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  1. ~den~

    Everyday Foods

    Regarding the full fats, I agree they do make you fuller also if you look at the sugar content of nonfat vs. full fat you typically see the sugar is a bit higher in non fat, which as most know when we eat a lot of sugar, most of the fructose gets metabolized by the liver, there it turns into fat. I would recommend looking at the labels of those yogurts, milks and cheeses that you love look for both sugars and the types of fats. And then you just have to make a call on what your focus is, lower calories, healthy fats. higher protein. (at least that's what I'm doing) Each of our bodies react to different nutrients so pick your poison A couple examples: Grande Latte Nonfat 130 Cal 0g fat - sugars 18g- protein 13g 2% Milk 190 Cal 7g fat - sugars 17g- protein 12g WholeMilk 220 Cal 11g fat- sugars 16g- protein 12 SoyMilk 170 Cal 4.5g fat–sugars 17g- protein 9g Fage plain Greek yogurt Nonfat 100 (6 oz) cal -7g sugar 18g protein 2% 150 (7.1oz) cal 8g sugar 20g protein Also sorry I know that was off topic....
  2. ~den~

    Recommend WLS Cookbook?

    Awesome thanks cinwa! I went into Pinterest last night, there looked to be a few good thinks but everything seemed to be covered in cheese. Which looked amazing but is something I need to stay away from it is definitely my kryptonite lol thanks!
  3. Oh I'm doing ok, yes the lung complication is related. they had to operate on my diaphragm (sp?) and thank goodness its not the full lung just partial so it could be worse. We don't know exactly what caused it but my body is rebeling, which isn't a bad thing or I would be out running around doing errands and such
  4. ~den~

    Recommend WLS Cookbook?

    Hi All, I love to cook and I'm sure I can figure some things out but I sure could use a few cookbooks so I don't get in a rut. I've been looking on Amazon for a couple WLS cookbooks but haven't found any thing that wows me. There is Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook For Dummies but its written in 2010 and The Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients 3rd Edition written in 2012 but only 46 reviews. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  5. Isn't that the best feeling in the world!!! I'm so glad you are already starting to feel better. If your like me I have a whole bag of clothes I can't wait to try on, I was so close to giving them to goodwill but had some special things I just couldn't part with! I think I'll give myself another week or so since my belly is crazy swollen. I'm still not feel so hot but again I know it will pass. Had a chest X-ray last week because pain wouldn't go away and my dr said I had partial collapse (atelectasis) of the left lung, its been about a week since he told me I of course thought it would be better over night lol. So I'm behind schedule about a month waiting for that to heal now to. Which really sucks cause I can't walk more than a few minutes but, its a marathon not a sprint! Keep up the great work
  6. ~den~

    Newbie from San Diego, CA

    Welcome BlessedC, this is such an exciting time for you. I'm sure you will find answers for all those unknown questions here at TT. Good luck with your surgery and keep us posted! And YAY San Diego (born, raised and still here in North County)
  7. ~den~

    week after surgery

    Welcome Rich, so glad your surgery went well. Keep up the great work!
  8. Hi CaridadM, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this, I didn’t have the same exact complication that you had but I just recently went through a major setback myself. I had a incarcerated hiatal hernia that blocked my sleeve. I also couldn’t eat or drink I had to have a second emergency surgery 3 weeks after the first. I can only tell you that it will get better even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. Last Friday I was released from hospital and felt like the pain that I was feeling the nausea not being able to get down a few sips of water would never end. And then little by little it changed. I’m sure you have many struggles in front of you you’ll get past them and they’ll just be in memory that have made you stronger in the long run. If I could give you one tip it would be to get all your water for any types of fluid down, for me I couldn’t tolerate ice water or anything really cold I found that lukewarm or even chicken broth were the key to getting the fluids in, so maybe give that a try. Please please please feel free to message me directly and we can compare notes my thoughts and prayers are with you! PS don’t look at your weight right now I was in tears when I saw that I had gained weight and right now we just need to heal our bodies!
  9. ~den~

    Cuban Beans: Garbanzos (chickpeas)

    This sounds great! My husband is Cuban and Colombian and loves his beans and rice!! I will have to pass on it right now but I'll keep the recipe around when I can try it too! Thanks for sharing
  10. Hi SpunkyCat, I don't know if you read my second post just a day or two later but I am all ready out of the funk that I was in, sometimes people just need an ear to vent to and get it off their chest. My son also had cancer and we spent endless hours at Children's Hospital in San Diego at that time I also said why? but then kicked myself in the butt, got it together and moved forward for the good of my son and the rest of my family. This is no different. I think feeling frustrated and sad is a valid feeling, God gave us a range of emotions and its ok to feel each and everyone of them. I wouldn't have been true to myself if I didn't share what I was feeling, and now I have moved from that Thank you for the well wishes!
  11. ~den~


