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    I like all kinds of music, I like dancing watching movies hanging out with friends and family
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  1. Hello my name is J, I'm having as awful time with heartburn. Do you guys have any suggesting on What I can use? I also get a stuck feeling in my chest. No matter how well I chew my food. I also get that feeling even with water. This feeling can last for hours. Sometimes I vomit (sorry for the TMI) and sometime I just have to wait until the feeling ease up. So I can't eat or drink for hours. It's crazy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hope this makes since. I'm trying to give the best description I can. Thanks in advance. : )
  2. Reply; Cinwa I see your point. Thanks for sending me the article. I'll talk a look . thanks for responding.
  3. Good Morning, i've been reading some different wls blogs. I noticed a few of the blogs mentioned Vitamin Patches. I read that a lot of of folks are opting for Vitamins Patches due to the large amount of vitamins we have to consume. The blogs I read so far only report short term use. And ppl were waiting for there labs to com back to see if the patch were working. What do u guys think of vitamin Patches? Is any one currently using vitamin Patches? If so did your doctor approve or have you heard any pros or cons about the Patches. Thanks in advance..
  4. Thank you for your suggestions Wendy H. I just picked up Fit N Light Greek yogurt. I'be tried eggs and I still can't tolerate them. I haven't tried beaters though. So I'll try that. As far as protein shakes. Yes I was trying different brands of whey, and this horrible fruit powder. So I will look into the hemp and just keep going until I find a product my stomach can tolerate. So thanks again for responding. And I wish you continued success in your health journey.
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  6. Tmcgee. Thanks for responsing. I will and I am enjoying the results. I just miss being consistent with my meals. It's just a little frustrating. But I'm in it for the long run. That's why I went with the Gastro Bypass option. I just wasn't expecting this that's all. Thanks again for your response.
  7. Hi my name is J and I am a post opp patient of Gastro Bypass surgery. My Surgeon is Dr C. From Hahnemann Hospital. I was blessed to come out of surgery on Nov 9, 2015. My journey started on 7/6/15 330. On 10/30/15 319, on 11/9/15 319. 11/25 298 out of the 300 blessed. Last weighin 12/16/15 289. I am having such a hard time with my protein shakes. I was doing great for the first month. Then my stomach started rejecting everything. I'm down to taking my vitamins. And eating Proten Cheerios three times a times. I can eat yougurt. Only lite in fit. No Greek it makes my sick. I can eat crackers. Campbell chicken noodle soup but only a couple of bites. I can eat jello. But that's starting to leave an after taste. I can eat mach potatoes a couple of bits. And I'm highly upset that chicken make ls me vomit also. I've tried so many different protein powders drinks and I haven't found anything that doesn't make me vomit. I'm a little bummed about it. My doctor and nutrituonalist said I have to wait it out and keep trying different products. I'm frustrated. Any suggestions would be so helpful. Thanks for reading. I know it could be worse. And I'm blessed but I'm so damn hurgrey.