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  1. Dear Aubrey..

    I'm scheduled for wls on Feb 23rd. Dc asked me o be on 2 week diet. But starting today I have decided to cut down on carbs and sugars. my BMI is 46 :-(  I havent told my folks and my sisters.I feel so scared. I dont know how they are gonna react. what diet are you on? is your family supportive? 

    best of luck for your surgery. 

    1. AubreyInWonderland


      My current diet consists of... half plate is veggies (salad, or green beans, carrots, etc.), quarter of my plate is high protein foods (mostly meats) as the main dish, and a very tiny spoon of carbs (potato, or rice). Sometimes I skip the rice/potato. Is your two week diet a liquid only? My family has been very supportive. My in-laws are "cautiously supportive" if that's a thing! I know they're not super excited about the idea. My dad is very supportive and happy for me. I was nervous to tell my husband initially but I did my research and told him all the reasons I feel it's the best decision for me and he came around to the idea. Who have you told? I think it's really important to have a support system. Are you worried they won't accept your decision?

    2. AubreyInWonderland


      Oh, and breakfast is a protein shake and lunch is either light soup, chili or another shake. :) 

    3. Power Puff

      Power Puff

      thanks Aubrey.thanks for leting me know ab ur diet. my diet isnt going well..i binged on some cream biscuits today. I got a protein powder. I mixed it with hot water and I messed up my first drink..im a big disaster. 


      I fear the surgery wont be a success. I told my elder sister.hubby is supportive..(financially, but not much of emotional support) he is real busy these days at work and Im a SAHM. my folks doesn't know. I told 2 close friends from church and 2 other friends. one friend is coming to stay with me in the hospital. im scared to tell my folks coz they might not trust me with this decision..Ive always had trust issues with my folks. 

      I heard from 2 people ( who hasnt done it) that they wouldnt recommend surgery and i I need to lose weight I need to exercise and diet rather undergo surgery. 


  2. Newbie from Dubai...bit scared:-(

    Thankyou very much for all your inputs. Res,premature death is scary.. I think I will go ahead with the surgery. Im planning to talk to a friend of mine today and ask if she can be with me in the hospital ( hub cant get off work) and will take it from there. Still scared... and you know an uneasy feeling in my stomach when I think about the whole process.
  3. Newbie from Dubai...bit scared:-(

    I haven't checked my sugars or BP for over 6 years now.lately I have shortness of breath and my knees ache. I'm just scared thinking about the whole process.. Did anyone here have that complication of Surgical Emphysema?
  4. Hello everyone, Im new here, from Dubai. (originally from India) Im 35 yr old SAHM, and about 100lbs overweight. Lately my DH suggested I do WLS and reading about it since then. Spoke to a doc friend of urs about the surgery and he says it might be risky for someone with short neck..Is it? I havent conculted a doctor here in Dubai, because I want to do the surgery only in India ( cost and faith) Bit scared about the whole process..telling my folks and inlaws (both are amazing..but I dont think they would support the idea) My Hubby is very supportive though.I cant seem to find any support groups in Dubai.Thats why Im here. My Christian Doc asked me to pray and ask God for counsel, Im sort of stuck, even while I read facts about the surgery, I EAT.. ;-(