    Such an awesome job, you should change your name to sleeve ninja haha
  12. Thanks everyone for the warm get well wishes. And you are all right I needed to be real on here, before I had my surgery I came here first looking for information. Quoting WendyH 'this is the place for the good, the bad, and the ugly'. Now I'm focusing on the good, little things, they may sound silly to some people but last night I slept through the night (yay)!! I still can't walk long distances because of the lung problem but I can stand for much longer than I could last week. So I am going to try and do some dishes and if I'm feeling wild some laundry haha, take some pressure of my amazing hubby who has been doing EVERYTHING around the house. I think he has a new appreciation of what its like to work and take care of the house now lol but he hasn't complained once (he's a keeper)! Thanks again and have a great day ~den~
  13. ~den~

    Quotes To Live By!

    My life right now!
  14. One month and 2 Complications from surgery; I’m sorry this is long. Well it’s been 1 month and a few days since my sleeve surgery. Weight loss was right on track, food and water going down great. A few days before my 3 week post op something didn’t feel right but being the stubborn person that I am I thought it would go away. I even canceled my optional appointment I canceled on Friday my appointment was on the Tuesday worst decision I’ve ever made. For the next four days I went downhill fast, I went from having a little lump in my throat feeling like I couldn’t swallow to literally not being able to get down ounce of water or lift my head off the pillow. I have this guilt complex that I’m bothering people even my own doctor. Maybe it’s working in the healthcare system, and I see the abuse and overutilization that the physicians go through. I should’ve called on Monday but in my mind things would clear up but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. My husband begged me to call the doctors on Tuesday because by then I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow I was vomiting I had the chills no fever no signs of infection. My doctor is amazing got me right in, in a panic my husband left his office an hour away. He had to get me to my doctors office that was 40 minutes away this is beyond impossible but somehow we need it. When explain what was going on Callery wasn’t exactly sure if it was just dehydration or figured something more so he ordered a few test and few bags of IV fluids and a swallow. I laid there for a few hours in ER giving the fluids that I needed, everyone thought that I was going to perk back up I think they all hoped that it was just a dehydration, but it wasn’t. When I did the swallow I knew something was up I could vary swallow more than an ounce of water without breaking down in tears and collapsing into my wheelchair that they had provided for me. The tech then showed me the pictures of what was going on all the fluid was building within the first couple inches as I’d saw my stomach and esophagus nothing is going down I had a severe blockage but from what we didn’t know we had to wait for Dr. Callery to figure out the full picture. Rolled back to my ER bed they immediately started me on pain meds more fluids and it was obvious the situation changed and I got scared. Dr. Callery came to see me and explained that my new sleeve (which is normally like a 'J' )with the staple line had somehow jumped up got caught on a small hiatal hernia that we both knew that I had but opted not too have surgery on and then caused a blockage into my very new tender swollen sleeve. This J shaped stomach was now more like a roarer coster the base of my stomach was now higher that the top part of the lower 'J" stomach. Hence the severe pain and blockage. Next thing I knew I was being admitted for surgery (the second one in 3 three weeks) this was not my plan, I was doing so good before how could this be happening what did I do to screw up I followed every rule I’ve been beating myself up ever sinceL. So as if this wasn’t enough I had been complaining of severe pain in my chest since I woke up from the second surgery. All the nurses told me it was gas, but the pain was undeniable... that’s been for the last week now I finally went to the doctor yesterday and I was diagnosed with left lung Atelectasis, which means a partial collapse or closure or part of the lung. I say this through tears now; what have I done to myself? I have never felt so discouraged in my life. Too those that want to listen I have a long medical history I have had two spine surgeries with titanium hardware in my back, had to have a hysterectomy at age 27 had a breast reduction that went wrong ended up having a mastectomy in my right breast. And for the last 10 years have suffered from a chronic migraines that I lost my thriving business over. I just want to feel better, want to go outside, I want to go to movies with my husband, See my grandbabies I want to go to Easter brunch with my family and I don’t want have to turn down every invite that I get because I feel like crap. I didn’t want to post this because I didn’t want to discourage anyone thinking of having the same surgery I know it’s life-changing thinking be so positive for the majority of the people, and I usually don’t do the why me. But these past few days I’ve really been feeling like why me especially when I’m trying to better myself. Has anyone out there gone through any complications like this? I'm still barely able to eat only about 200 to 300 cal a day I’m focusing on my protein and getting my water in. I’m so thankful for my doctors office for knowing right away that something was wrong. They have been calling me daily and my nutritionist has been so hands-on giving me ideas just to get a few more calories here and there. So this my sob story I’m sorry to vent on this board I know everything is usually positive and I like to keep it that way too that I just couldn’t hold back anymore I needed to share with someone out there thank you for listening. ~den~ p.s. Very sorry for how long this turned out to be.