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  1. Even at my biggest, I loved doing 5K's and the occasional jog, but no matter how hard I pushed my body I could never get passed the 12 minute mile average (sometimes 13). 80 pounds lighter and I did a 9 minute mile like nothing the other day and I didn't feel like I was dying! Exercise DEFINANTLY gets way easier!
  2. Just amazing! ...such an inspiration!
  3. I started at 250 and my surgeon had said to expect 30 lbs, but I was only at like 23 at week 4.
  4. Had one of my lowest weight loss weeks...but still made the cut! 214
  5. For as long as I can remember, 216 lbs has been that little annoying number that my body insisted on being! Sometimes I would gain more, but after crazy diets and exercise I would look down at that scale and there it was...plateau of 216. On a good year, I might have lost a few pounds, only to have a bad weekend and BAM...216. Well, I weighed in at 216 last week. I finally have this amazing tool and I feel confident that this will be my last 216! Sundays are my weigh in days, so tomorrow I would have officially put the old me behind me for good
  6. Mine has specific rules against vitamins, unless I have a prescription for them. I got a prescription for them the first time, but it was such a pain having to get my over the counter vitamins through the pharmacy. Although, I guess I could have just faxed the prescriptions themselves with the claim after and not go through the pharmacy. Either way, too much of a hassle in my opinion.
  7. That's awesome to hear!...now on to the next one
  8. Amazing! So inspirational...I can only hope to be as successful as you
  9. I would just start a flirty conversation with him ...or the silly selfie Snapchat just for him. No need to talk about feelings or clarifying anything. Just go with the flow. Even if he isn't serious, it's so much fun just flirting back and forth. After a little bit of flirting, you'll eventually learn to read if he means it or not...but for sure, stop turning down his drinks! When it comes to the phone number thing...in today's world, if you're already Facebook friends then you already have a way to communicate, no need for phone numbers. Hope you get that Piña Colada!
  10. I'm a month out also. Although I'm not having symptoms like you, I did start digging into the symptoms of ketosis because of other funky stuff going on with me. Although being in ketosis has some awesome fat burning powers, it also has some funky symptoms. The link below talks about the dizzy spells and sleep deprivation. Hope it helps http://www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com/low-carb-diet-side-effects.html
  11. lol, so was I!...all I could think in my head was, "do you know how many carbs and fat that has!"
  12. They dropped you AFTER you've already had surgery with them? That's pretty cold on their part! From what I've heard, most surgeons won't take over if another surgeons operated on you, but you never know My surgeon is out of state, so from the beginning I knew my PCP was going to be my go to follow up person. I'm sure there's nothing your PCP or nutritionist can't answer for you though.
  13. I got a question for ya Wendy...I was telling my surgeon how the Celebrate chewable multi vitamins are the only thing that my pouch doesn't like. He then told me to try taking 2 prenatal vitamins instead. I was shocked when he said just to swallow them whole and no need to crush them. Is that how you take yours or are yours gummies?
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