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  1. I started at 350 about 2 1/2 years ago, quickly lost to 195. I was doing great, nearly perfect for the first year and a half, and actually felt completely satisfied with my weight at 195, although I was technically still overweight (I’m 5’8” so I think my height helped). I’m now back up to 270. I take full responsibility for my weight regain as I haven’t been following any semblance of healthy eating or exercise for the past year but just to give you an idea of what happened... I started having difficulties in my relationship (partially because of the weight loss, but other issues too) and as a result I went through a difficult break up (we lived together so I also had to find a new roommate, ick), both of my grandmothers, whom I was close to, passed away, and I entered a very rocky, abusive relationship with a coworker, all in a period of about 5 months. There were some underlying mental health issues there too that reared their head. I started drinking heavily and going out constantly - binge drinking 3-5 nights a week, sleeping for long stretches of time (sometimes being in bed for up to 24 hours) because I was depressed and/or hungover, and then eating junk food to either “cure” my hangover or because I hadn’t been responsible enough to get any groceries. I regained about 70 pounds very quickly - during 6 months - which is insane but not surprising given how I was living. I entered therapy for my substance abuse issues and although I’ve managed to drastically cut down on my drinking. I haven’t had a drink in weeks and the last time I did I had a single beer. Although I’m proud of myself for entering therapy and tackling my binge drinking, I’m also incredibly mad at myself for how much I’ve gained back. I wasn’t a drinker before surgery and never thought I’d be the patient they became one after, but .. here I am. In addition to curtailing my drinking I also started a new job, and finished grad school .. both things that I felt were vital to getting back to a healthier place. That said, because I’ve been tackling those things as well as trying to get to a better place emotionally I haven’t frankly had the motivation or energy to focus again on healthy eating and exercising, plus I’m out of my honeymoon period so it’s much more difficult now. I feel like I have so many things to work on and my weight was lower on the list because I was on the verge of getting fired and/or drinking myself to death. I feel at a total loss to get started on taking this weight off again. When I see myself in the mirror I just want to cry. I felt so desperately unattractive and disappointed in myself. Any and all suggestions appreciated, especially from those that have faced regain.
  2. I haven't been on here in awhile but wanted to come back to share with everyone that I hit my goal weight of 200! It happened a couple months ago, and I'm hovering between 196 and 203 most of the time now. Comparison picture attached. I decided to have a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast implants done once I had maintained for about three months. Surgery was on Monday... I'm definitely a little sore still but doing a lot better than I was Monday and Tuesday. I'll come back and post another picture once I'm healed from surgery!
  3. Wore this outfit a few days ago for an interview & got the job! Blazer, dress, belt - Torrid Flats - Payless
  4. Haha gotta love Torrid!
  5. I also didn't feel it was fair to impose my new way of eating on my boyfriend so I only asked him to do a few small things that would make it easier for me. For example, if he wants to eat pizza, pasta or take out I ask that he do it the nights I have class and we eat dinner separately. I asked him to eat mostly high protein, low carb dinners with me the other nights. Since he has at least two days a week he can eat whatever he wants for dinner, he was open to eating healthy the other days. I also ask him not to keep a ton of cookies or other sweets around. He usually will buy one package of cookies or a pint of ice cream for himself each week. That's when I put my willpower to use and resist from eating it (most of the time - I've had a few bites here and there. I'm not perfect!) But it's helpful for me to not have gobs of it in the cabinets - something about a smaller package makes me feel like oh, this is just barely enough for him so I don't want to take any. It works for me. My boyfriend has been very supportive of my journey with the surgery and was definitely open to working on some compromises so he could support me. I think the key is not saying he can't eat sweets or carbs ever again - it's just asking that he not do it in front of you!
  6. My goal weight is currently 200 pounds. I may modify that to be 180, depending on how I feel when I hit 200. At 5'8" I would still be considered overweight, but I think between 180-200 is where I will feel most comfortable. I have lost about 115 pounds so far and have loose skin and I assume the problem will worsen as I lose the next 35-55 pounds. I will definitely want to have surgery done at that point. Will plastic surgeons still perform skin removal surgeries on those who are not at an "ideal" weight?
  7. Going to an interview this morning! Pants, blouse, cami & cardigan all from Torrid. Heels are Coach. Wish me luck!!
  8. I'm incredibly tired all the time. It only takes 5 minutes of down time before I start nodding off.. it's awful! I often end up napping when I don't mean to. I have been tested for sleep apnea and don't have it, I regularly get 7-9 hours of sleep per night, I wake up feeling refreshed and generally don't have trouble getting out of bed in the morning but by the time 10am rolls around I am so so so tired. If I can nap for 2-3 hours in the afternoon, I feel completely rested again for several more hours but obviously that's not reasonable for me most of the time because I am at work. I've always struggled with fatigue but lately it seems significantly worse. I thought it might be vitamin deficiencies but last time I had my levels checked everything was fine. That was a couple months ago, but I'm having them checked again on August 2. Is there anything else I can try? It's such a bummer to struggle to stay awake all the time!
  9. I love your top so much!!
  10. Thank you everyone!
  11. I was diagnosed with IBS prior to surgery, but also had some issues with my gallbladder (not gallstones, but slow processing) and my symptoms have disappeared completely after having gastric bypass and gallbladder removal (at the same time.) It's hard to pinpoint why the IBS type symptoms disappeared because there's so many factors but I found that I've experience a significant decrease in stomach pain, diarrhea and nausea.
  12. Before - taken last year on my boyfriend and I's first anniversary. After - taken this morning. I'm starting to see a difference!
  13. Frankly anyone who treats you like that is not worth being friends with. I know it's hard to cut people out, but it's not healthy to have "friends" who call you a lazy cow either.
  14. Your house is absolutely gorgeous. I love your outfits too but I had to comment and tell you how awesome your house looks in every picture! Love your ottoman.
  15. Wearing an entirely new outfit. This was taken over the weekend. Cami, t-shirt and capri's all from Torrid. T-shirt is from the show Supernatural which is one of my favorite shows.