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  1. I'm getting braces!

    It's never too late to takes steps in becoming a better version of ourselves. Kudos that you prioritize education above anything else when you were young. This is your time.
  2. Based on everyone's comment... I think upping my protein, adding calories and water should do the trick. I'll work on all 3. My protein ranges between 40-50 gms per day. I have to get back on protein shakes. Vegetables had been my go to meals. Water is really challenging but there's no excuse with that. Thank you all for the insights. I'll update everyone if I see any progress
  3. Thank you all... I'll definitely work hard on all these points. ☺️
  4. Flavored water does not work for me. Makes me gag. But You're right... need to up that water one way or another.
  5. I've been trying so hard on the water. I used to drink about a gallon of water presurgery. Now, If I have 3 glass full, it's a breakthrough. Does adding calories really help? help? I'm scared to gain weight again. But this stall has been so long. :-(
  6. Hello Everyone, I don't want to rant about stalls and stuff, but I'm a little concern about how slow I had been losing. I had my VSG Jan. 15, 2016 My starting weight was about 205lbs. 10 mos. out and I only lost 45lbs. my weight has been fluctuating from 158-157lbs. I'm only 5'1". My question is, on an average, how much have you guys lost at this point post op? Did you still loose after your surgiversary? I eat between 600-800 cals per day. Guilty that I don't drink as much water as I should be doing and 3 mos ago, my only workout has been limited to 10,000 steps per day (I've been very busy at work to go to the gym). I would appreciate anyone's insights. I don't know if I'm still on track. I feel like I've been stuck on this weight since July. :-(
  7. That's amazing news!!!! Congrats!
  8. NYCnewgirl, Change is tough. My blood pressure was also my primary concern when I got the surgery done (not to mention the series of my family's medical history including diabetes etc.). Good things come to those who wait. Just keep following you doctor's order. This is a big step. It will happen.
  9. We can't expect to loose weight every single day. There are a lot of factors why it would fluctuate. I saw this breakdown posted by someone, sometime ago. I thought I'll share it. Hopefully it helps.
  10. My big day....

    And my bday is March 11. You are March 1. So much in common. :-) So far, I'm very happy I did it. Still adjusting with my eating habits. Eating 2 ounces every 2 hours so I don't choke myself. :-)
  11. So hungry???

    Learning how to eat super slow will take some time for me. But thank you all for the advice. I'll be very careful with my chewing and speed.
  12. So hungry???

    Hello everyone. I'm a week post op myself and am experiencing the same concerns. My mind keeps on telling me I'm hungry. Yet I'm unable to finish what I'm eating. I had been trying to manage this by eating on smaller plates (small saucers) so I have an illusion of a fullness. It takes me at least half an hour to finish my 4 ounces of soup or cottage cheese. If I make a mistake of eating fast or not chewing my food (jello or cottage cheese) well... The knot in my stomach is so painful. Which leads me to my question, will that painful knot ever go away? I never realized how difficult it is to fill a tiny stomach.
  13. My big day....

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. My family had been very supportive since the surgery. I'm currently on day 6 post op and my CW is 190. Still adjusting on how to eat. Every time I make a mistake on how to swallow, I feel like I have a knot on my chest. Taking it slow. I hope everyone is doing well.
  14. My big day....

    I really appreciate being part of this forum. I'm learning a lot each time. I'm happy to know that I'm not alone in this journey and that what I'm experiencing is normal.
  15. My big day....

    Thank you all for the well wishes... My surgery went really well. The hospital staff have been great so far. I'm still on ice chips. Hoping I can get something better tomorrow. I'm not in pain. But have some discomfort in my abdomen. Still very vey swollen and gassy. I'm going back to sleep for now. I will share more tomorrow. Have a good evening