13. Ok, this is a general question...

    Yes, you're doing a good job there when it comes to this because the topics seem to vanish really fast. Luckily they can be spotted at first glance without clicking on the topic.
  14. ... in the general question part of this board: What exactly is it with all these spam topics popping up? There was always spam on this board but when clicking on the "unread content button" it's overbearing lately.
  15. Ah yes, I know that effect. I've seen so many post-op pulmonary embolisms, abscesses and bleedings on the CT-table as a radiologist that I was very scared before the surgery. My hernia might be back, CT results are not clear but I'm having almost the same reflux issues again and I'm scared to death that there will be complications during the explorative lap (recently saw gas embolism after laparoscopic surgery using atypical access for the pneumoperitoneum... *eeeeeeeek*). It's scheduled for 24th July.