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  1. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I started taking a Zumba class a week at the beginning of my weight loss journey, now I go 2-3 times a week, I love my Zumba ladies! When I began I was scared of injuring my knees and back and I did 'modified' moves, no jumping, hopping or quick directional changes. This weekend I started jumping and nothing hurt! I am feeling so much stronger and I am excited to continue to challenge myself, not always seeing limitations because of my size.
  2. Weight gained

    Drink water and up your fiber!
  3. Desk or call center job

    Desk jobs are so hard b/c they aid the 'spread' that we all struggle with. Since my surgery I have just been really strict with myself- no snacking at my desk. I keep it really clean, I have nice smelling hand lotion that I put on or Altoids that I suck on and my water bottle is always full, I just had to create a NO SNACK zone, same with in the CAR driving...I used to inhale things during my commute. I'm all or nothing so I find other ways to distract myself. Good luck!
  4. Loose skin photo

    I love how strong and determined you look- wonderful! Isn't it nice that we can re-write the story of our bodies. Athletic and healthy is so much more attractive than overweight and exhausted.
  5. Down 100 lbs today!

    That is awesome, you should be proud of yourself!
  6. It's always good to consult with a physical therapist, just be careful not to injure yourself!
  7. I need some tough love

    You've got this, it sounds like you just need to mix things up again try a new exercise or cooking? You've worked so hard, and nothing is harder than being overweight and unhealthy.
  8. Don't know what to think

    I chew two fiber gummies each morning and that helps me.
  9. So far I am loving my sleeve, only 5 weeks out and I'm happier and healthier than I have been in a long time. However, there is a problem that I was not anticipating and I need some advice. It is regarding my husband and daughter, things are going well. I'm just frustrated with my husband bringing junk good in the house all the time. I can resist the craving, b/c I know it will make me uber sick. However he's got belly and is pretty sedentary, and my pre-teen daughter is above average weight for her age range... the pediatrician has talked with both of us about this. I want her to know how to make healthy choices and not have the same misconstrued value system that I grew up with of 'good' food and 'bad' food- just simpley Food = Fuel. I want to protect her from an adolescence of unhealthy/unhappiness, and I want him to be healthier. Post surgery I feel like a food Nazi. Anyone have advice on how I can approach handling this, and having a thoughtful conversation with my family?
  10. The most evil smell ever

    I agree, during one of my earlier weight loss attempts I joined a Curves gym in Virginia and it was next door to a Subway, so the entire time working out you just smell fresh bread, and this at the height of the Atkin's craze!
  11. 1 Year Anniversary and I'm loving my life

  12. What do you savor?

    It's just so wild the exercise can be something to look forward to that I need now-
  13. What do you savor?

    I used to love lunchtime, I would look forward to eating, or spend the morning planning on where I would run out to get fast food and ignore the yogurt and veggies I brought for my lunch. I would savor the greasy salty goodness- I started walking during my 30 minute lunch. Seven months ago I waddled a 22 minute mile, returned to my desk exhausted with aching knees and feet. I just walked two miles in 32 minutes! I was hoofing it, but I'm so excited. I'm savoring my lunchtime walks. I never thought I would. anyone else?
  14. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I'm far from goal, and haven't sized out of my size 28's yet (close so close) but today I realized I tied my shoes without feeling like I was having and asthma attack- I just bent over and tied them! Whoo hoo for the small celebrations.
  15. Finally broke my 3rd week stall, and in a wonderful way I celebrate a milestone of 50 lbs gone. 27 pre surgery and 23 since, still working really hard, following the rules...broke a few and paid for it. Drinking my protein, water and exercising. I can't wait for this spring, got a whole list of things to do this summer: biking, kayaking, hiking...loving this lifestyle change!