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  1. I felt very nauseous for the first three months of my pregnancy and barely ate as everything just grew in my mouth, but I was never sick. I had gbp 2,5 years ago and has not been able to vomit since. Ive heaved a few times but nothing comes up.
  2. I think its very individual. Personally I was fine the weeks straight after my surgery, a little sore for the first week and not too keen on bending down,but as long as I took it slow I could do nearly everyyhing I normally do. As long as you listen to what your body tells you and cut yourself a little slack you'll be just fine A slight mess for a few weeks is not the end if the world!
  3. Hi, My name is Hanna, I'm 27 and I live in Sweden. I had gastric bypass in september 2015 with a weight of 320 lbs. I stumbled across this place while looking for more ideas of things to eat to make sure I get enough nutrients. The further I get into my journey the more I feel the need to talk to people in the same situation and exchange tips and tricks. Sadly I live in a country where we apparently have no forums for wls so I turned to the internet and landed here.
  4. im only 4 months out but I have no regrets. Some days are hard, I struggle a little getting enough food in me, but its worth ecery minute of it. I started at 320+, I felt like a fat, ugly blob, I couldnt walk for more than 3 minutes before needing a rest. I'm now down a considerable amount, I can move with no pain, I even started believing my husband when he tells me Im beautiful. Dont let people affect your decision, its your body and your health. If this is something you feel would imprive your life, go for it! My only regret is not doing it sooner.
  5. Bit late to the party, but for me rice noodles go down much better than regular pasta or while wheat.