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  1. Fear of gaining weight back

    I myself do not any longer, it has been 1.2 years now. I have changed my diet completely, and now do not think or weigh anything. I drink a gallon of H2O everyday, and make sane choices when I am hungry. Some days, I have to remember to eat. My portions are small and if I indulge it is usually a bite because I know my body cannot handle it. (I usually feel like crap) It is habit now, except hot dogs... GEESH... love hot dogs (Hebrew National on a bun! ) those get me every time! in love with hot dogs... but I keep it to a minimum. As for stalls, I think I am the queen of stalls, because my stalls last for 1-3 months at a time. I think it is just my body that wants to hold on to my new weight and go back up to where it is comfortable, so it rebels. I just came out of a 3 month stall again... but I am loosing again and I am happy about that. I think the next stall is just around the corner. ICK!
  2. Hello All, I was just wondering at what point was it in your journey that suddenly you were unrecognizable.... Comments such as: "OMG!! I did not know that was you!!" or "Where have you been? I have not seen you for so long" Only to say, I pass by you everyday!! LOL My WOW moment was yesterday! People I work with, see me coming and look past me, then realized it was me and just are floored by my transition. One guy even said, "OMG!! your look great your not... (as he mimics a really big woman and puffs his cheeks) well... HUGE anymore. He meant well and I graciously accepted the odd compliment. Share your WOW moment...
  3. I am melting!!!  I have been keeping track of my inches these last two weeks, I have lost -16 inches total body wide.... May I say WOW!!  My clothes are fitting better and, I am not in-between sizes any longer.  Firm size 8.  Good-Bye size 10!!  

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Wow!  Great job!!:)

  4. I just realized that in 3.6 lbs, I will have lost 100 lbs!!!  WOW!!!  

  5. Stalls are frustrating! I just came out of a 3 month stall... and before that a 2 month stall... and so on. I am a slow looser I just keep truckin' on. listen to your body and it will happen
  6. YAHOO!!  I am in the 170's!!  

    1. bellamoma


      YAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! So glad the pain of the stall was worth it in the end!!!!!

  7. LOL... No!!! everyone looses weight differently, and everyone's journey is different. I believe you should enjoy your journey in your own way, enjoy and stay positive each and everyday. Refrain from obsessing on numbers etc... Numbers should be the least of your worries... Obsess on being the best you can be.
  8. I just broke a 4 month stall!! between 181 - 184 up and down then up and down... Frustrating.
  9. I am 1 point BMI away form a HEALTHY WEIGHT!!  YAY!!  

  10. Feeling discouraged :(

    I have taken Phen...and I could not sleep and I was all over the place during the day. WLS saved my life. It is long term and a strong commitment. Just be patient, it is a slow and steady process. BUT, once your there, everything moves quite quickly. Good Luck on your journey
  11. 100 Down!

    Thats awesome!! Keep up the great work
  12. I have been AWOL for awhile.  I have been on a long stall again...but the scale is moving!! YAY

    1. bellamoma


      i hear you! congrats on the break!

  13. You know exactly what you're doing!!! you just admitted it... you got off track. Then realize, it's a life choice, not temporary... get on it girl!!! step it up, you do not need any advice.... You know what to do!!!!!!
  14. Always hungry mm

    You are 4 years out. The habits you pertained should be in action...the hunger you feel should not exist. stay appropriately hydrated, you should NOT be hungry. ehat has been goiung on??? Journal till you drop!!
  15. No exercise required!!

    YOUR AWESOME!!! I totally thought I would be the only one!! But I HATE exercie! Looking forward to reaching my goal MY way!!